Adora's Fate

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Adora and Arturo Giuseppe's son, and Adrian Hades daughter

Romance / Thriller
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Adrian left the room, dialing the number. Another deal with the devil? It was better than trying to hunt them himself.

"If it isn't Adrian Hades," Giuseppe grinned. "Calling for another deal?"

Adrian sighed, regretting it already. "Can you—"

"Yes." Giuseppe answered.

Adrian sighed again. "Can I finish?"

"No need. You want to eliminate the remaining members of the Nabis that raise a threat to you and your family, and you would like me to do it for you, isn't that right?"

Adrian swallowed. "Yes."

Giuseppe grinned. "You know, my wife, she's wonderful. She could take the last hundred out in...what? A week? Tops."

"And the payment?" Adrian asked.

"Ah...we'll you already owe me one. But I'll let you off, if you answer a question, Adrian Hades of the Special Forces."

He swallowed roughly. "What is it?"

"With your training, why not do it yourself!"

"I don't have an interest in hurting others."

"That's not true. You're calling me to have a hundred people executed. Or did you not think death hurt? I assure you, the way my wife does it, it does."

"I have no interest in hurting others by my own hands. But if need be, I can make exceptions. This is one."

"I see. You know, my wife is pregnant." Giuseppe stayed.

Adrian frowned. "So she can't complete the mission?"

"Oh no, she's fine. She was killing people while she was giving birth. I told you that, because it involves payment."

Adrian frowned deeper. "Payment? What does your child have to do with payment?"

"Your wife's baby will be about a few months older than mine."

Adrian swallowed roughly not liking where this was going. "And?"

"I propose as payment, a marriage contract between the two. My child and yours."

"What? No. I can't agree to that. Ophelia would be furious—"

"Does she have to know? Either way, those are my terms. Your child will marry mine when they come or age. In exchange I will exterminate the threat to your family. And we all live happily, ever after..." Giuseppe grinned.

"What do you get out this?" Adrian asked.

"I just foresee...this contract going well, let's say that. Besides, your company is getting larger. It'll prove helpful to my son."

"How do you know you'll have a son?" Adrian asked.

Giuseppe sighed. "I have a special daughter in law, with...mysterious powers. Do we have a deal...Hades?"

Adrian frowned. "Is there nothing else I can give you? Money? Stocks? My child's future isn't mine to sell. Ask me for something I own."

"Your child won't have a future, if she's killed in her mother's belly."

"You promised Ophelia you wouldn't ask for our child."

"That was our previous deal. This, is a new deal. Of course you can just take your flight Sicily. But I offered you safe passage, not necessarily a safe stay. Who knows what may happen?"

Adrian clenched his teeth.

"You could also use your specialized training to kill them yourself. Maybe you could rope Grim into doing it for you, or hire someone from the dark net."

All valid options. But not quick enough. Not sure enough. They burned down his house in a matter of hours.

They needed to be gone.


"Yes?" Giuseppe drawled with a grin.

"I agree," Adrian closed his eyes. "On the condition that if either child decide when they come of age that they refuse, the contract is broken."

Giuseppe smiles. "I can get behind that. I'll send the paperwork over."

Adrian sighed. He had to keep this from Ophelia. She'd be furious with him.

"Alright. A week? Right?"

"Yes. And I'll still get you over to Sicily safely, no charge."

Adrian frowned. "Alright."

"Hades?" Ophelia calles tiredly.

He ended the call turning to her. "Little songbird,"

"Who was that?" She asked.

He smiled. "Giuseppe. I renegotiated. We'll go to Sicily. And while we're there...he'll get rid of the Nabis."

She frowned. "What did he want?"

He turned around, swallow. "Huh?"

"In return? What did he want in return?" She asked again.

He squeezed his eyes shut, before turning around with a smile. "A few million dollars and some shares in the company."

"He said...he didn't need money. Are you sure—"

"Yep!" He smiled, hugging her tightly against his chest. "Yep. You know how it is. Everyone wants more money."

"If you say so. Adrian."

"Lets go back to sleep, Ophelia." He whispered.

She followed him back to bed.

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