Sweet Like Honey

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I put Harry to bed. We've done nothing but watch TV. It's a weekend. It doesn't matter. We had a good day.

"Honey," he whispers.

I chuckle. "It's been a while since you've called me that, Benji."

He sits down next to me. "I have to work tomorrow," He states, pouring wine in two glasses.

He hands me one.

I take it, looking over it with a small smile. "I know your schedule...sir."

His lips quirk up. "Right. I usually have the nanny take him to school. But he would love if you could take him."

I sigh. "I will,"

He smiles, nodding. "Honey," he whispers.

That name.

"What Benjamin?"

"My father says, there's a moment when you realize you love a woman. And a moment you realize you want to marry her."

"I know the second," I chuckle at the thought. "We were what? Two?"

He chuckled. "We were playing in the sandbox, and your father said something about...it being...what was it Honey?"

"Dishonorable," I finish.

He laughs. "Right. That was it. Dishonorable, me shoving dirt into my fiancée's face."

I shake my head. "And you asked what that meant. And in the sternest voice, he said...you are going to marry her."

"It was so traumatic we both remember it," he chuckled.

I smile softly.

"But no," he says gently, making my smile drop. "It was when we were 15. Your father was angry at me, at us. He was screaming at us, because he found us in closet. Do you remember?"

I nod. "I remember."

"And you were shaking. Oh, Honey you were so terrified. You were crying, shaking like a leaf. But you stood in front of me, and you lied. You said that I'd tripped, and fallen in while you were looking for your clothes."

I nod. I remember. I thought he would hit me right in front of Benjamin. He'd never hit me in front of anyone but servants before. I was terrified. I thought Benjamin would see him hurting me.

I thought he'd hate me. Think I was damaged.

I smile.

"It was a terrible lie," I say softly.

He chuckled. "I thought then, that you were brave. You were like a superhero to me in that moment. And I realized I was going to marry you. And it made me happy. I wanted to marry you."

I swallow. Such useless memories these are. Why is he dredging them up?

"I realized I loved you before than. Probably when we were in primary. What? Six? Yeah. I think that's when I fell in love you."

I sigh. "Your point, Benji?"

He sighs, sipping his wine. "The point is, that those feelings never went away for me, Honey."

I sigh again. "Well that's pointless."

He chuckled. "Cold as ever,"

I roll my eyes. "I haven't had my nails done in too long." I look down at them. "Give me your card."

He took his wallet out, taking out his card and handing it to me.

"Cash?" He asks, refilling his glass. I raise my own, and he refills it.

"I'll withdraw it if I need it. It's debit isn't."

"I know how you hate found. Of course it's debit."

I smile. At the very least, he knows me. More than anyone in this world.

"Good. I'll be taking the keys too. That nice coupe outside."

  "It's on the rack," he informas me.

I nod. "Is he allergic to anything?"

"No. But he doesn't like crowds, and he doesn't like people."

"That I know," I chuckle.

He sits back down beside me. "What do you think, honey?"

"I think you need to go to work and keep this card funded, Benji."

He chuckles. "And if I do. Is there an off chance I might convince you to marry me?"

"I really don't find it likely," I smile.

He chuckled. "Ah. You're really too cold. But you're also sweet like honey."

I snort, not responding. I turn the tv on, electing to ignore him.

"I thought you had work in the morning," I say after the third episode of criminal minds on Netflix.

"I do," he said simply, tugging my feet into his lap. I let them be.

I don't acknowledge him anymore. Around the fifth episode, I fall off to sleep, and he turns the TV off. He scoops me up, and I feel him, taking me into the bedroom.

He lays me down, kissing my head.

"Good night, honey."

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