Sweet Like Honey

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I do watch. I keep Harrison with me. He's been away for a very long time. A few weeks.

I want to send Harrison back to school, but I'm too scared.

I don't want to let him out of my sight.

Harrison sleeps quietly. He's been doing alright. He misses his father, somewhat.

I sip wine quietly, with a sigh. I turn on the tv, about to turn to Netflix.

"In breaking news after the scandal with the Prime Minster—"

I sit up, the wine glass falling from my hand.

"Royal doctors confirmed he hung himself."

Not possible. It's not even fucking possible.

The front door creaks open. I look up, stunned. He walks in, his shadow overpowering me. He bends down, kissing me harshly.

"Honey..."he whispers. "I'm home."

• • •

I back away from him. "Y-you could've lied. You could've set this up–"

He raises a finger, reaching into his coat pockets. "I figured you'd say something like that, Honey. Though, I am hurt."

He pulled something out, putting it in my hands.

"We all know that he wouldn't take this off for anything. You'd have to pry it off his dead body. Is this proof enough?"

I can't help but quake. It's his pin. The only thing he was proud of. He never took it off. Ever. It was kore important than anything.

Hell, he'd kill me to save it.

I look up. "You?"

He smiled. "You weren't thinking of reneging on our deal were you? I know how quickly you are to abandon things," he America, turning around, "I tried to work quick but he was the prime minster," he glances back. "You understand."

I can't believe it. He did it. He...wait. He did it. If he can kill the prime minister and get away with it then...

He's dangerous. Far more than I anticipated. I need to get away from him.

"Now that's not the look I expected to home to," he grins, "where's the thank you? Where's the love?"

"I never promised you anything. We never had a deal. You assumed this would fix things. I assured they wouldn't."

He smirks. "Wow. You know if I didn't know you, Honey, that may have been the end of things. Thankfully, I do. So, here's an added little tidbit of information. Your mother...her husband just died."

I swallow. He wouldn't...

He smiles.

Yes he would.

"Grief truly is a silent killer, Honey.

I scoff. "I thought you said, you wanted to be with me. Does this, threatening me—seem like a viable plan to you?"

"Well, you've made it quite clear that nothing I do will grant me redemption. So I was thinking of going...in a new direction."

I glance over at the kitchen. I'll just try to kill him now. If I take Harrison he'll find me. I don't want leave Harrison.

And he's proved he's more powerful than my father.

So either he's got to go or—

"I'd like to remind you, in case my mincing words made it difficult to understand: your mother's life hangs in the balance. So don't get creative."

"Benjamin, you threatening me only makes me angry. If you're determined to kill her, do it. As long as you leave."

He looks down. "Really, Jessica. Is it that bad? I was ignorant. I was stupid I ignored you, I didn't make good choices. But I've killed a very high ranking government official for you. World war 2 was initiated for an archduke. This is a prime minister."

"I didn't tell you to do it—"

"You certainly didn't ask me not to. A war could result from this. Not to mention the fact I could be killed for treason."

I shrug. "Probably not killed—"

"My god, Jessica! What would you have me do? Round up my friends. Do you want me to get rid of them to—"

"You are just anxious to murder people!" I yell.

"I am anxious for you to stop looking at me like that!" He shouts, huffing . "I will do anything, for you to stop looking at me like that."

I glance away. "If only. If only you'd had that attitude before, Benjamin. But the past can't be changed. And what's broken can't be fixed. No matter what."

He smiles. "You know me, when there's something I really want. I don't give up."

"Then what's that say Benjamin? When you gave me up so easily?"

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