Sweet Like Honey

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I swallow. This is all a huge mess.

He sighs. "I would say that isn't fair, but...maybe it is."

I stand, taking his hand. "What could you possibly miss about me?" I place his hand in my waist.

He frowned slightly. 

"I keep going over our life together. Our childhood," I take his other hand, "Was it me constantly clinging to you? Or crying after you? Was it when I ruined your fun, and made you spend time with me?" I place his other hand on my waist. "Or is it something else."

"Something from when we were older," I whispered.


I lean up, placing my lips on his. "It's the only thing I remember you valuing. If you could you call it that?"

"Jessica," he exhaled.

"So you're right. After your hard work with the Prime Minister, I'll reward you. But don't say I didn't fulfill my duty."

"This isn't want I wanted," he breathed  against my lips.

"It's what you'll get. Take it or leave it. You've lost my heart forever. But I'll give you my body."

He shakes his head. "What do I have to do?"

"Are you listening? There's nothing. Just enjoy the spoils of war," I whisper, kissing his neck, unbuttoning his shirt.

He closes his eyes, kissing me gently. "I wish I could go back," he whispered.

I don't bother entertaining that comment. As long as I can sidetrack him enough to find a way to get me and Harry out of here, it doesn't matter.

"Jessica, look at me," he holds my face, "I will win you back."

He picked me up. "You and I are fated. I believe that. I always have. And because I believed that, that you were my fate, my destiny—I didn't think it could ever changed. No matter what I did, I thought I would end up with you."

I look away.

"I realize now, that I had more control over my destiny than I thought. But I'll get us back on track. Honey."

He opens my bedroom door, laying me down on the bed.

"No matter where I have to start. Who I have to hurt. You are my destiny. And I will have you."

It doesn't move me. None of it. Not his proclamations, and not his gentle touch. I don't care if he does think he loves me.

I don't care if he actual does.

His fate? It was sealed a long time ago. And this is just a temporary diversion from an evitable destiny.

"I love you, Jessica."

I kiss him, unbuckling his pants. "You don't have to do this, we don't have to—"

I take him in my hands, putting my mouth on him.

It's only a matter a time. I'll get away from him.

"Jessie," he whispers, brushing my hair back. "I love you Jessie."

Just a matter of time.

•  •  •

I wake up, leaving the bed hastily. If nothing else, I don't want to wake up next to him.

"You're hasty," he calls after me, pulling me back. I roll my eyes. He really just wants to ruin everything, huh?

He kisses my neck gently.

"You'd think you were made of ice honey?"

"If only," I whisper. "Now let go."

"Ah...you told me your body was mine. You didn't say it was limited to sex."

"I thought it was implied."

"I thought you knew how daft I can be," His nose tests in the crook of my neck. "Somehow it only makes me want more. It's made me more dissatisfied," he murmured. "Did you know that would happen? Do you enjoy watching me tear my heart out to give it to you?"

I smirk. "Very much so. Watching you writhe gives me...fulfillment. But when you don't exist...that's better." I whisper.

He looks away.

"You really want me to crazy for you, don't you?" He rasped.

I smirk, grabbing his chin. "If you're so set on staying in my sight, it's best you just do what say."

"But that's not really true is it," he looks deep in my eyes.

"I'd say it's your best bet," I assure him.

He lets his head fall on my shoulder. I'm noticing a trend. The more I reject him, the more vested his interest.

Maybe the best way is to let him think he's gotten what he wanted.

But not yet. I want to see him writhe in want a little while longer. It really is amusing. It was also be interesting to see how far I can make him fall.

The depths of despair...like where he pushed me.

How would he react, I wonder.

He chuckles deeply ripping from my thoughts. "You're a sadistic one honey," he holds me tightly. "But driving me to madness may not be your best bet."

"Is that a threat?" I smirk.

"Merely an observation, Honey. Merely an observation."

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