Sweet Like Honey

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"There's this man I know," he whispered, his hands roaming my body.

"Hm?" I asked.

"His name is Tomassa. Tomasa Amoretto. He runs something called the Vitale Familiga."

I sit up. "Are you talking about the Italian mob?"

He glanced away. "I—they're very blended nowadays. Never mind that. He's the one who helped me with your father."

"What did you owe him?" I whisper.

He glances away. "Well...we made a deal. Very...Rumplestilskin-like he's...very clever."

"And you are very stupid. Making a deal with a mob boss."

"The point of me telling you this is...he's called in a favor. It's an odd favor, and it's going to take a while to fulfill."

"What does he want from you?"

"It doesn't matter—"

"Does ir effect my child?"

He glanced away. "No."

"Eh," the door opens. I look up. A very tall man with dark hair stands in front of us. Benjamin gets up. "I'm not above killing children. They can be very nasty."

"What are you doing here?" Benjamin asked.

I grit my teeth. It's bad enough. It's bad enough he's acting odd. That he's in my presence. Now I have mob bosses walking through my door.

"I decided to see the wife and child of my new pawn. I like locating the people I'll have to kill first in the event you disappoint me."

I swallow, standing. "Threaten my child again, and I care who you are—I'm gonna hurt you."

He cocks his head looking me over. "You remind me of my wife," he steps toward me. "She's...much prettier than you, but...you threaten like her."

I frown. "What?"

"Oh, you're in luck. I can't bring myself to kill anyone who faintly reminds me of her. But I can hurt you, so don't get cocky."

I'm so confused. Is she dead?

"What did you want from me?" Benjamin asked pushing me behind him.

"Ah," Tomassa looking at Benjamin. "Do you remember a certain Prime Minister that I offed for you?"

"My bank account does." He scoffs.

"Haha," Tomassa laughs sarcastically. "You're not funny. Anyway, I've come upon certain...complications with the US government."

Benjamin frowns. "Honey—"

"Oh, I wouldn't try to send her away. It won't help. Now if you interrupt me again, I'm going to eviscerate you. Now I'm not a native English speaker, but I believe that's the word. Disembowel. You know, rip out your entrails."

Benjamin flinches. "Yes. That's the word."

He grins. "Ah. Thank you. Now, I'm going to have you create an account. I am going to funnel money through that account. Should any thing come up missing," He steps toward him, looking down at him ever so slightly. "You're gonna up missing."

Benjamin narrows his eyes. "I have plenty of money without your blood money," he hissed.

Tomassa smirked. "Everyone says that. Until there money they think they can spend. Now this is my wife's fund, so it will be large and let me stress, if there's a cent of my wife's money missing? I—"

He glances at me. "I really love my wife. She's an angel. Really, a goddess. A goddess of vengeance. I think I'm a little nicer than her, but...she hadn't been home in a while. I won't kill you, but she won't mind. So, Benjamin, just keep quiet. And hey, if you get caught I'll pay up to a million for your bail."

He scoffed. "Fine. I'll have it to you within five business days. Eastern time."

"It is wonderful doing business with you. And, as a note. Maybe write to your government. If they keep pissing me off, I change their head of office too," He sneers.

Benjamin shrugs. "I'll see what I can do."

"You do that. Alright! Bye-bye. Oh, and the boy is awake. It seems he had a nightmare. And it wasn't me," he chuckled as he walked out the door, "I really crack myself up," he murmured.

Benjamin glances at me. "I can explain—"

I slap him. "You put my child in danger."

Benjamin frowned. "I'm sorry.

"Not as sorry as you're gonna be. You get that mobster away from my son, or I'm going to hurt you more than he ever could," I grit.

"I will. I'll do whatever it takes. I won't mess up this time."

I look him over shaking my head. "Benjamin if you mess this up, that mob boss wont be able to do anything to you by the time I'm done with you. Do you understand?"

He nodded. "I understand perfectly, Honey."

"Then go, and fix it!"

He stumbled away. "I will. I will."

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