Sweet Like Honey

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"You're not doing it right," he whispers over my shoulder sternly.

I shiver. He's been on my ass since he said I had the job. I didn't know he meant right fucking now.

"What am I doing wrong?" I ask patiently.

If I don't get some food in the next few minutes I will commit genocide. Starting with him.

"See the way the formula won't take? It's because you're putting it in wrong, look at the notes." He urges.

Another thing. Why does this bitch have a class already planned? I mean notes already written, and shit.

"There, see the formula," he asked over my shoulder.

And why is he so close? I don't want anything close to me right now but a chicken nugget and if he doesn't get the message soon I'm gonna lose this job and my freedom cause I'm going to jail.

For murder.

I'm hungry!

"Are you hungry?" He asks.

I swallow. "What makes you say that?"

"Your stomach just made a noise I've only heard bears make."

Well Mr. McBitch if you had of let me go home like a regular employer you wouldn't be heading the soundtrack of the fucking wilderness, now would you?!

"Oh. Sorry. I didn't eat before I came."

He sighs. "Be sure to take care of yourself. This job is 25 dollars an hour and intend to make every dollar count. I can't do that if you're starving."

I'm about to smack him already. See, this is why I sometimes prefer hunger to employment because sometimes—

"Hey," he says softly.

I look up. He smiles gently. "You've been working hard. Thank you for being patient. What would you like? My treat."

Well damn. Fuck my heart with a goddamn chainsaw.

"Um...chicken nuggets."

He smirks. "How about 2 50 pieces from McDonald's. One for you, and one for me."

Don't play with my heart like that white boy. I might fall in love.

"Yeah; that would be great thanks. I'll keep working on the formula—"

"No," he says. "Take a break. Just read over the notes, and after we eat, you can go home. I'll call you a cab."

I nod, and do what he says. I read back over the notes. This was harder than I thought I'd be.

But mama didn't raise no bitch. I'll get this. I just need a little time. Math was never my strongest subject, but I'm that bad either—

"You'll get wrinkles," I hear him say gently. I look up startled. He's so close...sitting on the desk, looking down at me with a gentle smile.

"But I knew you were a hard worker. Relax. You'll get it in no time."

I smile. "Thanks for your confidence, Mr. Percy."

"Please. There's no one here. You can just call me Benjamin."

"Okay Benji!"

He frowns. "Benjamin,"

I just laugh, and go back to the notes.

He shakes his head, and watches me work. "Very good, excellent use of the formula. You do learn quickly."

"Thank you sir,"

He gives me a look. I clear my throat. "Benji."


I look back down. There's a knock at the door. He gets up, heading to open it. He accepts the bag from the delivery man.

The smell of Nuggets fills the room.


He smiles, offering me a bag. "Have at it Jessie. You more than deserve it!"

I immediately go to town. He chuckles, opening a sweet and sour packet.

"I finally know what type of person you are."

He quirks a brow, dunking a nugget. "What?"

"There's two type of people: barbecue and sweet and sour. You're sweet and sour." I explain.

"You have such strong opinions yet most of them seem rooted in superstition rather than fact." He noted, chewing another nugget.

I shrug.

"Oh I got fries, you want some?" He asks. I happily oblige.

It's funny. I thought he'd be awkward about it, but...the fact I had sex with him yesterday doesn't seem to cross his mind.

And why is that? I thought the sex was great. Maybe this wasn't—

"There, there's your fry. Want some ketchup?"

I shake my head. "No thank you."

My pussy is the bomb who the hell is he not to tremble at my presence?

"Is there something bothering you?" He asked.

I shake my head. "No."

He nods. "I do hope you'll be truthful with me. After all, you and I...will be working very closely together."

I swallow. Does he have to sound so...seductive. He smiled.

His phone rings, making him look away. He picks it up.


He looks to at me. "I'll be there soon," he said lowly.

He hangs up, standing. "Jessie, I have to head home. I don't want you to be here alone. May I offer you a ride home?"

I nod. "Sure, Benji."

"It's Benjamin."

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