Sweet Like Honey

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I open my eyes. Food. I get up and get ready for the day. I step out, pausing.

"And then, I stepped out onto the terrace and you'll never guess who I saw," Benjamin says.

"Who? Was it the queen?"

"It was the bloody queen. She was having afternoon tea with the Prime Minister. And there I was, in front of them, in my swimwear with a bruise on my leg."

Oh. The time my father almost killed him. That was funny.

Harrison giggles. "Did she say off with your head! Like in the movies?"

"She laughed. I turned bright red, and your mother ran after me and dragged me back into the house and the Prime Minister came stomping after us like an ogre—"

I smile. "And he said, that boy! He's an idiot!"

Benjamin pauses. "And he was right."

Harrison giggles. "Did you and mom do anything else crazy?"

He smiles. "We got into all sorts of trouble. In fact, we discovered tunnels under my old home. One day I'd like to take you, Harrison."

I clear my throat. "Why not this summer?"

Benjamin pauses, putting an egg on Harrison's plate.


"Why not, for Harrison's summer break, we take him to meet the rest of his family?"

Benjamin swallows. "Are you sure you want to do that?"

I nod. "I haven't seen my mother in...10 years?"

"I haven't seen my parents in about that time," he whispered. "I didn't want to risk—"

I sigh.

"Then it's settled. We'll go this summer."

Benjamin pulls me aside. "Hey—"

"Did you get justice for him?" I whisper.

He smiles. "Some things, are so cruel that justice doesn't suffice. Sometimes justice is impossible. That's when revenge comes in."

I roll my eyes. He's so long winded sometimes.

He nods. "I got revenge."

I shrug. "Cool. You may want to call your parents. Summer is but a few weeks away."

• • •

I clean around the house. I'm washing Harry's clothes and mine, starting to pack his necessities. He'll see his grandparents.

Heh. Benjamin's parents are amazing. He'll love them. And my mother...I'm sure he'll love her too.

The key will be keeping him away from the press and the Queen. That's all.

I hear the door open. Must be Benjamin. I don't mind him.

I keep push packing for Harrison. He is on the phone.

"I don't think that's going to work mother," he mumbles. "She's...I don't think I'll have my happy ending."

"Yes perhaps you're right. Well, we'll have quite a surprise for you this summer. Will you be excited? Eh...I think you'll be...you'll be something."

"It means nothing mother. You'll see when we get there. Anyway; I'll take you later—"

I peek out from Harrison's bedrooms

He pauses. "I didn't see your car outside."

I shrug. "It's parked around back. You're speaking to your mother?"

He nodded. "I'll called her over the years but I haven't been back home."

He kisses my head gently. "You're looking better today. Did you see Harry? He was so excited to and tell all his friends about his trip."

I smile. "Yes. He wouldn't stop asking me about what it was like in England."

"What did you tell him?"

I smile. "Rainy."

He nods. "Very accurate."

I look down. He didn't tie his tie right. "You in hurry this morning?" I ask.

He looked down, looking at his tie. "Ah! It's—"

I sigh, undoing it. "If you're going to do it wrong—"

"Don't do it at all," He finishes.

I sigh. "You're an idiot."

He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I was in a rush, honey don't be so harsh on me."

I fix his tie stepping back. "Why did you come here?"

He smiled gently. "I was worried about you."

I swallow. "It's no excuse to come out half dressed."

He sighed. "Please don't torture about it, I really tried my best."

I raise a brow. He sighs.  "It's fixed now, right?"

"Kiss me," I whisper.

He frowns. "Miss you? I suppose I did. It was only a —"

"I said kiss me," I grit.

"But that's not something like you'd say at all. Are you alright? You always did act off after a fever—"

"I don't have a fever. And I told you, you do I say."

He looked me over, leaning in. He pressed his lips against mine carefully. I really don't like this man. But I can't help—

"I still think you have a fever. Look up."

I roll my eyes. "You're an idiot."

"You've been very mean to me today honey and I just got here. Did I upset you?"

"No,° I murmur.

He rubs my shoulders. "I assume you've received news of your inheritance."

I growl, pushing him of me. "I was hoping  you wouldn't mention that. But you're idiot!"

"We Can always contest it. We do have a legal heir, together, so maybe—"

"He would've saw through that. He would've covered every loophole. If I want to claim my inheritance I have to marry you."


"So this is not a god damn novel and I am not a hero. I'm not gonna say, oh he's evil, keep the money. After all the shit he put me through? I'm taking the money. All of it. So get your tie right, we're getting married."

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