Sweet Like Honey

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We head back to the main building together. Benjamin carries Harry, who has a fistful of his shirt.  It's not really bedtime, but it doesn't matter. He's probably jet lagged, besides we had a very full day.

"I'll take him to his room—"

"He can sleep here. I'm tired anyway," I yawn. Benjamin lays Harrison down on the bed we've been sharing, and I slip in.

"Well I should—" Benjamin tried to pry Harrison's fingers off his shirt to no avail. "Get—going!"

He sighs. "Guess I'm taking a nap too," he grumbles.

I put my arms around Harrison. He really is my beautiful boy. I love him.

Benjamin yawns. I stick my tongue out at him. "I thought you had things to do."

He rolls his eyes. "And I would've done them. But now I'm here."

"Just take your shirt off."

"And risk Mum swatting me with a tea towel? I think not."

I snort. "Pussy."

"I am not a pussy. I simply observed the options and carefully selected the path that yielded—"


He rolls his eyes. "Might I remind you, I'm technically a contract killer?"

I chuckle. "You're also a treasonous assassin. But I won't hold it against you. After all, contact killing is a beat we can all dance to."

He shrugs with a chuckle. "We probably shouldn't mention that again, especially here."

I agree.

• • •

That night, I take a warm bath, slipping into bed before Benjamin. He steps in the room, stretching, instantly dispatching with his shirt.

No matter what he's done, or who is...that man is fine. I can't deny that.

He looks over his shoulder at me, his muscles flexing as he rolls his shoulders back.

"I'm definitely as small as I used to be. Crawling around in those tunnels did a number on me," he grumbles, messing with his hair.

God damn. He turns around, his eyes on mine. He cocks his head, taking off his jeans.

"You doing alright?" He asks, putting his clothes away.

I nod. "Enjoying the view,"

He pauses, chuckling. "Is that so?" He stands in front of the bed, in full view.

I sit back, motioning he twirl with my finger. He fires so, facing me.

"Any other requests?" He teases.

"Lose the boxers,"

He shrugs, doing so. He approaches me confidently, standing over me. He grabs my chin, kissing me deeply.

I wrap my legs around his back, pulling him on top of me. He hovers over me, pushing me further up the bed. He kisses my legs, spreading them.

He looks to at me through hooded eyes.

I take my lip between my teeth in anticipation.

"Benjamin..." I whisper.

He chuckled. "I hear you, Honey."

• • •

He kisses my neck. "Good morning."

"Morning," I stretch, yawning.

"You wanna shower first?"

I nod.  I get into the shower, enjoying the hot water.

When I get out, I pause. Harrison is in Benjamin's arms sobbing. What the fuck?

"What's wrong baby?" I rush up to him.

Benjamin looks up at me bewildered. "Harrison, what's going on?"

"I saw...I saw them." He cries.

Benjamin cocks his head. "Saw who? Please tell me."

"Chad. And—"

Benjamin sighs. "Where was he?"

"He's downstairs. Nana was talking to him."

Benjamin stands. "Don't worry, son. He'll be gone soon. You just wait here with Mama. I'll be right back, okay?"

Harrison nods, and Benjamin hands him over to me. I rub his back.

Benjamin goes downstairs. I really thought he'd killed him. Huh. Guess not.

It's quiet at first, but it quickly gets loud.

"Mama is...is dad okay?"

I look down at him. "I'm sure he's fine."

Harrison looks away concerned.

I sigh. "I'll check on him."

I go downstairs, listening to what's going on.

"I thought I told you not to show your face here anymore," Benjamin says.

"I thought you'd have forgiven us by now. We were joking with the kid."

"No you weren't. Leave. Now."

"Benji. It's me. I know the other guys take it too far sometimes, but it's me—"

I frown, and Chad's eyes catch mine. I smirk.

He scoffs. "Hey...Honey."

"Don't call me that."
"Don't call her that," Benjamin frowns.

Chad chuckles. "Wow. I didn't imagine you'd actually be here. Since you know...you abandoned them before."

I shrug. "Yeah. I was there. Maybe pick new source material. You sound as tired as that old Rolex. Money getting tight chad?"

He clenched his jaw. "Heh. Didn't think you'd really show your face. You used to cower behind Benji like a dog. I see nothing changed."

I step in front of Benjamin. "You talk to my son ever again, Chad, and I promise you...I am going to make you suffer."

Chad chuckles. "I'm so scared."

I smile. "Maybe you should be. I happen to be coming into a large sum of money. My child's father is also wealthy. And...as I always say, contract killing is beat we can all dance to."

He scoffs. "You're threatening my life?"

"I'm offering you a choice."

He leans down. "I may have actually felt a little threatened...if I didn't know what a coward you are—"

"I think the fuck not you trick ass bitch!"

I pause. Harrison stomps down the stairs with a broom, and tears in his eyes. He runs toward Chad.

"Don't you be rude to my Mama!" He screams, beating him with the broom. "You trick ass bitch!"

Benjamin swallows a chuckle. "Harrison, put the broom down and watch your language."

"My momma is a princess, and she is a bad bitch, and how dare you say she's a coward because she's not!"

"I tend to concur," I nod. I am a bad bitch.

"Language!" Benjamin shouts.

"No, no," I hold my hand out. "Let him finish. He needs this."

Chad tried to escape the handle of the broom, but Harrison is short and fast, and he is all over the place.

"You are a mean mean man, and you smell like fish and I hate you! You should just go away and never come back!"

"Alright, Harry," I put my hand in his shoulder. "That's enough. Look, he got the point."

Harry, sniffles, wiping his nose with his arm.

"That's right! You villian! Bastard!"

I chuckle, picking him up. "It feels good to get it out right?"

He nods.

Benjamin escorts Chad out, speaking to him in a very threatening tone.

Teresa blinks. "W-what happened? I thought you all were friends?"

I open my mouth but Harrison interrupts me.

He shakes his head. "No. He is a trick ass bitch because he is very rude to my momma."

I think that's his favorite phrase.

"Harrison," I nudge him.

Benjamin wraps his hands around my waist. "I'm sorry," he whispers in my ear, kissing my head.

I shrug. "It can't be helped,"

He sighs softly in my ear.

I clench my jaw. "Don't..."

He cocks his head. "Don't what?"

I narrow my eyes. "Benjamin?"

"Did I make you angry Honey?" He pauses, letting his hand drift a little lower, leaning. "Or is it...a different feeling?"

I shift. "Harrison, how about spending time with your Nana for a little bit?"

He skips past us, taking his Nana's hand. They leave and Benjamin smiles.

"Why did you send our son away? Is there something you want from me?" He leans closer, caressing my cheek.

"You aren't funny,"

He chuckled, kissing me gently. "Don't be so snappy, Honey. I know how you get when you get flustered."

"Oh, how's that?" I whisper

"Different from when we were younger. Now you get angry. But...I don't mind it."

He smiles, resting his hands on my shoulders, letting my my sleeve slip down. He kisses my shoulder.

"Being here with you, brings back memories, Honey," he whispers in my ear, "But I would love to make new ones."

"What kind of memories?" I smirk.

He smiles. "We May not have the romance we used to. But the chemistry is still there. It always is."

He's right about that. I can't deny it. Even when I hate him...there's heat between us. I feel it on my skin whenever he's near.

I let my hands drift down his torso. So defined.

He sighs, unbuttoning his shirt.

"You wear this suit all the time."

"If I don't wear it all the time I'll never wear it all." He explains, undoing his cuff links. "So stifling."

I smirk. Putting my fingers on his now open collar.

"What? Do you want me to fuck you in my mother's kitchen?" He asks me. "Many people come and go. But if you don't mind..." he lifts me up, setting me on the counter. "Then I don't mind."

My hands carteas his chest. I really do love his body.

I go for his belt, unbuckling it. "You haven't taken me to your company. I bet everyone thinks you're still a single man."

He smirks. "I'm having our rings made. But if you would like to stake a claim on me in another way..."

I chuckle. "Claim you? Are you mine?"

He snorts. "Have I ever been anything else?"

I undo his pants, letting my fingers follow the v of his hips.

He slides my dress down my body, letting it gather at my hips. His hands massage my skin.

He kisses me again. I love his kisses.

He clenched his jaw as my hands grab his butt pulling him closer to me. His bulge pressed against me.

He pulls me in, closer; making the heat inside me rise. "Jessica," he breathes, "I want to stay with you till the end of the world."

He enters me, making me sigh..

I love this.

"Me too," I whisper. "I want to...be with you till the end of the world."

He smiles, pressing my face into his chest. "Then stay. Stay till the end of the world, okay?"

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