Sweet Like Honey

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I blink. Oh...did I fall asleep?

"What is it?" I ask.

He smiles softly. "You're running a fever."

A fever? I sit up. He eases me back into bed. "No don't get up. Everything will be fine."

I try to push him off me. I don't have any strength in my arms.

"Hey, hey. Rest. You're fever's pretty high."

Huh? We had sex and then Henry came back and then—

"What about Henry?"

He smiles again. "Henry is fine. You've been in and out for a few days. He's worried, that's all."

"A few days? No! W-We has plans. We have to make this vacation special—"

"Shh...Honey. Don't worry about that. This trip will be special. Just worry about getting better."

"No. No. I can't ruin this for him. I ruined everything else I can't—"

He takes my hand. "You haven't ruined anything Honey. This trip isn't over alright? Don't stress."

No. No. I need to get up. We need to make this perfect. We have to make Henry feel loved and happy. We have to.

"Henry has a lot of fun today. He went to see Big Ben, and he brought back souvenirs. He tried Shepard's pie, but he didn't like it."

I chuckle. He puts a cool towel on my forehead. "See, He's making memories with his grandparents. Today, he called Mum Grandma for the first time."

Oh. I wish I had heard him.

He kisses my head. He's probably gonna get whatever I have. Doesn't that idiot know that?

I raise my hand, trying to push him away. "You'll hey sick," I say weakly.

"Don't worry about me, Honey,"

His accents getting thicker the longer we're here. Is mine coming back, I wonder.

"Can you eat? Mum made some chicken noodle soup. Are you up to eat?"

I nod. Whatever will get rid of the godawful illness.

He helps me eat, and helps me drink some water. I sit back, hating my body right now. Everything hurts so badly.

"You know..." he swallows. "The virus that's been going around?"

I frown. "Huh?"

"The news has been saying there's a spike in cases. They're saying...it may be pandemic."

Why is it telling me that?

"I'll have us both tested. For now, we'll both stay here. Away from everyone else in the house. We can't risk it. If we do have it, we can't give it to Henry. He has asthma. And Mum is frail too."

Pandemic? Huh?

"But don't worry about any of that. I'm here, and we're together. Our son is fine. Everything is alright," he smiles, turning away coughing.

Wait. I open my eyes a little wider. He's so red.

"Benjamin," I whisper. "You look sick."

"Oh I'm fine. I'm fine. Just a little cough. Now, drink so more water."

"Don't be fucking stupid," I huff. It hurts to talk this much. "If you're sick, use your money, and hire a nurse."

He smiles. "I'm not sick. I'm taking care of you. Now stop talking."

I cough, sighing, flopping down with no energy. My chest is killing me.

"The doctor will come see you tomorrow. Just hang on till then. Are you hot, cold?"


"Just leave. You need to...separate from me. So that you won't get sicker."

He sighs. "Until the end of the world, Honey. Not until I start coughing too. Now be quiet."

I want to ask him who the hipity-hopity hell he's talking to, but I can't talk anymore. After a while, he collapses next to me, his hand in mine.

He kisses my head. "Get better soon, honey."

• • •

"Jessica, what's this about Benjamin calling you Jessie? Your name is Jessica. Don't let me hear it again."

Benjamin frowns. "Jessie says she likes being called Jessie instead of Jessica. So that's what I'll call her. What does it matter anyway."

My father raises his brow. Benjamin clears his throat. "Sir," he added softly.

My father glances away. "Do as you wish, then boy."

"See, Jessie. It's not so bad," he bumps my nose with his.

I nod.

He smiles. "See, everything is alright, Honey!"

• • •

I open my eyes. Benjamin smiles.

"Good morning, the doctor will be here in a few." He brushes my hair back giving me a kiss. "How are you feeling?"

I shake my head. I can't speak.

"Don't strain yourself," he offers me water. I take it.

"I'm going to take good care of you, Honey. Till the end of the world; alright." He bumps my nose with his gently.

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