Sweet Like Honey

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I drink ice cold water. Maybe I should get another job. The tension isn't helping me concentrate and his teasing doesn't help.

I press the bottle to my forehead. Damn it. That man is fine. And I can't stop thinking about that night.

He seems perfectly calm and collected.

I need to do the same. As amazing as it was, that night is not more important than this job. I need to let it go. Let him go. He's just my boss.

That's it.

And as soon as I've gotten a few months here, good enough to look on my resume, I'll move on.

I nod to myself in the mirror, stepping back into the room. I sit at my desk.

He glanced up me. "Better, Ms. Jessie?"

I smile with a nod. "Yes. Thank you, Mr. Percy."

His brows dip. "It's just us, Jessie."

I nod again. "I know."

Then I do my work quietly. Those images don't go away. But that's alright. I can ignore them.

• • •

His hands slide up my body. "Your flawless," he whispered into my mouth.

I look down. He grabs my face gently, kissing me.

He peels my clothes off, setting them aside neatly. He has a quiet fire, in total control of it, but i see the passion in his eyes.

He wants me.

His eyes look over me, but I don't feel insecure. Ha hands skin over my body, and arch to meet his touch. It's light, but firm.

"I want you," he whispers, taking my ear between his teeth.

"Take me," I spread my legs.

He smiled.

I blink. He smiles down at me. "Did you have pleasant dreams, Jessie?"

I sit up. "Yes," I say simply.

He narrowed his eyes. They're piercing. "I'm glad. You've been working so hard," he stands over me.

"It's really nothing."

"It's everything. When you do your job, I'm able to do mine."

"Well I don't have a job yet," I joke.

His lips turn up. "Why don't we get lunch? My treat."

I should probably distance myself from him—

"Before you say no," he interrupts my refusal. "I would love to take you..."

I—the audacity. I—

"To my favorite restaurant. You'd love it." He finished with a devilish gleam.

That's it. Now he's just messing with my fucking head.

"No thanks sir."

"Jessie," he says sternly. I jump a little bit.


He leans in. "Jessie. It's just us. Don't let me tell you again. I know...you know my name."

"Benjamin," I whisper.

He smiles. "There you go," he whispers.  "Now about lunch–"

"I think I'll pass Benjamin. Thanks."

His brow knits ever so slightly. But he nods. "Alright. Can I bring you something back?"

I shake my head. "Thanks for asking."

He gives me a look. I don't know what to call it. But I shift in my seat.

"Alright," he says simply.

I let out a breath as he walks away. Rally he's dangerous for my health. I haven't breathed in five minutes and that's gotta cause brain damage.

Shit doesn't need any more damage.

He comes back an hour later. And my vibe is completely thrown off.

"I'm back," he greets me.

I look away. "Welcome back," I reply, a little sarcastically.

He smiles, setting a bag on my desk.


"I know, I know. But they had a combo. And I couldn't eat all. Best not let food go to waste right?"

He settles down at his sneak, and starts working. I smile softly.

"Thank you,"

He winks at me playfully, before getting back to business.

I really like him. He's just...awesome. Who wouldn't have a crush, on a nice, good guy like him?

We sit in a peaceful silent for the next few hours. As the days draws to a close, I start packing up.

He glanced up at me but says nothing.

He lifts his finger, beckoning me over. "Come," he orders.

"On your fingers?" I shot back. Then I blink.

He raises his brows, a small smirk on his face. "Come here. Now."

What did I do?  Was it that comment? It was an accident, I have a dirty mind.

I stand beside him awkwardly. He smiles, keeping me in suspense for a few seconds.

"You've done excellent. In two days, you've done more than I expected in two months. Engagements are up, sales are up."

I grin. Holy shit. I guess I'm good at this shit huh?

"Thanks, Sir."

He raises his brow.


He grins.

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