Sweet Like Honey

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We make in the house, just barely. His hands guide me, holding my throat ever so gently, his lips over mine.

His body is hot and toned. I run my hands down his chest, opening his shirt.

My hands rake down his body. I love his body. My hands slip over his nipples.

He takes my shirt off, his hands slipping around my back, unzipping my skirt. He picks me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist. He holds me up by my ass, walking us to the—wrong room.

I pull away. "My bedroom, is that way."

He grins, kissing my neck. "Good girl," he smiled.

He lays me on the bed gently. He takes his time. He touches me gently, but firmly. Exploring me, enjoying me.

"Tell me what you like," he whispered. I take his hand, guiding his hand down.

"Touch me, there please. Kiss me there, please."

He does. His eyes sharply on mine.

He smiles.

• • •

I look over at him. He's sleeping peacefully. I turn over. Hesitantly, I put my hands in his chest, and lay my head down on it. I smile softly.

Damn. I like this.

He's warm. And he smells so good.  I stroke his chest. Well, it's nice to pretend for a while. He wraps his arms around me, opening his eyes.

"Good...what is it?" He asks. "Morning? Night?"

I swallow.  "It's...early. Between morning and night."

He pulls me in closer. "Do you mind? I'm a cuddler."

I grin. I love cuddles. "I love cuddles."

He kissed my head, rubbing my back. He closes his eyes and quickly falls asleep. He's that type huh? That type of person who falls asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow?

How cute.

I play with his hair, feeling my eyes get heavy again. We probably shouldn't do this agains. But damn he's a good cuddler.

Nice and warm.

The sun starts coming up. I guess it was later then I thought. I have a day off tomorrow, but I don't think he does.

"Hey, Benji. Wake up!"

He sits up, yawning. "What time is it?"

"It's." I check my phone, "Damn. It's 6. You should probably—"

His eyes open widely. "6? As in, 6 am?"

I nod. "Yeah. You're not late are you?"

He picks up his phone. "Damn it."

He calls someone, brushing his hair back.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. I'm on the way. Yeah. I know. Just tell him I'm coming. Thank you."

He looks back at me. "I have to go...Jess."

I smile. "Okay. Have a good day."

He kisses my head. "You enjoy your way off, Honey."

Honey? Really? Of all things?

He chuckled. "Because your eyes sweet. Sweet like honey."

I shake my head. I don't know about that.

• • •

  I head into work the day after. I stay minding his business, but like I said, he needs help in that department.

He walks in, his signature smile gone. I frown.

"Is everything alright, Benjamin?"

He looks up. "Yes. Everything is fine. How are our engagements?"

"Up. Being funny is very good for the brand, since put target market are young adults. Having a relatable brand that sometimes trolls their opponents on Twitter and responds to comments makes a big difference."

He nods. "Perfect. I'll need a report by the end of this week, and every week after."

I watch him carefully. His brows are knitted. His eyes aren't focused. He's been reading the same paragraph for an hour straight.


The door flies open.

A woman stands in tears. "I'm sorry sir."

Benjamin stands, shaking. "Where is he?"

A little boy peeks his head out past the woman's legs. Benjamin sighed.

"I know I was late last night," he starts.

So he does have a wife. And a child. God damn it.

"But we promised you wouldn't have Ms. Darlene take you to my work."

The boy sniffles. "You broke your promise first."

Benjamin shakes. "That's not how this works. I am your father. You listen to what I tell you."

Father? Oh shit. Oh shit. I fucked someone's dad. I—this is beyond me.

"I just wanted to see you. You work all the time," he pouts.

"I work so I can support you. We've discussed this."

The little boy wipes tears from his eyes with his elbows.

"Can I work with you too? I'll be quiet."

Benjamin sighs. "I—Please go back with Ms. Darlene and wait at h—"

The boy stomps in the room. I stand, moving toward the door. As much as I love drama this is hella awkward.

He trips over my foot, and I hurry to catch him. I help him stand up, patting his shirt awkwardly.

"Sorry. You're okay?"

His tears dry instantly. He smiles. Oh, he looks just like Benjamin. You are the father sir.

"Hi. You're pretty. My name is Harrison. I'm 7 years old."

I smile. "I'm Jessie. It's nice to meet you Harrison."

Benjamin looks over at me with a strange look. I look down, scooting out of the way.

"Wait, Jessie—"

"Ms. Jessie. And she has work to do." Benjamin hints.

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