Sweet Like Honey

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He stares at me as I eat Chinese food. This is fucking uncomfortable.

"You plan on resigning don't you?"

I nod.

He smirks. "30 an hour?"


I look up. "For?"

He looks away. "I'm desperate, Jessica. I want my son to be better. I'll do whatever you want. I'll give you, whatever you want."

My lips quirk up. Now that's interesting.

"Anything is never anything," I smirk.

He narrows his eyes. "What do you want?"

"It's admirable, how much you care about your son. But I'm not a mother figure."

"I don't need you to be. What do you want. There's nothing. Name it."

I close my computer, looking him over. His body language. It's open. The way he's turned toward me, his hands relaxed, feet toward me.

"This is sudden. I don't have anything in particular. I'll meet with Harrison tonight. We'll talk after that."

He smiled. "You're more calculated then I originally planned. A little spark in your eyes, but your words are sweet like—"

"Honey," I finish.

He nods. "Precisely." He smiles, it isn't his normal smiles.

They're preprogrammed. He smiles at everything, like defense.

This time it's different. "I think...I may not be safe around you, honey."

I roll my eyes. "You probably aren't. Crazy girls, remember?"

"I don't think you're crazy."

I say nothing. It's better...that he thinks that way. It makes everything more fun.

• • •

He drives me to his house.


I hold my hand. "Shh, drive."

He nods. We get to his house, and he walks me in.

"Harrison! Come downstairs. I have surprise!" He called.

Fucking kids. I never liked them. I don't hate them. It's just too much. I sigh.

He comes running down the stairs. He sees me and his eyes light up. Something about this boy is different.

Just like something about Benjamin is different.

I smile. "Hello again, Harrison."

He runs up to me, hugging my legs. I pat his back awkwardly.

"There, there, little boy." I smile.

Harrison doesn't mind my awkwardness.

"I begged Dad to let me see you."

I squat down. "Why is that, Harrison?"

He shrugs, looking away. "I dunno. I just really like you."

I think...this child is like me. In a very special way.

I touch his head. "Would you like to be friends?"

He smiles. "Yes please." I take his hand. "Come on, tell me some things you like."

He rattles on about cars and clouds. That he likes science, but he think volcanoes are scary. He looks just like Benjamin.

The same dark hair. The same dark eyes, slanted, and guarded. He's even tall like him, you can tell already. They have the same accent, British.

Where is his mother?


I smile. This shit is too much. I should've never come here.

"Did you eat today?" I ask him.

He shook his head. "Sometimes, I get so mad I can't eat."

I nod. "How about a grilled cheese?"

Benjamin watches us carefully, a smile on his face. But he doesn't understand.

This ain't good. This bond we have—

"I can whip up a grilled cheese," he offers.

Then it's just Harrison and me. He looks up at me with a smile.

I go for it.

"Yes, Ms. Jessie?"
"Do you love your dad?"

He paused, and then smiled. "Yes."

I smile back, ruffling his hair.

He's like me.

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