Hey, Little Songbird

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Ophelia was on her day off. But she was still at work, having nothing else do. She drank quietly, letting Rena serenade her with her beautiful voice.

"Put this on my tab, please Nico," Ophelia said gently.

Nico smiled. "Canaries drink and eat free, new rule per the boss," he slid her a jack and coke.

She smiled, raising her glass. "Well, cheers to the boss then."

"He's over there," Nico's fluffy red hair shone as he nodded toward Mr. Hades. "If you care to thank him in person."

She spun around, catching sight of him.

Nico quirked a brow, with a smirk. "I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from his favorite Canary," he said evenly.

Ophelia smiled. "Favorite?"

"Well, Rena is kinda of a bitch," Nico acknowledged with a shrug.

Ophelia silently agreed.

"What kind of man is the boss," she asked quietly, watching him quietly greet people.

"I've been here since The Mines opened, but I can't say I know him all that well. What I can say, is that usually, he prefers to be on the sidelines."

"What do you mean?" Ophelia presses, her eyes following him.

"He doesn't really show it off, but the boss man has his hands in lots of things, and he's got money to spare."

Nico also turned his head to the boss, as he cleaned out a glass.

"He's not real flashy though. Doesn't drive a crazy car, or show off his money. Some clients don't even know he's the boss."

Ophelia bit her lip. "I wonder why?"

"I don't know. He also don't really associate. I guess you'd have to befriend him."

Befriend Mr. Hades? She smiled. He would be an interesting friend to have. He was very mysterious, and enigmatic.

The man in question, glanced up catching her eye.

He smiled, turning to his companion before standing.

"Oh shit," Ophelia said. "He's coming over here!"

"So What? You two talk everyday?" Nico said.

"Yeah but I'm not working so—"

"Hello, little songbird," he addresses her softly.

"Hello, Mr. Hades." She forced a smile.

"Am I disturbing you?" He asked at her uncomfortable demeanor.

"No. No. Please. Will you drink with me?" She spat out.

Just why did she say that?

"I'd be glad to. Nico, a coke please."

"Yes sir."  Nico got a new glass, filling it to the brim.

"What brings you down to The Mines on your day off?" Adrian asked calmly.

"Oh...nothing else to do!" She cringed internally. Why did she say that?!

"Well, how is the service?"

"Nico does excellent job with the drinks, and Rena's voice is amazing. I don't really need any other service here."

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Have you eaten?"

Ophelia looked up at him. "You're very, very handsome, Mr. Hades."

He smiled, looking away. "Thank you."

Nico turned around stifling a chuckle.

"You're very attractive. You know that right?" She pressed.

Adrian cleared throat. "I think you may have had a little too much to drink, Ophelia."

"Do you know you're attractive, sir?" She repeated.

He looked her in her eyes. "I think I have my moments."

"Every moment is your moment," she intoned. "God really chose a favorite and I am not amused."

He smiled, cocking his head. "Would like some water, the alcohol seems to have gotten to you," Adrian offered.

"Didn't you want to see me without a filter?" She quipped.

His lips quirked up. "Yes. But we do have a business relationship."

"You know how your sibling can be your friend?"

His brow arched on confusion.

Ophelia leaned in. "You can have more than one relationship can't you? I think we can have a business relationship and a friendly relationship."

Adrian nodded. "Interesting proposal, Songbird. Are you suggesting we become friends?"

"I think you're very interesting," she said. "I'd like to get to know you better."

Adrian chuckled. "I would also like to get to know you better. Friends then, Songbird."

He extended his large hand.

She looked at it, before taking it.

"Friends," she shook. "Mr. Hades."

"Please. We're not at work. My friends call me Adrian—at least they would if I had any friends."

She chuckled. "I always wanted to be called Opie, but now that I say it out loud it kinda sounds stupid."

He chuckled again. "I think I'll stick to Ophelia."

She threw back her jack and coke, and Nico immediately replaced it.

"Maybe you should stop drinking, Ophelia." Adrian suggested again, his hair drifting over his shoulder as he cocked his head toward her.

"No, I need some alcohol, besides I have a high tolerance. Drink with me!" She grinned.

"I'll be your designated driver," He explained. "I'd better not."

They said nothing, as Ophelia kept drinking. Hades surveyed the area, before looking back at her.

"Mr—Adrian?" Ophelia started.


"I...my chest really hurts." Her eyes watered.

Adrian frowned. "It's probably the alcohol. Drink some water, and we'll get you some Tums—"

"No, I mean..." she grabbed her chest. "My heart aches. Did I do the right thing?"

Nico listened on silently, his back the pair.

Adrian hesitantly patted her head. "Yes, you did Songbird. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be safe, and fed and warm in the winter."

"I feel like a sack of crap though," a tear fell from her eyes. She wiped it away immediately.

He looked away. "I'll drive you home, little songbird."

"Can I hook my phone up to your car?" She asked dubiously.

He shrugged. "Y-yeah."

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