Hey, Little Songbird

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Adrian was confused. It wasn't as it he wasn't used to women trying to seduce him for various reasons.

Something about her was different though. Dangerous.

Because she didn't have an ulterior motive. It wasn't easily remedied. He couldn't throw money, or satisfy her curiosity.

She was just greedy. She just wanted it all. She just wanted him, for no reason at all.

It was...almost cute. Primitive. But hard to manage.

He looked away from her greedy eyes. The reason he approached her in the first place.

Well one of the reasons. He'd heard her...singing.

He loved her voice.
He still loved her voice.

Still, she was dangerous. And the entire thing was inappropriate.

She slid into his lap. "Should I finish my song...Sir."

He contemplated. Her voice...made him lose control.

"No. Thank you." He refused.

What did she want? She wanted something. If he could find it, he could give it to her, and be done.

She could go back to the Mines, where he would hear her sing and leave.

Letting her loose like this? It wasn't safe.

He wasn't that naive. Not anymore.

Women were dangerous. And nothing kept them around when they wanted to slip away. Not even when you weighed her down with gold, or shackled her with bracelets.

It made her stay longer—but never forever.

He'd learned that the hard way. What did she wan—

"Can you kiss me again, Adrian?"

He paused. And why did she look like that? Whatever she said...that's all she wanted. How childish.

Where were the hidden motives? Why did she say things like that? Is that really how she lived?

Just say what she wants and that's all?

"No," he responded. "I won't."

She leaned forward. "I'll kiss you then,"

He let her. He did that. Let her do things. He narrowed his eyes. Her lips were so soft.

He liked them.

She pulled back, with a smile. "I like that."

He chuckled, putting his hand on her cheek. "Are you a child? Just saying whatever comes to mind like that?"

"Do you not do that? Do you hide things?"  She quipped.

"Don't all adults? Things are more complicated than—"

"Not for me. Not with you. I'll just say what I want. Since you already know I'm greedy, I'll just say what I want. And if I can take it, I will."

"It's not appropriate—"

"Why do we have to be appropriate, Adrian? You have my permission. This is your home. Why can't you do what you want?"

"What do you want from me? What's your end goal?"

"I don't have one. I told you, I'll just do what I want."

"You can't do that. That's not how the world works—"

She put her lips against his. "Sure it is. See. I want to be your friend. And your song bird. And I want you to touch me. And I'll get what I want."

He scoffed. "Will you now?"

She laid on his bare chest, touching the ends of his dark hair. "Yep. Until you stop me. Or until I can't anymore. That's all."

He smirked it his hand on her waist. "That's all you want?"

"Is it so hard to understand?"

"And where does your poet fit into all of this?" He asked.

"I'll figure it out. But we're not together right now."

"Because he's poor?" He asked.

She looked up. "Because I saw you. And I wanted you instead. I loved him, but I wanted you. Otherwise, I would've stayed there."

He rubbed her cheek. "You're just too greedy. You'll be to stuffed to fly soon, songbird. I think your eyes are bigger than you're stomach."

"I think it's the opposite," she said resolutely. "The more I see the more I want."

"I'm sure someone else will try to satisfy those desires, Ophelia. But their unreasonable."

"I just want you to. That's all. Can you put your arms around me?"

He looked at her pensively for a moment. Then he put his arms around her, holding her gently.

She really was dangerous.

She smiled. "I like this."

He chuckled. "But I'm guessing you want more?"

She glanced up at him. "You already know me better than my poet ever did."

He looked away. He wouldn't let this go much further.

But he liked this, so...just for a little while longer, he'd hold her like this.

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