Hey, Little Songbird

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Adrian glanced at Ophelia. She sighed.

"Adrian I want you to be with me," she said.

She stood in nothing but his shirt as always. She always demanded he take the shirt off he was wearing so she could put it on.

"I am with you." He told her.

"I want you to make love to me again," she explained.

He sighed. "I told you, that was a one time thing."

Ophelia snuggled up to him. "I don't want to go home. My apartment is cold. You're warm."

He patted her head gently. She was so cute.

"I have to go into my company today. So unfortunately, you'll have to be alone tonight."

She frowned. "I'm already very close to you, Adrian. That's scaring me."

He sighed. "What do you want? I always tell you, you shine like a diamond in the Mines. Do you want one?"

"One what?"

"A diamond. Do you want me...to marry you?"

She frowned. "Wouldn't that be very inappropriate sir?"

"It would. I'm not promising that I will. I'm asking if that's something you want from me."

She looked away. "I think it would be nice. To be your wife. It would be interesting I think. What do you think?"

He stood, looking away. "I think I'm late getting to work. I left my card on the table. Call a taxi if you want to go home before I get back."

"Are you mad that I said I would like to marry you, Adrian? Or are you mad because if I was your wife...you'd be doing a lot of very inappropriate things?"

He sighed, letting his hair fall over his eyes. "I'll get going now, Ophelia. Try to get home."

"Are you kicking me out sir?"

He sighed. She was so complicated but so simple. It was confusing.

"I'm not kicking you out. But you can't stay here much longer, alright. One more day."

He wouldn't let her pull him back. She had a way with that.

"Mr. Hades..." she sang lowly.

He paused. "What?"

"I just wanted to tell you I really like you, Mr. Hades. That's all."

He sighed, leaving the house. She was too much.

• • •

Adrian drove back home, knowing she was still there. Of course she was still there.

He opened the door and there she was. Lounging around like a lazy cat always in her underwear like she owned the place.

"Come here," he instructed.

She saddled to him. "Yes, Mr. Adrian?"

"Let's go for a drink." He mused.

She smiled. "Okay sir."

• • •

Adrian glanced over at her. She threw back more drinks. He sipped his.

"Are you almost drunk sir?"

He nodded. "Yes. And you?"

"I am sir."

He smiled, grabbing her neck, pulling her lips to his.

"Songbird," he slurred. "Lets do something crazy."

"Something very inappropriate," she finished.

He narrowed his eyes, looking down at her. "Very inappropriate. Let's go."

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