Hey, Little Songbird

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giving me hell

He stood over her, as she held her head.

"Sir? What's going—"

She looked down at her hand. "Whats this?"

"A ring," he explained briefly.

"What for sir?"

He handed her a piece of paper. "I found this in my pocket."

She looked over it. "A marriage license. I'm sure you want to annul it. I'll get dressed—"

"It's a weekend," he said. "They're closed."

"I'm sure they're not," she shot back. "You said yesterday you didn't want to be married to me."

"What's done is done," he said with finality.

"It can be undone, Mr. Hades. I know you didn't want this—"

"What's done," he repeated. "Is done. We're married according to law."

She narrows her eyes. "Did you do this on purpose?"

"That would be...very inappropriate," he said.

Her lips quirked up. "I'll go back home now, Mr. Hades."

He smiled back. "Alright. I'll see you work tomorrow, my little songbird."

"Do you want to be my husband, Sir?"

He swallowed, putting his hand over her eyes, as his face went bright red. "Don't say things that with a straight face. It's embarrassing."

She smiled, putting her hand on his.

"Let me see your red face, Sir. I think it's cute."

"N-No. My face isn't red. And I didn't marry you on purpose. Nothing changes. You just...have new last name, and you need to go to the government and change it on all your documents or it could be troublesome later."

His blush died down, and he moved his hand.

She grabbed his hand, kissing his wrist. "Sure sir. Whatever you say. But I'm still your songbird aren't I? Down in the Mines."

"I always tell you, you shine like a diamond down in those Mines. I would never want to take you from there."

She smiled. "Oh? I thought you'd be the time of husband who wanted to weigh me down and make stay at home."

"It's just inconvenient to annul the marriage. But I'm not in control of you. No more so than I am now. Unless you want to get your tubes tied, or buy a house. Then I do have a little more say that I did before."

"Sounds like you thought about this?" She chuckled.

"Maybe I have," he whispered.

He turned around. She caught his hand again.

"Will you kiss me? Before you go?" She asked.

"You should be very concerned," he informed her. "We've known each other about a month, and we've spontaneously gotten married. I've refused to annul it. Aren't you worried? What if I plan to hurt you?"

She looked down with a pensive frown.

"I know!" She exclaimed, kissing the inside of his wrist.

He turned red, looking away. "Stop doing that! I told you embarrassing!"

She chuckled. "I think you might be a little too cute to be dangerous Adrian."

He frowned. "No matter what things look like...danger can't be measured by looks alone. I could always hurt you, little songbird. From the moment I asked you to perch at my side and let me feed you. I could've hurt you."

"But you didn't,"

"But I could've. And I still could. Don't get too comfortable little songbird. Don't let your wings rest too much, or you'll forget how to fly away when danger comes."

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