Hey, Little Songbird

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back in hades

Adrian frowned, staring at her as she sang. She protested. He hadn't exactly expected that. He thought she'd say something along the lines of:

I want you, so this is fine.

He'd thought she'd say something like that.

He narrowed his eyes. Then again, it wasn't very logical to be okay with marrying someone you practically just met.

Was he upset? Was he upset that she wasn't happier? That she didn't say what he'd envisioned she'd say.

Maybe a little. It didn't matter. It wasn't true. He got her drunk, and staged the whole thing. Just to see what she'd say.

How would she react? Would she jump at the opportunity? Play along and get some money from him?


Maybe he would keep it up. He needed to know he motives. No one was that pure. No one just said what was on their minds the way she did.

No matter how cute it was.

She kept singing, a song he'd never heard before.

She sounded beautiful, as always.

She never sounded anything less than perfect. Like an Angel.

It wouldn't be so bad, to wake up to her. To hear her sing in the shower. It wouldn't be so bad.

He didn't have to marry her. As long as he thought they were married, he could try and figure her out.

She looked at him with a different look. It was almost like...fear.

And that's when he finally opened his ears to what she was singing.

He'd heard her voice but not what she was singing.

Je remue le ciel, le jour, la nuit
Je danse avec le vent, la pluie
Un peu d'amour, un brin de miel
Et je danse, danse, danse, danse, danse, danse, danse

Oh shit. It was French.

He looked around, motioning to shut the place down.

He needed to get her off the stage. He needed to get her off the stage.

Her eyes was focused on one person. He followed her gaze.

He had a gun out. Pointed at her.

Adrian stood up, walking toward the man. He was hiding it, but the reason the Canary was so high up on that stage, was so she could see under the tables.

"Welcome to the Mines," Adrian greeted the man, narrowing his eyes. "I haven't seen you before."

The man smiled. "I'm new," he said, focused on her.

Adrian put his arms around him, turning him around forcibly.

"Let me get  you a drink, my treat,"  Adrian smiled, walking him toward the bar.

"Nino," Adrian smiled. "Get this  man a gun on the rocks."

The man stilled. "I-I don't drink. I'll go."

Nino raised a brow. "A gun on the rocks? That's a new drink, I'm not sure how to make it."

"Use the manual," Adrian smiled, turning to the man. He kept him very close, his hand on his back.

"You seem enamored with my canary," He mentioned.

The man frowned. "Yes. She sings nicely."

Adrian narrowed his eyes. "Yes she does. She shines like a diamond doesn't she?"

Nino produced a firearm from under the bar.

"Here it is, gun on the rocks."

The man tried to run, but Adrian was far stronger. He grabbed the gun from his pocket, examining it.

"Why did you come here? Why were you trying to kill my beautiful canary?" Adrian demanded,  putting the gun to his chest.

"I...I wasn't trying to."

"You had the gun pointed toward her," Adrian hissed. "If you lie, I'll just kill you. Why were you trying to hurt her. Did that coward send you?"

"I just...thought I would rob this place! I saw a lot rich guys coming in. But I liked her singing, so I got distracted. That's all I swear!"

Adrian sighed. He was telling the truth.

"You made a mistake coming here. Nino, take him and put him in the cell until I figure out what to do with him."

Seeing the man apprehended, Ophelia sighed in relief. She turned around, going off stage.

Adrian followed after her.

"Ophelia," he called.

She didn't stop, breaking into a run.

"Ophelia Wait!"

She ran into the dressing room, her knees losing strength. She cried quietly.

He sighed, sitting down on the floor beside her.

"Oh Ophelia," he whispered, gathering her in his arms.

"That was scary," she cried. "I really didn't like that, Adrian. I want to go home today. Please take me home."

He sighed, picking her up. "Of course. Of course I will, little songbird."

He kissed her head. "You did very well."

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