Hey, Little Songbird

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hey little songbird

She laid in his lap, as he stroked her hair. She wouldn't stop shivering.

He found it disconcerting, how afraid she was.

"There, there, little songbird," he whispered, kissing her hair. "Everything is alright. He's gone now."

"I was so scared," she shook, "I keep seeing it in my head,"

He put his fingers under her chin. "Look at me,"

"Mr. Hades...I still want to be your songbird."

"You don't have to be."

"I just want to sing for you," she cried, "But I don't want to be afraid like that again,"

"Ophelia calm down. You don't have to go back to the Mines if you don't want to. I'll transfer you somewhere else—"

"I want to sing for you," she insisted, putting her arms around his neck desperately. "I want you to watch me sing for you. But I...I don't think I want to go to the Mines again."

He sighed, taking her hand. He pressed his lips to her hand. She shivered as his lips touched the edges of her fingertips tenderly.

"It's alright, Songbird. Everything is alright."

"Please let me sing for you," she cried. "Let me sing for you Mr. Hades. Keep me here, cage me, I don't mind. I just want to sing for you."

He sighed. "Ophelia. What you're saying...isn't right. You can't stay here forever."

"You said you married me right? We're married aren't we? Let me sing for you. Let me—"

He frowned. "Sing for me. Go on, little songbird."

"I'm not dressed, I have to get ready,"

He sighed, picking her up. He carried her to the bathroom, and sat her on the sink.

He undressed her carefully, taking the dress he'd bought her, letting her fingertips brush against her shoulder.

She looked at him, silent.

He sighed, tucking his hair behind his ear. "You were so noisy," he remarked, sliding the dress over her head, "Put your shoulders through now."

She did so.

"You've gone quiet," he murmured. "Should I be worried?"

She shook her head. "I know you'll let me sing for you, Sir. So I feel better."

"Does it make you feel good? Singing for me?"

She nodded. "Yes. It does. I like...feeling your eyes on my skin while I sing...and you follow my every word. I feel safe when your eyes on me."

He sighed, adjusting her dress. He knelt down, holding her foot. She gasped, as he followed the arch of her foot softly.

"Even though I was the cause of this scare...subjugating me to this degree..." he whispered. "Is it right."

She touched his face. "I want you...to take me. But you won't. Maybe if I can convince you while I'm shaking and afraid, you'll feel guilty and let me stay with you."

He chuckled. "You shouldn't say cute things like that, Ophelia. It makes me want to like you more and more."

"Are you saying what you truly feel, Sir? That's out of your usual behavior."

"So is your being afraid. It's putting me outside my comfort zone I'm afraid."

He stood, stroking her cheek. "You're dressed. Where do you want perform."

"Just in front of you," she whispered.

He hugged her to his chest. "You're in front of me now, Ophelia. Sing to me."

She looked down, looking up at him.

I had a dream...I got everything I wanted
Not what you think...
And if I'm being honest

It might've been a nightmare
To anyone who might care
Thought I could fly

He put his hand on her face, pulling her closer.

So I stepped off the golden

He pulled her ever closer.

Nobody cried, nobody even noticed—

He put his lips on hers softly. She stopped singing, as he pushed his lips against hers once more.

She put her hands in his hair. He looked at her through hooded eyes.

"Time," he whispered.

She cocked her head.

"Give it more time. At least a year. And if you still want to belong to me, as my personal songbird...I'll build you a golden cage."

She smiled.

I had a dream, I got everything I wanted.
But when I wake up I see...

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