Hey, Little Songbird

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Ophelia had fallen asleep.

Adrian went back down to the Mines. He was...upset.

Fury was coursing his veins. He'd never been so angry.

Not even...not even in the war.

It made feel him somewhat guilty.

"Nino," He called.

Nino looked up with a smirk. "Your Canary coming back?"

He sighed. "If I ask her to, I have a feeling she will."

Nino looked away. "That close already boss?"
Adrian tried his hair back. "Open the elevator."

Nino pressed a tap, opening a small door. "I could easily handle this, sir. Just tell me what to do."

Adrian shook his head. "I don't require you're assistance. I'll take care of this."

He went down the elevator, opening the gate.

"You came here," he started. "Just to rob the place?"

He nodded. "I know what I did was wrong. But please let me go."

"You were looking at her," Adrian whispered. "Why were you looking at her?"

The man swallowed. "She just sang very beautifully. I told you that! I wasn't gonna hurt anybody—"

Adrian glared at him.

"But you did. You hurt her peace of mind. She can't step foot here anymore. You made her afraid."

"I-I'm sorry, man. What am I supposed to do?"

Adrian sat down on a bench. "I want to kill you. Like I would've done in the war, and filed a report that you were...terrorist. That's not right is it?"

The man shook his head. "Please don't kill me."

Adrian sighed. "I'm not going to. Killing is wrong. I could turn you in, but the consequences won't satisfy me."

"A-are you going to torture me?"

Adrian sighed again. "Be quiet," he said lowly. "What tipped you off of the Mines?"

"I used to have money," the man smiled cynically. "My family used to have money. I knew a lot of those people. They were my parents business partners. Our company went down. My parents...aren't adjusting well. I just...wanted to give them back their house. At least their house—"

"Stop," Adrian said quietly. "Don't make me feel sorry for you. It makes me very angry."

He chuckled. "I sound like her. Very blunt. The woman you scared half to death? She just...says what's on her mind. It's very cute."

The man slumped against the wall. "I didn't mean to hurt the lady. She was just...captivating. I couldn't look away."

"I know how you feel," Adrian said. "She just takes your senses doesn't she? Drowns you. But it's beautiful. The place her voice takes you."

The man gasped. "You see it too? It's a wonderful place. It's dark, and calm. Peaceful."

Adrian sighed. "I see. Still, you have to pay for you've done. The fear you instilled, doesn't go away so easily."

"I'll apologize to her! Let me explain, please?"

Adrian frowned. "I...may help. But maybe it won't."

I don't want her to see you.

• • •

"I'm back," Adrian said softly.

Ophelia launches herself into his arms. "Mr. Hades!"

"Ophelia," he whispered, patting her back. "Must you greet me in such an inappropriate fashion?"

She put her legs on either side of his waist. She pulled his hair from its holder.

"What were you doing that so important?"


"You tied your hair back. You only do that when you're serious," she smiled.

His hair fell in his eyes. "Nothing. I just had to check something. Get down now, little songbird."

"Sir? Are you sure We're married? You don't treat me any different."

Oh yes. He had said that didn't he?

"I don't want to pressure you. Get down now, song bird."

"Kiss me again sir," she rasped.

He narrows his eyes looking away. "Even if you're no longer my employee this is very inappropriate—"

"Please sir. Kiss me again," she begged.

He sighed, bending down. He put his lips on her softly.

"Is this enough you greedy girl?" He sighed, looking away from her.

He had so little self control when it came to her.

"No sir. I want more."

"No more. Now, how about your apartment. When will you return?"

"I want to stay here, with you. We can be roommates for a year."

He sighed. "Stop insisting on this. Go on home now."

"Sir..." she whispered, putting her head into his chest.

"I'm scared to go home. Let me stay here."

He sighed once more. "A little longer."

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