Hey, Little Songbird

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always a pity

The older woman stared up at the large house. She checked the address again with a frown.

That Eric boy never was reliable. Oh well, she'd check anyway.

She knocked on the door, waiting impatiently.

The door opened revealing a young man with long dark hair and dark eyes.

He frowned down at her. "I'm sorry ma'am, I'm not interested in what you're selling—"

The older lady reared back a bit from his deep, booming voice.

"My daughter,"she said sternly. "That foolish Ophelia. Is she here?"

He frowned deeper. "Who are you?"

"Her mother," she said. "Now bring her out here or I'm coming in to get her."

Adrian raised his brow. "Hm. Excuse me a moment."

She tapped her feet indicating that he hurry. He nodded, shutting the door.


She looked up at him, throwing a grape in her mouth.

She missed. His eyes landed on the grape and back at her face.

"A woman claiming to be your mother is at my door. Are you giving out my address to people? That's very inappropriate."

"Ophelia? Come on out of here now!"

She winced. "That's her alright. Eric must've told her."

"And how did the poet know?"

"Um...so we have a little app that shares location. I forgot to turn it off."

He groaned. "You can be so irresponsible, little Songbird. I'll invite your mother in."

Ophelia sat up straight, picking up the grape she'd dropped.

She adjusted her clothes.

Adrian opened the door. "Please do come in."

"Why is my daughter living with you? You're not together are you?" She demanded softly, stepping in the house.

"No. No. Her apartment...eh...was...flooded! Yes! It was flooded. So I offered she stay for a while."

The woman narrowed her eyes.

Adrian made himself scarce hoping she'd go away.

Ophelia's eyes followed him as he left. He felt them on her back. They burned.

She smiled up at her mother. "Hello, Mother."

The woman looked down at her. "You look healthy. I'm glad."

She smiled kindly. "You as well mother."

"You're hair looks nice in that style," Her mother remarked.

She touched her hair. "Thank you."

"Why are you staying here? You could've come home. Your father...I miss seeing you. You know this isn't appropriate."

Ophelia looked down. "I know, Mother. But I didn't want to burden you and father. My apartment will be fine in a few weeks—"

"Did you end it with that...Eric boy?"

"Yes mother."

"Hm...you deserved far better. And this man? You like him? You want pursue him—"

"I—" Ophelia looked down. "He...doesn't really see me that way."

Her mother narrows her eyes. "I don't trust him."

"That one." She interrupted. "That man. I don't trust him."

Ophelias fist balled up slightly. "He's a good man. I'll visit you a little later, Mother. I'm already imposing."

"Yes. Yes. I haven't seen you in a while. I tracked you down. You're my only daughter you know."

Her mother paused, her fingers twitching. She wanted...to hug her.

But...it was impolite. Still...she wanted to reach out and hug her baby. Her hand reached out—

Adrian stepped out of them room.

"Can I offer anyone a drink? I have water, tea, juice—"

Ophelia looked up, and her mother put her hand at her side rigidly.

"Since I see you're safe and fed, I'll take my leave. If you're not back home soon, stay with your father and I."

She turned around, frowning.

Adrian smiled softly. "I'll definitely—"

"You...you take care to keep your hands to yourself. Don't try to take advantage of my daughter. She is out of your league."

Ophelia sighed. Her mother faide that about everyone.

Everyone was out of her league.

"Drive safely mother," Ophelia walked her to the door.

"I will, child. And you be safe as well."

Her mother left without another word.

Adrian sighed. "Is it just me or does she have a sort of oppressing air?"

Ophelia looked up at him. "Hold me?"

He frowned. She shouldn't be able to say such cute things with such an adorable expression.

It wasn't good for his heart. And it wasn't—

Nothing she did was very appropriate.

He opened his arms. She stepped into them. His hand rested on her head gently.

"Your mother...seems to care very much about you. I think she just...has trouble showing it."

"I know. I just...wish I could I hug her. Like I'm hugging her now. But my mother was raised like a lady. And she raised me that way too. Ladies don't throw their arms around people the way I'm doing now."

"I just wish I could take to everyone the way...I talk to you, Sir. Maybe I could tell my mother...I love her and I want to feel her arms around me."

She smiled sadly.

Adrian kissed her head gently.

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