Hey, Little Songbird

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for one so

"I want you...to be my boyfriend," Ophelia said, looking at the ground.

Adrian frowned, pausing as he began to undress.


"I...want to date you, Adrian."

He sighed, closing his eyes, as he started taking his shirt off. "I've already explained that would be very—"

"I don't want to hear if it's inappropriate or not. I want to know if you agree or not," her voice shook a bit, as she played with her hands.

"Didn't we talk about this? A year—"

"No one said we couldn't date," she closed her eyes.

"Ophelia, I—"

She looked away. "So then...are you saying no?"

"For now." He said vaguely.

She nodded. "I...I see." Her hands fisted in his shirt.

He looked at her causally, wondering what she was planning now.

Doing something so cute, maybe she was planning another seduction attempt. Maybe he'd surrender.

He...liked touching her. Liked their bodies together, her heat and his—

"Then...I'll go home today. And..." she started to say something but closed her mouth.

He frowned deeply. Since when? Since when did she not say things around him?!

"What?" He demanded. "What were you going to say?"

"Nothing," she whispered, keeping her eyes on the floor. "I'll go get my clothes."

"I'll take you," he started putting his shirt back on.

"No. I'll get a cab. Thank you for letting me stay as long as I have, Mr. Hades. I won't bother you."

Something about the way she said Mr. Hades was different from the way she usually said it.

It made him feel uneasy. And it was evident she was...what was that face? Hiding something maybe?

He touched her head. He could just draw her out.

"I'll take you home, Songbird. But first, come to bed with me. You seem down."

"That's alright, Sir." She kept her eyes on his shoes. "I'm tired."

A lie. She was saying something...that wasn't true. Being...kind. To him.

Since when?

And why was she avoiding looking at him?

"What's wrong? Why are you mincing words? It's me."

She stepped back. "I'll be at work tomorrow. I've missed a lot of time. Is that alright?"

"Of course. But abou–"

"Then thank you for everything," she said quietly. "Excuse me."

He watched her walk away befuddled. She went into the guest room. She never went into the guest room.

Very suspicious. Something was wrong. Maybe she wasn't feeling well. He'd offered to have sex with her. She always took that offer.

Maybe she just needed space?

She came out in the clothes she'd worn the day he brought her to the house.

She walked past him.

"The cab is already here?" He asked.

"I'll wait outside," she whispered. "Thank you."

He sneered at her polite tone. It didn't sound right.

She was a greedy little cat. She always was. Wanting something and wanting more. What was with this?

She shut the door, tearing him from his thoughts.

He looked outside the window. She was standing there, calm as can be. She wasn't crying, or making a sad face. She just...

The cab pulled up and she got in. A cab. She usually asked him to take her places. You'd think he was her driver.

And she was terrified of going to work just yesterday. Now she was fine?

How mysterious.

• • •

Ophelia went to work, stepping onto the stage. She got her water, and sat.

She hadn't really prepared a song. That was fine. She'd just sing something she knew by heart.

She stared down at her hands, getting ready to sing.

She briefly wondered if he'd be there. It didn't really matter.

She started to sing.

Hung pictures of patron saints up on my wall
To remind me that i am a fool—
Tell me where i came from, what i will always be:
Just a spoiled little kid who went to catholic school

He stepped into the building a smile on his face, eyes on hers.

When i am dead i won't join their ranks
Because they are both holy and free
And i'm in ohio, satanic and chained up
And until the end, that's how it'll be

She looked away. He frowned.

I said make me love myself so that i might love you

Don't make me a liar, because i swear to god
When i said it i thought it was true

She closed her eyes. Adrian frowned waiting for her eyes to meet hers.

Saint calvin told me not to worry about you
But he's got his own things to deal with
There's really just one thing that we have in common

Look at me, he said to himself. Look at me...Ophelia.

Neither of us will be missed
A saint bernard sits at the top of the driveway
You always said how you loved dogs
I don't know if i count
But i'm trying my best
When i'm howling and barking these songs

She stepped off the stage stopping by the bar. She smiled at Nino—

She smiled at Nino. Where was that smile? Why wouldn't she direct it to him.

He got up, walking over to them.

"Ophelia?" He called.

She looked up at him. "Mr. Hades,"

Hades. She was pronouncing it right. She never did that. Hades. Like the Greek god, that's how she'd pronounced it since he'd met her.

Why the sudden change? Why the polite air? Nothing had changed. They hadn't fought. Nothing.

"Excellent performance," he sat beside her. "As always, Songbird,"

"Thank you, Sir." She said politely.

He narrowed his eyes. "When are you taking your break?"

"I'm not sure sir. But I have to get back on stage now. Thanks Nino. Excuse me."

He grabbed her. "Are you upset?"

"No sir. Please let go of me. It's very inappropriate. I'm just a canary."

He did so, but more so out of shock. Inappropriate? Heh.

Just what the hell was happening?

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