Hey, Little Songbird

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pretty and young

Adrian knocked on her dressing room door.

"Who is it?" She called.

"It's me," he said gruffly.

"Come on in, sir."

He opened the door. "You've gotten very distant and quiet around me, why?"

"I don't know what you mean sir?"

He smiled cynically. "Speak plainly. What happened."

She looked at him front the mirror on her vanity.

"I've decided to stop pursuing you. You don't seem interested in me. I'd rather not get attached to you, since you don't seem to care about me either way," she said plainly.

He narrowed his eyes. "Why would you think that? Of course I care—"

"Do you want to date me sir?"


"Then I won't keep bothering you, Mr. Hades."

"Ophelia. You can't make decisions like that, just all on your own. I'm your friend too aren't I?"

"I want to be more to you. And right now, this is hurting me more than anything. So sorry. I'll go back on stage now."

She brushed past him. He stared at the place she left, blinking.

He frowned, clenching his fists. Just like that huh? She just thought that was it?

She thought she would just leave him like that?!

How could she? After all that she said. All that she did.

All that time, making him want her.

He went out of the dressing room, sitting down. He watched her sing, something in his heart stirring.

My heart is pierced by Cupid
I disdain all glittering gold
And there's nothing can console me
But my jolly sailor bold

Just was she singing to? Her voice floating indiscriminately to everyone in the room...

She wasn't looking at him. Was he not special to her?

She wanted him. That's what she said. Back before she started lying to him. Could she remedy herself so easily?

But then again...she loved her poet.

And she left him too.

He narrowed his eyes. It didn't bother him. Or it shouldn't. She was a nuisance. He'd just...started to like her.

Really like her.

Tch. How inconvenient.

• • •

Ophelia stepped off the stage. Her shift was over. She changed her clothes, picking up her phone to call a Lyft.

Adrian opened the dressing room door.

"I'm taking you home," he commanded, his voice holding more weight than ever.

"No. That's alright."

"I'm taking you home Ophelia."

She smiled softly with a nod. "Alright then sir."

He took her hand, gently pulling her a little closer.

He led her to his car, opening the door for her. She got in, and he shut the door, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

He got in the drivers seat, starting the car. They drove for a bit.

He locked the doors. "Do you see that building over there?" He mused, "I just bought it. My company has been expanded recently, and we've bought a lot of real estate in the city."

"Really? Congratulations," she smiled.

He nodded. "That building. That one too. This complex. And that one. That business there."

She looked at each one and nodded

He glanced at her. Unimpressed as always. He bit back a chuckle.

"It seems like you own everything," she said quietly. "Kinda makes me wonder how it feels."

He glanced at her, and down to her finger. "What happened to the ring?"

"I left it on you nightstand. It seemed very expensive."

He swallowed. "Lonely," he stated.

"I'm sorry?" She asked.

"You said you wondered how it felt. It feels a little lonely. And the more I have, the less the people around me see me as human. They see me as money. Or attractive. Or a business deal. A leg up. A cash cow. But not really human."

She looked down. "That does seem lonely."

"They say they want to be friends. Or they want to be with me. But there's always something else there," he explained.

"But when you look at me, you just say whatever you want. And I've come to have faith that what you say, is what you mean. So please. What you did today. Sparing my feelings or being polite. Don't do it again!"

His ears went red. She chuckled. "Sure. I won't then. But there has to be space between us. Politeness is the only way I could think without quitting."

Quitting? Space?

"Space? Why do you need space?" Adrian asked.

"Because I've started to fall in love with you seriously."

The car came to a screeching halt. He looked up at her.

She was looking at her hands.

"And it's not good for me, to keep chasing you around. Panting behind you like some...mutt. So, I guess I'll quit."


"I've told you my feelings. I don't expect you to like me because I like you. But I'm greedy. And if I can't have you the way I want to," she looked up at him. "Then I won't have you at all."

He stopped in front her building, and she manually unlocked the door.

"Then I suppose I'll put my two weeks in soon sir. Good night."

She got out of the car. He watched her get in safely.

"And this one," he said softly to himself. "I own this building too."

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