Hey, Little Songbird

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Ophelia rubbed herself against Adrian. He opened an eye hesitantly.

"Yes?" He asked.

"I'm horny," she whined, rubbing against him.

He patted her head. "I see. And as your boyfriend, it's my job to help you with that?"

She nodded. He kissed her head, rubbing her cheek.

Too cute.

"Alright. Since it's apart of my responsibilities as your fledgling significant other—"

Ophelia groaned. "Adrian, just make love now please."

He chuckled once more, rubbing her cheek. He kissed her, as they laid back on the chair leisurely.

He took his time, kissing her nose and cheek. Her shoulder and her hand. She hugged her tight, and she took the opportunity to let his hair loose.

It tumbled to his shoulders, and he kissed her chest. Her heart raced heavily under his lips.

He smiled, helping her slide down on him. He held her tightly.

"I feel so close to you," he whispered in her ear. "I love feeling like this, Ophelia."

She shivered, as he tenderly caressed her, and whispered that she was beautiful, and that being one with her made him happy.

She remembered why she fell in love with him. He was Beautiful.

"I like...being one with you too," she whispered breathlessly.

He kissed her temple. Being close to her. Being connected with her.

He loved it. He felt...complete inside her.

They laid down, and he put his head on hers. His lips moved to say something he didn't think was quite true.

She smiled, and looked down. Suddenly, tears rolled down her face.

He gasped. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry what happened? Why are you crying?"

"I'm crying...because I love you."

He inhaled. She held his hand.

"I...love you too," he whispered.

• • •

He couldn't tell if he loved her. But she said it and it was very inappropriate not to say it back.

Besides? She was glowing because of three little words.

"I'm going back to work, Adrian."

He smiled kindly. "Alright. Now, you stay behind the glass alright?"

She smiled, touching his hair. "You're so pretty," she smiled.

"That's the only thing you say to me," he frowned slightly. "That I'm pretty."

He rubbed her cheek, what he always did when she was honest.

"Is it that all...that you like—love me for?"

She frowned. "No. Why? Do you think why I love you?"

He shook his head. "No. No. I don't..."he cleared his throat. "I had no preconceived notions as to why you feel any sense of affection for me I—"

She looked down. "When I come ho—back. I'll tell you."

He met her eyes. "Tell me?"

She nodded. "Because I don't want you to think the only reason I love you is because you're pretty even though you are."

"Could you say handsome," he pouted.
"I can, but I mean pretty," she stared.
"Do I look like a girl to you?"
"No. You look like a god to me."

He smiled. "How did you know...that you felt that way about me?"

She shrugged. "I just did. I know it's fast. Everything always just felt right around you."

Is that how you know, he though? Things felt right?

Well then, by that definition he loved her too. Everything felt good with her. Sitting doing felt good with her.

He took the Polaroid off the stand, taking picture of her.

He shook it, looking at it. "You look perfect, as always. Another one for the album."

She snatched it from him, taking one of him.

She shook it out hastily. She looked down at it.

"Look at you, Hades." She smiled. "You look perfect too."

He smiled wondering for how perfect they both looked how perfect they were together.

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