Hey, Little Songbird

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of this strange man

Ophelia made breakfast, she stepped out into the lawn with her bare feet, sitting on the grass.

"Ophelia," Eric huffed. "I finally caught you!"

Ophelia looked up at him.

He paused. Something about her was... different. Softer maybe?

"What is it, Eric?"

"I..." he'd rehearsed this. He had made it, like she he would. Now she could come back.

But...something about her soft smile, and glow in her skin made him pause.

"You...you're happy aren't you?"

She nodded, glancing up at the sky. "I really am. He makes me happy."

Eric touched his chest. "I see. I figured. I just wanted to hear it from you."

Ophelia smiled, looking back at him. "Congratulations. I knew you'd make it."

"I only wish you would be with me. But I'm glad you're happy. He's a little uptight though isn't he?"

The door opened. "Ophelia, what are you doing out—"

He narrowed his eyes. "You just do not understand English do you? I also speak French, Italian, Japanese Mandarin And Cantonese, if you require assistance—"

"He was just leaving," Ophelia smiled, standing. "Don't walk out without a shirt, you'll catch a cold."

Adrian pulled her into his arms. "It's the middle of summer."

"Still, be careful. I'm not great at cooking, but my bedside manner is even worse, I'll kill you!"

And like that, Eric was invisible. Watching the woman he loved, love someone else so wholly.

Well, he turned around his heart on fire. At least she was happy now.

• • •

"I love you," Adrian whispered.

She pushed him away. "I love you too, why do you keep saying that?"

"Because I just love you. I really do." He kissed the side of her head. "I just want to spend everyday just looking looking at you."

She paused, looking up at him.

"Are you okay?"

He looked away. "Of course. Why wouldn't be? I need to get to work soon, you too."

"Wait! You won't be there today either?" She held onto his sleeve.

He patted her head. "I'm sorry. I have to go to work."

"I don't want you to!" She pouted. "I don't want you to at all! I just want you to watch me!"

"Don't through a tantrum," he sighed.

"I'm upset! I want you to be there! I just want you to watch me sing or I don't want to sing at all!"

She crossed her arms, turning away.

He frowned, reaching for her. "Songbird please don't be a brat right now, I really need to go—"

"Now I'm a brat?!" She shrieked.

He looked away, figuring it wasn't wise to mention she was almost always a brat.

"Look, if you don't want to sing I'll help you find a job somewhere else. But I need you to ask Rena to cover if you can't go."

She looked down. "I know you need to go to work."

He smiled, touching her head. "But?"

"But I just want you to hold me and pay attention to me,"

He chuckled, touching her cheek, like he always did. "I know. And when I come home I'll give you all the attention you want, okay?"

She wasn't really satisfied but had no choice.

"And tomorrow, I'll take you out to dinner, just the two of us, alright? You'll see, little songbird."

"What am I supposed to do until then?"

"Sing me a song," he shrugged, pulling on his jacket.

"But you cant hear me."

"Record for me. I'll watch it with you when I get home."

She looked down. "Okay...bye Hades."

He glanced at her. She looked so lonely. He sighed with a smile. "You're so cute. I'll be back soon. Try to go to work okay?"

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