Hey, Little Songbird

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where are you now, Orpheus?

Ophelia sighed gently, as Adrian's strong arms held her waist, his lips seeking hers.

His kisses were frantic,and desperate.

"Marry me," he breathed.

She kissed him back but didn't say anything.

He paused, looking her in her eyes.

"Marry me, Ophelia."

She blinked. "You mean...really?"

He grinned. "Really. Marry me."

She looked away. "I'm flattered."

"Then it's a yes?" He asked.

She sighed. "Where's my proper proposal?"

"You're always pushing me to do things, that are very inappropriate. Why should I stop now? But I will—"

"I'll marry you," She frowned, stroking his face.

He kissed her head.

She wrapped her arms around him. "I'll protect you, Hades."

"Protect me? From what?" He asked.

"You're father...I'm going to make him disappear for you," she whispered.


She held him tighter. "You're right. There are things...I haven't told you about me. I belong to a... used to belong to a group called the ICJ."

"I've heard of them," he said hesitantly.

"And I did some terrible things. I know people...who can get rid of him. It'll be like...he never existed."

Hades swallowed. "Sounds too good to be true. Don't worry yourself about my father. I'll take care of him."

"I'm missing some of my memories. My time in the ICJ is a blur. I went missing as a child. I was found years later, with no real recollection of where I was."

"I only knew that I was affiliated ICJ."

"Why are suddenly telling me this," he asked.

"Because that accident? It wasn't an accident. And I need to contact someone...but he's—"


"Well...he's Grim." She said quietly.

• • •

Hades watched quietly as she dialed the number. Grim, she'd said. Grim. What kind of name was that?

"You can't be serious," a deep voice came from the other end of the line. "Is this a coincidence or what?" He chuckled, as the door opened.

Hades stood, putting Ophelia behind him.

"Who are you?"

He grinned, stepping towards Adrian.

"Hey! You're almost as tall as me! I don't see that often," he glanced over to Ophelia.

"So you got hit by a fucking bus? " he chuckled. "Sorry, it's funny when you say it out loud."

She frowned. "Where is she?"

"I don't send her places. If you need to talk to her," he explained. "You can say it to me."

Ophelia looked down. "No. I need to speak to Cassandra directly."

He blinked, bending down. "It's not happening. Don't waste my time. She's waiting for me."

"I need to know if he's still alive."

Grim drew his sword making Hades pull Ophelia away.

Grim looked at him in disinterest before cleaning his nails with with long blade.

Hades frowned. "That is dangerous and very inappropriate."

"You have a stick you your ass huh? Want a sword too?" Grim asked.

Hades growled. "Listen here, you brute. I may not be a swordsman, but I can shoot fairly well."

Grim shrugged. "I take bullets very well. If you shoot me, you better kill me, cause I'll cut your head off, and make your girlfriend—"

"Stop it—" Ophelia stepped forward. "Grim, I was told you were a good man. And the best assassin."

"I'm one of those two things, I assure you," Grim smirks. "Now, who can I off for you? I've got a baby at home, and she's playing with a knife."

Hades frowned even deeper. "What?!"

Grim pointed his sword at him nonchalantly. "I'm not talking to you anymore. You, woman! What do you want?"

She swallowed. "First, kill his father."

Hades shook his head. "I'm so lost."

Grim grinned. "Oh! Patricide! How fun! Let's talk payment. Are you paying, girly-boy?"

"Girly-boy?" Hades bristled.

"I think I hit a nerve," Grim grinned. "I need at least a cool million. He's no easy target, after all."

Hades took Ophelia aside. "Hey, you don't have to do this. I have my owns ways to get rid of him."

She stroked his face. "Let me. It'll be my first real gift to you."

"Murder?" He asked.

"Relief without guilt. Look at that man,"

Grim cleaned his ears with disinterest.

"He won't lose any sleep either."

Hades sighed. "I love you. But I'll do this, alright. I need to do this."

She sighed. "Fine. Take your time."

"So...am offing the father or not?" Grim asked.

"No, but...do you know...Nabis?"

Grim's entire demeanor changed. He suddenly was very deadly, poised to kill. His air was suffocating.

"What did you say?"

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