Hey, Little Songbird

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weren't we birds of a feather

Adrian stared at the tv.

"In other news, multi-millionaire, Harrison Hades was found dead in his room. Sources say it's from the disease that has become a pandemic, though he was never tested."

Adrian blinked. Ophelia walked out of the bedroom.

"Was this your doing," he asked lowly.

She said nothing, kissing his cheek. "Good morning, baby."

He closed his eyes. "Did you have him killed, little songbird?"

She turned around. "What do you want to eat—"

"Did you do this?" He asked again.

"How could I have killed him? I was here with you?"

"Did you hire Grim?"

"Didn't you head? He died of the disease."

He sighed. "Fine. Good riddance to bad rubbish I guess."

She smiled. "What a wonderful way to look at it. Now, what did you want to eat?"

He took her hand, putting her tween his legs, and turning off the TV. He smiled, palming her face gently.

"How do you feel?"

She smiled back. "Alright. And you?"

He shrugged. "Fine, dear. So, when will we start planning the wedding? We should probably speak to your parents. And..." he looked away. "Oh. I suppose I'm an orphan now." He frowned before looking up at her with a smile.

She kissed his head. "I'm not sure. First let's eat."

He glanced at the TV. More specifically, his reflection.

He blinked. "I hoped you die. But I hope we both die," he murmured very lowly.

Ophelia kisses him again. "I'll make some eggs. Sit here and relax for a moment."

He didn't object. His mind was swirling. Dead. Dead. Was he dead? He was dead? He was probably dead. No one had called him though. No one—

He sighed, checking his phone.

20 missed calls. His phone was on silent.

He never put his phone on silent. He sighed again standing, walking over to her. She preferred to cook because she hated that he mostly ate vegetables and fruits.

Essentially she thought he cooked without flavor and so, she did it instead.

He put his arms around her, as she scrambled the eggs.

"You turned my phone off?" He asked.

"It kept making noise," she said simply. "And the police were calling so you could identify your fathers body and I didn't want you to."

He smiled. It'd been a while since he heard such a blunt statement from her. Despite what she'd done being...less than acceptable, her being greedy again made him happy, so he left it alone.

"Don't do that. I get very important calls. You know that."

She set the one aside. "Not more important than me right?"

He kissed the side of her head. "Of course not."

He held her gently, as she cooked. She started humming, and then she started to sing.

Didn't I do it for you?
Why don't I do it for you?
Why won't you do it for me?
When all I do is for you?

He closed his eyes. Her voice was angelic. He'd fallen in love for her voice before he even met her.

Something about her voice as it washed over him, felt like gentle cleansing rain.

And I, just want to feel you're there
And I don't want to have to share our love
I try, but I get overwhelmed
When you're gone I have no one to tell

He nuzzled his nose to her shoulder. He probably should feel something else. His father was dead. His fiancée more than likely had him killed.

He should feel upset. Maybe elated? Lonely? Angry?

And I, just want to feel you're there
And I don't want to have to share our love
I try but I get overwhelmed
All wrapped in cellophane, the feelings that we had

Maybe he would later. But right now, the way he was feeling had nothing to do with his father. Or his death. Just her.

Wouldn't it be wonderful? If everyday, he woke up, and embraced her like this? Hearing her sing around the house? Their...home. It was a nice thought. Maybe children, with her hair.

Maybe one day...

They're waiting
They're watching
They're watching us
They're hating
They're waiting
And hoping
I'm not enough

Maybe he could just live this way for the rest of his life. I would be...heaven.

She reached to her plates. He got them for her, making her smile, and kiss him.

She divided up the food, looking up at him again. "We have to eat now, I'll sit in your lap if you want."

He chuckled. "I love you so much Ophelia."

"I love you too, Adrian."

She glanced at him, as they sat down to eat.

"Are you...sad? It's alright if you are."

He shook his head. "Right now...I'm just so grateful that you're here. That's all."

She looked down. "Really?"

Adrian nodded. "Because you're a dream come true for me," he explained calmly, starting to eat. "And when I wake up and see you, I realize you're real, and sometimes...I want to cry in relief."

Her skin warmed. "You say the sweetest things with a blank face."

He smiled. "Yeah! I learned it from you."

"Oh please, you were like that way before we met."

"Tell me the one time, I did that."

"Let's see, you told me have confidence, and made me do a power pose in the middle of the dressing room."

He looked away. "That was different."

She chuckled. "If you say so,"

He just smiled, looking around. Home. This was home.

This house, had become a home to him. With her.

So...he was happy.

"Eat up, Hades, you have to go to work today."

He smiled at her. "Yeah. Okay."

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