Hey, Little Songbird

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hey, little songbird, let me guess

Hades went to work the next morning, as if nothing happened. People brought him food, and letters, and cards and many words of sorrow.

He still hadn't felt anything about his fathers death. It was just a fact now. His father, was dead.

That was it. Ophelia went to work. That was what was on his mind. He didn't really feel all that comfortable.

Besides, even though he could watch the cameras, it was different, listening to her in person.

"Sir, are you sure you're alright to be working?"

He glanced up at his assistant. "I am completely, fine."

His assistant glanced away. "If you say so, Sir."

Adrian swallowed, glancing over at his phone. He should call her. He wanted to call her. He was going to call her.

The phone was picked up almost instantly. "Adrian..."

"I'm sorry to call you at work, dear."  He started.

"I'm happy to hear your voice Adrian. I think I'm gonna leave home early, tonight."

"Feel free, I'll be home soon, hopefully I'll meet you there."

"Are you doing okay? With everything," she whispered.

"I'm perfectly fine," he smiled.

"I hope my selfish, greedy decision doesn't cause you pain. Maybe I'll have good news when you get home."

He smiled. "Just knowing you're there is enough for me, Ophelia. Be safe. I'll send a driver your way."


"He'll pick you up at the entrance of the mines. Love you."

"I love you too, Adrian."

• • •

Adrian packed up to head home. He sighed, rubbing his neck. What a pain. This day had been so long.

He couldn't wait to get home, eat some dinner with Ophelia. Cuddle and then sleep.

It would be perfect.

He couldn't wait to go home. Home. His home.

He got in the car, starting the long drive home. It was about thirty minutes to work.

He usually enjoyed the ride though.  It was nice and silent, relaxing. Sometimes his thoughts were too loud.

Today they were quiet though. Everything was peaceful.

He parked in the driveway, the darkness engulfing everything but one lone figure.

Why was she standing outside the door?

He smiled. "Ophelia I'm home! Why aren't you inside?"

He locked the car door, rushing up to her. He paused, looking up at what she was.

It was so dark he hadn't even realized.

"Well..." he trembled. "Shit."

She nodded. "Yeah. Shit."

He swallowed. "How king has it been like this?"

"I don't know. But...I wanted to tell you two things: one, I might be pregnant. Two, our house is in ashes."

He blinked. "Oh. Great."

"That I might be pregnant or that our house burned down?"

He shrugged. "Uh...both?"

"Should we call the fire department," she suggested.

"The fire is out!" He explained.

"My. Then maybe the doctor."

"Closed," he explained.

"Oh." She said quietly.

He nodded. "Yeah. Yeah. So..."

She swallowed. "There's ash in my mouth."

"Can't be good for the child."

"Can't be."

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