Hey, Little Songbird

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and he's penniless give him your hand

What good is it? I've gone to hell, but my blood is in your veins. Can you really be happy? As long as you're alive, I live on—

Hades opened his eyes. "My father is a pedophile," he whispered.

Ophelia turned over, half asleep. "Huh?"

"He did things to me, in place of my mother. And I'm scared that somewhere lurking in my veins is a pedophile."

Ophelia opened her eyes. "Hades?"

He sighed. "That's what I do want to say. What I don't want to acknowledge. And why I didn't want to kill him. Because as long as I'm alive...he's not really dead. He's lurking."

She took his hand. "I am not a child. And if you don't want children...that's fine. Fear is normal. But remember, this fear you're feeling...it means you're a good person. You know you don't want to this. You know that's it's wrong. And you hate it."

She took kisses his forehead. "I call you Hades, because I think you have godlike strength. Because you are stronger, kinder, braver than anyone I've ever known. I believe in you."

He closed his eyes. "I don't think I believe in me, Ophelia."

"Do you believe in me," she asked.

He nodded. "Yes."

"And I'm always honest right?"


"Then believe in me," she whispered, kissing his lips. "Believe in my honesty, in my love for you. You are my Hades, Adrian. You, to me, are like a god. And I know you."

He sighed, feeling something like a calm settle his heart. She was right. He could trust her, even if he couldn't trust himself, but her...

Ophelia never lied. Ophelia was honest to a fault with him and he knew that.

He closed his eyes. "I believe in you, Ophelia."

She kissed him. Kissing his hand. "We should look for engagement rings."

"You still want me?" He smiled. "I don't even want me."

"Don't worry, Hades. The two of us...we can make it if we try."

"The two of us?" He whispered. "Just the two of us?"

"Just the two of us, Hades. We'll go far, the two of us. I swear."

He smiled. "The two of us."

He reached out, putting his hand on her belly. "Three...three of us."

She looked down. "It can be the two of us. If you want."

"What do you mean?"

She shrugged. "I'm clumsy."

Adrian sat up instantly. "What are you saying?" He asked urgently.

She sat up too, closing her eyes. "I'm just saying things happen, Adrian."

"What things? Say what you're saying, Ophelia. Speak. Be honest like you always are."

"If you want this child to go away," she refused to look at him, "Then it can. That's all."

"You're very willing to part with human lives, Ophelia I'm not sure why," he frowned.

She scowled at him. "What?"

"My father. Our child. I love you, but this behavior...isn't right."

"It isn't right," she stood, starting to pave. "It isn't right? Who will protect you, Adrian? If I don't?"

He scoffed. "I don't need protecting. Not this way.

She stopped and scoffed. "In what way? Will your demons, your fears go away, because you want it to go away?"

"I don't want—"

"Will the child go away because you no longer want it? Or the feelings it brings?" She asks, "when you can't take it anymore. When you doubt yourself? Will it disappear?"

"Ophelia," he said sternly. "We will not have this discussion. This child, if there is a child can not be disposed of like trash, because I'm weak. If you want to protect me...that's not the way."

She nodded. "When your father died, it didn't help a little bit?"

He paused. "My pedophilic father and our innocent unborn child do not reside in the same category."

She sighed. "Touch it."

He sighed. "What?"

She grabbed his hand. "Once this child is out of my body, even while it's here. There's no guarantee I'll live on. Do you think...when I die this child will just...die with me—"

"No one is dying. Not you. Not my child. Let's go to sleep."

She sighed. "I would do anything for you, Adrian."

He sighed. "Please, lets just wait. You don't have to this, especially for me. You love this child. I know you do. I wouldn't ask this of you. I'm begging you," he smiled, "Give us a chance."

She nodded. "I love you, Hades."
He smiled. "I love you, Ophelia. All of you. All of us, alright?"

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