Hey, Little Songbird

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-to-mouth he'll write you a poem

Adrian blinked. The light was so bright. He looked over. Where on earth was she?

"Ophelia?" He called. "Opie, are you here?"

They agreed they'd both take some time off work, so where else could she be?


He checked his office. Not a message or a missed call from her. He sighed.

"Are you alright, baby?"

He called her. Her phone rang. He froze. Her phone was here.

Then where was she?

"Ophelia! Ophelia! Shit. Shit."

The door opened making him pause. He grabbed her face.

"Where did you go?"

She smiled, shaking her head. "I took a walk,"

He kissed her. "Where did you go? Why did you leave before I woke up? You didn't take your phone, I—"

She smiled softly. "Everything's alright...I just wanted to get some fresh air and this,"

She held up the test, swallowing. "It's positive."

He paused. "What?"

"I have 30 more. Also I'm sorry, I took your card."

She sat her purse down opening it. He looked inside.

"Well that's—"

"So here we are," she smiled. "I'm pregnant. What do you want to do now!"

He blinked. "Rebuild our home, marry you. Nothing's changed."

She nodded. "Okay, alright. Did they clear the rubble?"

"It'll be a while. It was a three story mansion after all. Why don't we just move into a temporary house. Can't be good for the baby, living in a hotel like this."

She bit her lip. "Adrian...in the ICJ do you know what they trained me to do?"

He shook his head.

"Withstand anything. Do anything. To survive. I'm fine. There's nothing I can't take."

He rubbed her belly. "Don't worry about any of that. You're with me now. I'll take very good care of you, for the rest of your life."

She smiled. She was going to get rid of it before she came home. The baby. She touched her stomach.

"Till death do us part?" She quivered.

"Not even death can separate us. I'm your god remember? There's nothing I can't do."

She nodded, as his hands stroked her face.

"Everything is going to be alright. I'll make sure of it. I promise you," he vowed, walking her to the bed, helping her out of clothes.

He smiled. "I have everything under control," He whispered.

"Are you sure?" She whispered.

He locked his lips, pulling down her panties. "Of course. I've never been more sure of anything In my life."

She cocked her head. "Ah, I'm throughly convinced."

He chuckled. "It's easy as 1...2...3—" he kissed her head.

She held his face. "It's alright if it isn't easy. If you're not—"

"I am, though," he interrupted. "I am in complete control of this situation." He swallowed, pausing to grab a condom, "I suppose we won't need these for a while."

She shrugged.

He looked at her. "You believe me don't you? That I have this under control? You believe me, don't you, my songbird?"

She nodded. "I believe you."

"Good. You'll see I'll make a world where we can just exist. You and I..." he glanced down. "And the child,"

She held him to her chest. "I know."

"I have this under control,"
"I know."
"Don't worry."
"I'm not."

He looked up at her. "I'm...not in control of this, Ophelia."

She paused. "There's something...I was taught to do, when everything was out of control."

"Deep breathe. Excellent idea—"

"No. Not deep breathing."

"Counting to ten?"

She shook her head. "I'll show you. It's better if I show you."

He frowned. "You have to go to a certain place?"

She smiled. "I'll show you. You'll see."

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