Hey, Little Songbird

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When the power is out

Adrian glanced over at her. "Tell me you're joking? That I'm seeing things?"

Ophelia smiled, saying nothing.

"Ophelia, I—thank you."

She smiled as they looked up at the stars. "I came here when my life felt like it was ending."

He smiled at her. "What did you do that made you feel that way?"

She sighed. "I was a terrorist."

He chuckled. "That's not funny."

She said nothing. "I came here after I was captured by the government. They asked me questions I'll never forget."

"I remember, the agents asking me if I knew what I was doing. When they captured me I was a driver. I took captives one place and then I went back for another kind."

"I never carried the same captives twice," she said lowly, keeping her eyes on the stars. "They asked me, did I know that those people were being killed? I told them, I just drove."

"They asked if the crying children in the back of that van, asked for help. If I knew where I was taking them."

Ophelia sighed. "I only followed orders. I didn't know, that's what I said. I only followed orders. Because in the ICJ, if you are not useful...you are thrown away."

Adrian swallowed harshly. "You...you transported children to be killed?"

She cocked her head. "I only followed orders. I was useful. Useful agents follow orders. They would've killed me."

Adrian frowned but said nothing. He put his hand on her head gently. "Thank you for bringing me to this special place."

She kept her eyes on the sky. "Do you hate me? Are you disgusted?"

Adrian glanced over at her. "I know a little about following orders that you don't want to, Ophelia. Besides; the you I know now, is the one I love."

"Day after day. Route after route. Begging. Crying. Screaming. But the silence was the worse. Because that meant...they were gone."

"Why did you do it? That's what they kept asking. Why. Why?"

Adrian sighed softly. "You were following orders."

She smiled looking up at him. "I'm sorry. I've made this day worse."

He kissed her head. "No. You shared something with me that you never have before. You're trusting me. That makes me happy."

She chuckled. "You really are a god to me, Hades."

He put his arms around her tightly, kissing her neck. "It's beautiful. This is a very special place."

He rubbed her belly, looking out at the stars.

"We'll make a world among these stars. For us and for our child. I love you, Ophelia. And I will give you whatever you wish."

"You don't need to do that, Hades. We have each other—"

"How touching,"

Hades pushed Ophelia behind him. "You again?"

Grim smirked. "The name's Grim, girly boy."

Hades clenched his teeth. "What do you want?"

"A slight warning. Your house burning wasn't a coincidence. It took me two days to track you, they're best tracker will have you in a few more. I'd leave the states if I were you." Grim explained.

"Who is it?" Adrian demanded.

"Didn't your sweetheart just tell you? She was a terrorist. And terrorists don't take kindly to resignations."

"Don't you hunt them? Do something?" Adrian stayed.

Grim chuckled. "She is a terrorists. And I haven't killed her. Besides, I've reduced their numbers by 97% By myself. Forgive me, but I'm fine hunting terrorists. I have a family. You need to take care of it, girly-boy."

Adrian sighed, clenching his teeth. "Could I hire you—"

"I'm out of the business. Here's an idea though: have your killer girlfriend do it."

Adrian sighed. Grim looked down at his hand. "Ah! Congratulations are in order, I suppose. And maybe condolences," Grim forward. "They love to kill children. I know. And hey; she does too!"

Ophelia pursed her lips together, feeling sick.

Grim sighed, looking out at the sky.

"Listen, you have money girly-boy, and most of the Nabis forces and resources, are gone. I can't help you personally. But...if you go to Detroit, and speak to a certain, Desiree and Giuseppe Vitale, you may be able to get protection and passage to Sicily."

"Safe passage?"

Grim shrugged. "They're a little crazy, so I wouldn't say safe, but it's passage nonetheless. Just make it very clear that you're very in love with each other in a strictly monogamous relationship and you should be fine."

Adrian extended his hand. "Thank you."

"Hey," Grim took it, shaking it firmly. "You came to my wedding, so it's only fair that I don't let terrorists kill you, and your wife and child. Without warning."

Adrian rolled his eyes. "Yes. Without warning."

Grim smiled with a chuckle. "And hey, it push comes to shove, you do have WitSec. But witness protection is very...helpful in your case."

"Thanks again for the warning. Have a safe trip back to the...jungle? Do you live in a jungle?"

Grim shrugged. "Sometimes;" he stepped off the building. "See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!" He chuckled, "Really," his voice echoed in the dark, "Get out of town."

Adrian looked down at her smiling. "So...vacation! That sounds wonderful doesn't it?"

Ophelia threw up over the side of the building.

He rubbed her back. "I knew you'd agree."

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