Hey, Little Songbird

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Hey, why not

Adrian sighed. They'd taken the company jet to Detroit, and had went straight to the Vitale Estate. Adrian was hesitant.

"Are we sure this is the best route?"

"We can trust Grim," She assured him. "And anyone get didn't eliminate must be very strong."

Adrian sighed, kissing her head. He walked up to the door. "Shouldn't they have guards? I really wished you'd stayed at the hotel, dear. It's dangerous."

The door opened. A young man cocked his head. "Yes?"

"We're looking for Desiree and Giuseppe Vitale?"

"Oh, that's my mom and dad. Hold on, Mama! Papa! Someone's at the door!"

"At the door? Are you sure?"

An older man stepped behind him with narrowed eyes. "Domencio, go to room. And you, come in. I'm Giuseppe Vitale."

Adrian cleared his throat, stepping in front, he took Ophelia hand.

"I'm Adrian Hades, and this is my fiancée Ophelia. We've come to seek passage to Italy. We were told you could help with that."

Giuseppe frowned. "Passage to Italy? That's odd. I don't get that request often. Who referred you to me? And how...did you happen this address?"

Ophelia smiles. "Grim give it to us. We're in some trouble."

Giuseppe chuckled. "Ah, you should've said that creepy stalkers name before, I was about to kill you! Ah! Sent the kid to his room and everything! You were about to be...aflame. Literally," he grinned widely.

"So Italy, huh? The old country. Yes I could get you there. You'd have to stay in Sicily, but I could have my son protect you."

Adrian nodded. "How much?"

Giuseppe grinned. "I'm very...rumplestilken like these days. We have plenty of money but an IOU? That's a beautiful thing."

"Are you making deals again, Giuseppe?"

She put her hands on his shoulders.

"Yes. I was just about to severely inconvenience this couple here. They need safe passage. I was going to leave them in Tomassa's care. Do you think he'd mind?"

The woman shrugged. "Hm, I sure Erin Can convince him even if he does."

"Wonderful. It's settled, I'll get you to Italy, and the most powerful men there protect you—and all you'll owe me is a favor."

Adrian frowned. "A favor?"

"I'm speaking plain English am I not? Desiree did I switch to Italian?"

"No, no, plain English." She assured

"Right then. A favor. At some point and time, I will request something of you. And if you do not deliver, I will...kill your friends and family." He grinned.

Desiree smiles. "Settle down you know how good Domencio's hearing is."

"Right right. Now that we've settled that, all that's left is for you to agree, and...voila! You're safe in Sicily, away from the terrorists organization hunter your life."

Adrian frowned. Giuseppe shrugged. "Word gets around. I thought that stalker had eliminated them all, but...eh! He disappointed me. Still very good for hire though, highly recommend him."

Ophelia looked over the couple. "Who owes the favor? Is it a favor each? Two for one?"

"Ah no! That's not how it works. A favor...each. You," he pointed to Adrian, "and you," He pointed to Ophelia, "and that baby," he pointed to her stomach, "all three of you. I told you it's all very Rumplestilskin."

"I won't put my baby in debt before it's born," Adrian stated.

"Or...you could be killed, and there never be a baby at all," Giuseppe chuckled, "Don't you just love happy endings?"

"We'll take the deal. But you can't ask for my child's life. That's all I ask."

Giuseppe extended his hand. "Well shake on it. Then of course I'll draw up a contract."

Ophelia shook his hand. Adrian followed hesitantly.

"As my wife is my witness, I won't claim your child's life," he vowed.

"Don't you mean as God is your witness?"

"Trust me," Giuseppe grinned, "I'll lie to god before I lie to my wife. And I'm always honest."

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