Hey, Little Songbird

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Ophelia sat in her bathtub, with a bottle wine, some ramen noodles, and a fork.

She was content.

Was she beautiful? He thought she was beautiful? She sunk into the empty bathtub, screeching.

What the frick man? Who says that?

She scoffed, throwing some wine back, slurping some ramen noisily.

There wasn't enough hot sauce.

She was too lazy to get up. Her phone rang. She scrambled to answer it.

"I know I just dropped you off, but Rena wasn't able to finish her set. She got sick. Can you come in? I'll come get you and I'll pay you over time."

Not like she had anything else to do anyway.

"Sure. I'll be ready soon."

"Good, thank you very much Ophelia."

She paused. Had he ever called her Ophelia? It was usually Songbird.

"Y-yeah. No problem, Mr. Hades."

"I really appreciate this, Songbird, I'll be there soon."

She hung up looking at her wine. Could she come in? Half the bottle was gone. But she held her alcohol fairly well, and all she had to do was sit and sing.

But then again what if something shady went down, and she wasn't able to tell because she was kinda drunk.

I really appreciate this.

She steeled herself. She got out of her bath tub, then forced herself to walk against the wall, in straight line to her bedroom.

It was empty, because she had no furniture.

She nodded to herself. Well, she was sober enough to walk in a straight line, so according to cops, she was legally sober enough drive.

She got dressed, grateful she'd been too lazy to take her makeup off from earlier.

She put her hair in an agonizing ponytail. She glared at her curls in the mirror.

"You did this. You wanted shrink. Okay? Now we can do this the easy way, or I can take on some more heat damage. You want that?"

She frowned. Maybe she was drunk. She slicked her back with gel, sighing.

She'd make sure to wrap her hair before she walked out today. Maybe she should add some extensions? The shrinkage was not agreeing with this pony tail in the least.

She shrugged. "Good. Good. That's better."

He pulled up shortly after, and she came out, locking the door behind her.

She got into the car, looking at her boss. Just an hour ago he called her beautiful. She sighed.

"Thank you again," he said calmly, glancing at her. "Buckle up now."

She got into her seat belt, watching him as he kept his eyes on the road.

He was beautiful. She wished she knew how to draw, because she wanted to put him on paper. The darkness set against his light skin gently, his eyes on the road.

She thought he was beautiful. She looked away.

"Are you cold?" He asked.

"I-I'm fine."

He smiled, looking back at the road.

• • •

They walked into The Mines together.

She hurried to the dressing room, and got changed into a long black dress.

She'd just use the songs she planned for her shift anyway.

She sighed, looking in the mirror, cocking her head. Beautiful huh?

There was a knock at the door.

"C-come in?"

Mr. Hades bent down to enter the room, with a soft smile, looking at her in the mirror.

"You're on. Are you ready?"
She swallowed. "Yes."
"Are you sure?"
She looked at him. "No."

He paused. "Is everything alright, little Songbird?"

She swallowed. "I—I'm okay. I'll be ready in a moment."

He frowned, keeping his eyes on hers. "Are you sick as well? You have been a bit more clumsy today."

Her skin. "It's fine—"

He hummed. "I don't have a replacement, but I suppose I could watch instead—"

"Mr. Hades," she blurted.

He looked up at her.

"I'm fine."

He smiled. "May I suggest something?"

Ophelia nodded. "Sure."

"Stand up," he instructed.

She did so.

"Put your hands on your hips,"

She frowned. He smiled softly. "Just try it."

Ophelia sighed, but put her hands on her hips as he instructed.

"Now, put your feet apart, like that."

Ophelia laughed. "I look stupid."

He chuckled. "It's called a power pose. I won't say it's scientifically proven, but...a lot people say it helps with confidence, because it's associated with being powerful. Like a superhero."

Ophelia snorted. "I kinda just feel like a dork."

"Well, I think you look like Superwoman. I hope it makes you feel it."

He turned around, opening the door.

"Mr. Hades. Why do you keep...telling me about being confident? Not that I'm upset I just—"

"Whenever I see you, you seem to have a lot to say," he murmured. "But you never say a word. I think...the things you don't say are very important."

"Do you know me from somewhere?" She called.

He threw a grin over her shoulder. "Just The Mines."

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