Hector of Troy

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Hector of Troy The story of a long forgotten love Once upon a time, in a faraway land where the sky met the sea and the gods still walked earth, fate brought a young girl and a young prince together. Fate knew that the following times would be hard for everyone, especially for the prince of a doomed kingdom. And so, it allowed the unlike pair to find hope and love in each other. The beginning of their story was the wonderful calm before the storm. A storm that would tear the world apart, that would make heaven fall and hell to come upon them. But their love, oh their sweet and endless love, burnt brighter than the sun.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The young crown prince of Troy was riding hard and fast through the foggy lands. The green landscape turned blurry around him while cold rain purred down on him and soaked his clothes. He was already late; he was supposed to arrive in his hometown the day before, but an unexpected and powerful storm kept him in a small village only half a day ride from Troy.

Of course, his father would understand his actions, because he would have never risked his oldest son’s safety and Hector was widely known as a wise and reasonable man. But even then, his sense of responsibility would not leave him alone. So, he had left the inn he had spent the night in before sunrise and was now ridding through the aftermath of the storm.

The weather also had positive effects – no other riders, carriages or even pedestrians were outside and blocking the street or even threatening the safety of the prince. Troy might have been one of the safest kingdoms to this time but even the richest and mightiest kingdom had bad habitants. Especially in the last few years there had been an increase of thefts and murders, something that had left the young prince with quite some sleepless nights, trying to figure out how he could make his future kingdom safer for his folk. His father had even thought of sending guards and soldiers with him, but Hector had refused to do so. He was a talented fighter, his eyes, and ears always wide open and always prepared for everything. He was the captain of the guard after all.

At least he thought that he was prepared everything. But in all the scenarios that he already had gone through in his mind (the ride was quite long and boring after all) he had not expected what happened just a few miles outside of Troy. It was his horse, a black stallion named Tachýs, with the strength and loyalty of a prince’s horse, that alarmed him. Tachýs stopped the gallop, lifted his head high and snickered loudly.

“Tachýs?”, asked the prince the horse, while he leaned over his neck and squinted his eyes with the hope to see something through the thick fog. He could only see the outlines of olive trees, but he knew to trust his horse. The young prince dismounted Tachýs, his gaze never leaving the direction the horse had pointed his head.

“Stay here and wait for me”, he ordered the horse, never once doubting the horse would not stay at the same spot until his return or his call. Hector drew his sword, his grip tight enough to use it immediately if he needed to. He slowly and quietly left the small path and sneaked through the grass. He was careful where his step landed, fully aware of all the snakes and dangerous creatures that could attack him any second. But no wild animal was awaiting the prince.

Instead he crossed the small patch of grassland and his sandals landed on wet sand. Now he could see the dark outline of the sea just a few feet away from him, the fog making it impossible to see further. Usually, there was barely anything on the beach except for the white and light brown sand and a few seashells that were washed upon the shore. But today, after the brutal storm, the shore was covered with washed-up objects. Planks, fish, birds, branches and entire trees, Hector could even see some sort of dagger that was mostly covered with sand.

He was looking around the objects and dead animals, trying to find what had attracted Tachýs’ attention. And that was when he saw it. The small dark shadow on the shore, almost entirely hidden by the fog. He approached it carefully, avoiding stepping on anything dangerous. A few steps away he could finally recognise what the shadow was. It was a human, their head turned away from him, lying motionless on the beach. With a few faster steps he was next to them, quickly taking in all the information he could gather.

It was a girl, or an incredibly young woman with dark black hair and a slender body. She was dressed in a dark gown, that brought out her pale, nearly white skin. The colour of her skin added to her nearly blue lips showed clearly that the woman was freezing – if she was alive that is. Hector sunk to his knees right next to her, carefully turned the girl onto her back. Her eyes were closed but her lips were slightly opened and much to his surprise the girl was still breathing. It was irregular and barely noticeable, but it was there.

“Milady, can you hear me?”, he asked, his voice loud. When she did not react to it, he carefully shook her shoulders, her head moving with the movement but still there was no reaction. “Milady?”, he asked again, his hand turning her face in his direction, his gaze never leaving her closed eyes. When she still did not move, the young prince let out a quiet swear. He had not a single idea what he was supposed to do in such a situation.

As far as he knew and could see (he quickly scanned the shore for other humans but he could not see anyone, even now that the fog had slightly lifted and the rain turned to a light drizzle) he was alone with a unconscious girl, that was most likely hurt. He had experienced a lot during his life as crown prince of Troy and he had heard many lessons from his father and advisors but never once had they discussed such a situation.

Hector was left with no other choice but taking the young maiden with him. After all he was still late. Since he did not want to endanger Tachýs he did not call his horse. Instead he lifted the girl’s torso up, brought his one arm underneath her, his other under her knees. He swiftly stood up, the girl in his arms.

He could feel the wet cloth of the girl’s gown heavily on his arms, the girl seemingly not half as heavy as the gown. He groaned under the weight, but he would have never dared to take the heavy material off the girl’s body. After all the crown prince had been raised with exceptionally good manners. He did curse it though, when he tried to balance the girl on one arm so he could hold his sword in the other one, while he made his way back to his horse. He did not want to die of a snake’s bite and leave the maiden doomed after just being rescued. Thanks to the many and exhausting hours of sword fighting he made it safely back to Tachýs, the horse greeting him and the woman in his arms with a warm snuffle, shaking his wet mane and spraying the water directly into his face.

“I love you too”, the prince grumbled under his breath, rolling his eyes at the horse’s manners.

Tachýs stood still, while Hector placed the woman on his back, the girl sinking lifelessly against the horse’s neck. With a swift motion he mounted his horse again, drawing the girl against his body, her head sinking against his chest. He examined her face, still without any expression, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted. She was undeniable pretty, but Hector could not think of anything else but the thought that she would die if she would not get out of the rain soon. He reached around the girl, stroking the horse on his neck. “Tachýs we have to be fast now. You already saved her life and now you must save it again. Ride as fast as you can.”

And that Tachýs did.


The scouts on the city wall recognised their crown prince from afar. The fog had now lifted and vanished into the sea again and they could see a tall figure approaching the city on a horse. Troy was located on top of a hill, leaving perfect sight of the path leading to it and displaying anyone approaching the city.

“Lift the gate!”, shouted one of the scouts as soon as he could see the prince. While some of his mates followed his orders, he turned to the man standing next to him. “The prince is riding fast; I fear something has happened. He rides as if the hellhounds of Hades are breathing on his heels.” The soldier standing next to him nodded, his expression worried. Their prince was not someone to be frightened easily or someone who would run away from a fight, and he would also never force his horse to the pace he was riding now if it was not a matter of life or death.

“I will send some soldiers down, to protect the prince in case something or someone is following him. And I will send someone to alert a healer if one is needed. As soon as the prince is past the gates, close them until we know more. Do not even open them at the usual times.” The first scout agreed with him and both awaited their prince anxiously.

When Hector passed the gates, he barely slowed down his horse. Instead he called one of the scouts he recognised. “Alastair, someone has to run to Apollo’s temple and alert a healer as fast as possible. They shall hurry to the palace!” Without waiting for an answer, he rode his horse up the narrow alleys to the palace. Again, he thanked the aftermaths of the storm that had left the streets of the city nearly empty, only a few pedestrians hurrying to do their business that could not wait.

Hector was surrounded by several guards as soon as he stopped his horse. He jumped from the horseback, his legs heavy and tired. Still, he carefully lifted the girl of his horse, holding her in his arms as if the embrace could save her life.

“We need a healer. Now.”, was all he said to the confused and worried guards. The sight of the soaked crown prince, holding a young and beautiful girl in his arms, his face worried and darkened would be one they would remember for a very long time.


AN: english is not my first language so please forgive me any mistakes. if you see repeating mistakes please comment them, so i can improve my writing. :)

anyways, i hope u enjoyed it so far :) please leave a vote or a comment!

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