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Aiden Rivers had a clear purpose that was to spy on and get rid of the rival fastfood restaurant which appearance had stolen all of his diner's customers and had forced his family business to the brink of bankruptcy. He marched into the competitor's doors with extreme focus and determination until he met Niara De Marzo who welcomed him with a warm smile. One smile from her and he seemed to forget everything but her smile. Will Aiden forget about his original plan or will he end up forgetting her?

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1 - Awkward Moment

"Hi, Sir. Welcome to Green Mac Burgers. May I take your order?" She asked in her velvety voice and flashed her megawatt smile.

The world around him seemed to stop for the smile, the face, and the voice that confronted him and drowned in the sparkling brown pools of her eyes the instant he dared to look at them.

"Sir?" She prodded then waved her dainty hand in front of his face and he suddenly realized how he had been staring at her for a good couple of minutes.

"Uh-uhm..." He grinned nervously and scratched the back of his head. He chuckled and shook his head to snap out of his reverie. "Damn it, Aiden. Get a hold of yourself.", he inwardly scolded himself.

"Would you like the Big Green Meal, Sir? You look like a big burger guy." She suggested with a wide smile and he listened to every word she said like they were sweet honey smoothly dribbling from her luscious lips and carefully watched as she gestured towards the board like she was a mystical goddess showing him the way to paradise.

"Uhmmm..." He hummed again and he cursed at himself for sounding like a complete moron in front of the most beautiful girl he has ever had the chance to lay his eyes on.

"Sir, the line is getting longer behind you, do you need time to think about your order?" She smiled again but this time her eyebrows furrowed a little and he was captivated by how adorable she looked even when she seemed irritated with him.

A guy came up from behind her and addressed him. "Sir, I'm sorry if you're not going to order, please step out of the line."

"No." He shook his head again. "Sorry. Uhm... I'm here for the management training actually but yes, I'll have that big burger meal with fries please." He finally said.

The beautiful girl at the counter turned to the other guy and quietly thanked him. The guy stepped back but not before a lingering smile and a touch on her shoulder.

Aiden couldn't understand it but he suddenly had the urge to punch the guy in the face.

"Okay, Sir." She said and punched in his order. "What drinks do you want with your meal?"

"C-coke." He stammered, disarmed once again by her smile when she looked up from the POS board.

"Okay." She smiled and poked a few more times on the board.

He was pretty sure she told him the price was over 200 hundred pesos but he didn't catch exactly how much because he was too focused on the soft lock of raven hair that strayed to the side of her face and how he fought the urge to tuck it behind her ear.

She smiled and took his 500-peso bill and gave him his change then started to prepare his tray. "Sir, I'm sorry but we will need five more minutes for the fries. Is that okay?" She asked when she returned.

"Whatever you say is okay with me." He said out loud, absentmindedly.

She giggled and Aiden felt like he could marry her at that moment. "Okay, Sir. I'll have someone serve the fries to your table later."

"O-okay. Thank you..."

"Niara." She smiled.

"Niara..." He sighed dreamily. "God. Even her name is beautiful." He told himself.

"Thank you, Sir." She smiled with a hint of crimson on her cheeks.

"Fuck! Did I just say that out loud?! God damn it, Rivers!" He screamed in his mind.

"You're welcome." He mumbled and quickly picked up his tray then left.


"So? You're also a management trainee?" That velvety voice asked from behind Aiden a few minutes later.

He watched with his mouth agape as she appeared beside him. "May I?" Niara said, gesturing to the chair and he nodded.

"Me too." She smiled. "I'm training here. I started a week ago. This branch just opened."

Aiden wondered how she was able to leave her post unattended without getting into trouble but he couldn't think straight with her so close to him, he could actually catch a whiff of her sweet perfume.

"Now that she's sitting so close to me, she looks really familiar." He thought.

"Your batch will be the second one. I'm with the first batch of trainees." Niara beamed.

"Uhm... Really?" He said and inwardly wanted to beat himself up for acting so dumb around her.

Aiden has not been his calm, collected and confident self since that moment he saw her on the counter.

"Yes." She told him. "Oh! Here comes your fries."

The guy from the counter earlier approached them with a tray of french fries, he seemed fuming and upset while balancing the tray on his hand. His eyes were on Niara and he didn't notice the yellow Wet Floor warning. He slipped and the tray with its contents went flying through the air, landing on Aiden's lap.

"Oh my god!" She gasped and looked at the guy on the floor and then Aiden who was covered in fries. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." The guy answered then he realized that Niara was actually looking at Aiden and not him.

"I'm okay." Aiden chuckled and started eating fries off his shoulders.

"Here. Let me help." She said and started picking fries from his clothes and putting them on his tray. "We'll just change the fries for you." She told him, stooping lower to get more fries.

Aiden held his breath and closed his eyes. "Lord, help." He prayed as Niara was then indifferently picking some fries off his thighs.

"B-burger." It was Niara's time to stammer when she suddenly realized what she was doing and noticed something different with his pants.

Niara abruptly sat up and tucked her hair behind her ear, avoiding his gaze. It was clear how she blushed at his impressive package. "I'm sorry." She mumbled.

"Don't be." Aiden smiled, finding a sudden burst of confidence that reminded him of who he was before the vision that has enchanted him. "Next time, don't apologize. My pants and everything on and in it are yours to take." He smirked.

"I'll let that slide and won't fire you for now." Niara said with a raised eyebrow then left.

"Fire me?" Aiden frowned. "Who is that girl?" He asked himself, trying to figure out how he could ever recover from that awkward moment.

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