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You Deserve

By prodtho All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

Chapter 1

| This Story Has Cussing And Sexual Content! If You Don't Like That In Stories Then I Suggest You Find Another Story To Read. Thank You|

I woke up at the sound of my alarm.. what the hell? my alarm? its Sunday! I sat up and poked the snooze button and looks at the calendar to make sure. yes, its Sunday. I probably set my alarm early or SOMEBODY probably set my alarm early because school don't start till tomorrow! I yawned and stretched my arms and tried to fully open my eyes and stood up and went to the bathroom to do what I had to do.

I start the 10th grade tomorrow, sophomore status. I admit I was still young at a point and I was attracted to alllllll the juniors and seniors. so is my friend Taylor but she dated way more guys than me. this bitch almost fucked a senior in the locker room last year until somebody walked in. Tay wasn't like that in middle school but we still close as fuck. an hour later I went downstairs and seen a coffee and a breakfast sandwich on the table which tells me my mom left for work again. yeah. its just me and my mom .. our relationship isn't all that good. I picked up my coffee and started drinking it, french vanilla is my fav. I opened the front door and watched my dog Pooch run outside to use the bathroom

"slow down" I laughed and stepped outside. then I saw him sticking his head out the window

"how is your morning going so far huh!" he smiled and chuckled.

"look august I know that was you who set my alarm that's not even funny" I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"girl you always sleeping in! you lazy" he started laughing. "its the last day of summer .. get ya sleeping schedule together ma".

"my sleeping schedule is together for your information.. since you wanna be nosey". he nodded like he was interested when he really wasn't. "worry about yourself" I said

"cool cool.. you know school schedules are in. watch I'm gonna be in your classes" he smiled in a slick way.

"I pray to god you're not. I'm gonna pray again," I closed my eyes.

"go check and see big head" he laughed, "cause I know I am" august said closing his window. I rolled my eyes again and called for my dog walking inside the house. pooch ran in behind me and I closed the door.

august has been my neighbor for how long.. 4 years now? and he's been annoying ever since. my mom and his momma are friends so i have to be with him most of the time and i hate those times man. i swear. august is gonna be a sophomore too and all the girls be sweating him .. for what? they like his accent, his smile, all them tats he's slowly starting to get and his voice. he can sing and i can admit that! but he's just annoyingggg. he picks on me and i pick on him back and he shows off in front of his friends Lucas, Chris and Chresanto.

they all annoy me and tay think they all cute. i mean they are but they annoy my soul. ANYWAYS, i grabbed my phone and went on the school website to check my school schedule and to me it all looked good. my lunch period was early thank you jesus and hopefully my girl tay is in there. so i decided to call her and see wassup ..

"heyyyy girl" tay giggled on the phone. this bitch seems to be in a good mood.

"why YOU so giggly and shit" I laughed and laid back on my bed.

"girl that junior I was talking to last year said he cant wait to see me tomorrow. I got real hype" tay said.

"oh lord" I laughed "I ain't know yall was still talking, you haven't said anything about him all summer tay"

"well we starting to hit each other up again and maybe we'll start talking but what I wanna know is who you gonna talk too! felt like you been single forever" Tay said.

"I'm looking for the right one tay.. niggas these days only want one thing and that's sex." I sighed "dont you ever think that the boy you talking too only wants sex..?"

"no, because we would've been had sex if he only wanted that. we been talking for months now" she said. "hes different"

that's what tay says all the time "hes different hes different". sure.. I dont want her to get hurt because shes my bestfriend but lets just see what happens.

"you got lunch early? 6th-period lunch?" I asked changing the subject.

"yup and so does august, i seen him post his schedule on Instagram" tay replied. "august finna mess with you this year! he always does maybe he lowkey likes you YN!"

i laughed and shook my head "taylor bye you funny man. me and august? never"

"that's how it is! boys only mess with you because they like you duh that's a fact" tay stated "august can sing too... i would love for him to sing to sleep" she started laughing.

"byeeee taylor my god," I said laughing and hung up. august liking me? she funny for that shit. I and august are like friend enemies.. we frienemies. besides, he has too many thots blowing up his phone anyways.


I walked outside that morning around 6:40 and waited for the bus and seen tay walking over to the bus stop. she looked cute she had her wavy Peruvian weave in and I had my Brazilian curls in. she ran and hugged me screaming.

"I missed youuuuu ooool. you look so pretty" she smiled playing with my hair.

"you look cute too! trying to be cute for that boy huh" I smirked.

"you know the shits" she laughed. "maybe just a little".

"mhm.. " i shook my head.

a couple seconds later august came walking to the bus stop with Chresanto. i use to like chresanto back in middle school but i felt like he changed! he wanna be all tough now and smoke and stuff and hang with august. tay said hes more cute now but eh.. i liked how he use to be.

"aw yall look cute huh" chresanto said. "dont they" he looked at august. august shrugged and looked away

"they look okay.. " he said

"i know i look good i dont look 'okay' soo" tay snapped back.

"damnnnn taylor calm down girl" august wrapped his arms her and started messing with her like the august he is.

"you always wanna mess with nobody ugly!" I said folding my arms "you dont have nothing better to do go sing a song".

"look at you tryna be cute and shit" august chuckled "lil miss YN".

"yeah you got thick" chres said standing close behind me. i didn't turn around and look but i knew he was real close.. then he slapped my ass. if he dont get his damn..

i turned around and pushed him "bruh don't slap my ass!" i shouted. chres And august laughed like it was funniest thing in the world. i use to like him and all but he was never like this!

"my bad ma.. you just got a little fat ass i had to slap it. it was soft too" chres said biting his lip.

"fuck you chres" i said in low voice folding my arms. he chuckled again. the bus pulled up and i was the first to get on i sat in the 2 sitter near the back of the bus and tay sat across. august sat in the seat in front of tay and chres sat next to me..... ok.

i looked out the window the whole time and he started rubbing my thigh. "why you so angry" he asked. "because i touched your ass? its fat!"

"chresanto i dont like when people touch me" i fake laughed.

"because you a virgin?" he asked. "whats wrong with that.

"you so stupid" i chuckled. "i just dont like people touching me baby boy that's all... thank you" i stared right back out the window. i peeped august looking at us a couple of times being nosey like his is. he probably gonna start rumors about chres and i now. oh god

"i heard you use to like me.. is it true?" he said in a low voice playing with the bottom strands of my hair. this time august was really watching

"maybe maybe not.. you changed though" i said trying not to look at him.

"changes is good, i use to be a lame. you like lames?" he asked laughing. "i barley got bitches back then.. shameful" he shook his head.

"oh you could've had me" i shrugged and put my headphones in my ears turning up the music. i ain't wanna hear another word from him to be honest. we could've went out back then but he changed. he gotta realize what he could've had but.. that's none of my business. he just stared at me then sat back

i looked back out the window from looking at YN and Chres. its true he could've had YN but too bad. he don't deserve YN anyways because all he do is fuck bitches and move on. or he'll hit them up again to fuck again sometimes. i put my headphones in my ear and listened to the music. i been writing songs lately and some of them i ain't even finish because i kept coming up with new song ideas. im just ready to get signed to this label !


after that whole bus thing chres hasn't said a word.. good. i walked in my homeroom class which tay was in there too and august. ugh. august sat next to me and stared at me.

"what?" I asked.

"why you stop liking chres" august asked.

"i knew you was listening because you just nosey" i laughed and sat back in my seat. "why you ask?"

"because im just trying help you out big head. i don't want you to ge.... yeah.. and yeah" august mumbled.

"get..... hurt?" I said slowly.

"yeah that.. get hurt because its gonna hu.... mhm"

nigga speak....

"its gonna hurt you ? august can you please talk the right way boy" i pushed his shoulder playfully. "so you dont want me to get hurt? i ain't think you cared like that" i stared at him "unless..."

"unless what?" August questioned.

"you trying too set me up! i bet.. mhm thats it. i aint falling for it" i sat up straight.

he started laughing "YN i aint trying too set you up or.. nothing like that. i do kind of care for you because i know you would feel the same way if a girl tried to play me"

"what girl wants to play you? your august. ooo august alsina. he can sing, play ball and football he so cute" i taunted the girls in my school.

august looked at me when i said "he so cute".

"that's.. what the girls in school be saying not me" i said

"yeah yeah i know" august nodded slowly.

the teacher closed the door and started talking about the new school year and how her class was gonna go. I was just dazing off

maybe i did think august was cute so.. he's too much for me anyways but i'm going too look out for him. just because he does the same... kind of.

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