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Wrong Side Of The System

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Damien Romano. Owner of romano palace, famous club casino and hotel chain. Named Batchelor of the year 5 times straight. To many he may seem as a untenable mysterious player, but wat is under the mask he put up to the world? Anaisbel Hernandez Marquez. Come from a large Mexican family with many problems and imperfections. Growing up in the hood toughed her up and made her grow up at a young age. Giving it her all to work and school, her wish was to grow up and make a name for her brother and herself so that one day they could move their parents out of downtown Texas. Graduating at age 22 with a masters in business and a Batchelors in architecture wasn't easy but Ana managed. She moved to Chicago to find a better paying job. Currently working as a waitress she find that once again shes at the bad part of town. Damiens only priority is work. His dad has been pressuring him and he can't seem to find away from it. His best friend and guard recommended he get a P.A to lighten the load. After a week of interviewing females who are only looking to be the next Ms. Romano his best friend think that he's found the perfect person for the position. Can Anaisabel finally get the job while trying to deal with her pissy new boss? Can Damien toletate his new P.A who happens to be a gangster? How does this outoing guarded girl and this shy bad boy get along without shredding the Romano legacy?

Romance / Humor
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On The Hunt


"Working late againt boss?" I looked up from the papers I was looking at to stare at my personal bodyguard, . "Well the new hotel isn't going to build itself is it now?" He just laughed out.

"Why are you here Diego?" I asked annoyed. "Im your personal bodyguard, I can't leave you alone." Now it was my turn to laugh. "Fine let's go, I'll finish at home." I tarted packing up my stuff, getting ready to leave.

"You know what you need?" Really, again with his suggestions? "Fine I'll play along, what do I need Diego?" "You need a personal assistant." My brain hadn't registered what he had said when I immediately started my response, "That a ridicu-" it finally sunk in "wait, that actually not a bad idea." I turned around to face him. "Have the advertisement department set up an announcement for the new position. " He started walking out complaining the whole way, "See this is why you need a personal assistant. I'm a body gurd not a secretary, I shouldn't be doing this type of st-" the door finally


"As you may have noticed I am purfect for this position." The girl infront of me keep on going on and on. She was biting her lips, pushing up her cleavage, and doing an attempt at talking seductively. Key word attempt, all her advances, along with all the previous girls hints, where doing nothing for me.

"Excuse me, ehem sorry to interrupt but I don't think that you are the correct person for the position so if you may please head out it would be greatly appreciated." I said bored. "But Mr. Romano, I'm positive I can change your mind." She stood up, leaned over my desk, and flashed me her breasts. I stood up from my chair and quickly pushed her away. "No you can't, so if you can kindly get the hell out of my office. Never step a foot in my building again." She immediately started tearing up at my harsh tone. "Your an asshole!" She screamed as she ran out.

I was sitting behind my desk waiting for the next intrewviewee to come in. Instead I got diego. "How are the interviews going boss?" "Perfect...if I was looking for a wife." Diego snickered at my desperation.

"It's like all these girls are more interested in being the next Mrs. Romano than in an actual job" i leaned back in my chair. "That kinda what happens when you the most elegible batchelor" i just threw him a face. "Also I kinda guesses that, thanks to all the girls that have ran out crying." I huffed at that, "Thats because I ws trying to be nice." He laughed out "Yeah well how has that been going for you?" We both cracked out laughing.

"So why are you in here anyways?" "Oh right, we have a meeting with Rodriguez and we need to go pero ya, awacando lala." He said snaping his fingers. Oh fuck the meeting! I got up in a flash and practically ran out the door. "Intreviews over!" I voice from the elevator. "Ready to seal another deal boss?" He said with a glint in his eyes. "You make me sound like a gangster, mafia boss or something." I laughed out. "You could be, if you we're doing illegal stuff." Was the last thing said as the elevator closed on us.

"Hey boss I saw this taco place across the street. Imma go have my lunch over their, if you need me call." He made a call had jester. I nodded and waved him off while turning around to find Mr. Rodriquez. "Mr. Romano, good afternoon." He smiled. "Mr. Rodriquez, good to see you." I smiled back and shook his hand as he took me into a friendly embrace.

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