Wrong Side Of The System

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How To Get Pissed 101- With Ana


I ran out of the office and jump straight onto Diego. "Guey lo hice!" He turned his face to the side and lookrd at me confused. "Bruh. Me contrataron guey!" He laughed at my exitment and started jumping up and down with me still straped to his back. "I knew you would do it." "Im starting tomorrow, me das aventon?" "Sale vale. Where sre you going now?" He started walking into the elevator, still giving me camachito. "I said i would help Julian and Jose with the restaurant." "I'll take you."


"Is the order for table 5 ready!" I yelled over the noise. I was currently working at a small restaurant that was owned by one of my neighbors. Julia and Juan are the owner but the reaustaurante doesn't make enough so they are low on staff. I like helping them out, and the propinas are really good.

I was running around the place serving drinks, food, and taking order. "Hey!" I turned to see the person that getting my attention. The man raised his glass. I walked over to his table.

"Buenas tardes, how may i help you?" I said with a smile on my face. The man looked at me and asked for s refill. "No problem sir, mam would y0u also like a refill?" The lady nodded. "Sprite and coke?" "Yes thank you." said the man with a deep kind voice. As i walked away i glanced back at the older looking couple and saw them talking with a smile. The mans eyes radiated the love ge had for his wife and her smile shined brighter than the sun. Ay diosito, dame un amor como ese.

I walked back to the table only to find a girl infront of the table. "You said you would leave this old hag for me and our son!" Otra vez! "I place the cups on the table ready to place this chick in her place.

"Excuse me, is their a problem here?" "Bitch nobody is talking to you!" "Ok man, i was trying to be nice to you pero me tienes asta acá!" I made a hand gester showing her how annoyed I was. "You come in here with that fake ass belly and tell a guy that you live them and your pregnant with their child! I literally just saw you smoking pack of sigs and snorting coca outside right before my shift and you sur e as hell didn't have that tummy." She tried saying something but I interjected her, "If you want money that bad earn it don't bother my customers! Leave this beutiful couple alone que están en una cita!"

"Your gonna pay for this bitch!" She screamed over and over as i pushed her our the back door. "Go back t9 the corner you vsme from prosti!" I screamed out to her as i slammed the door un her face.

I quickly got back to the couple, "Perdon, shes always making a scene. I'm deeply sorry." "No its fine thank you for helping." The lady looke up at me with a smile. "Yoh remind me of our daughter, always getting into trouble." I smiled when they man chuckled.

"Thank you, if I may say, your relationship is beautiful you can see the spark. I wish to one day have a love like yours." The smiled at each other as the man reached out for his wife's hand. "I dont know how I got so lucky." She blushed as she looked down at their intertwined hand.


I got up early at 5 the next morning. Jumping into the burning hot shower. Ah! Perfect reminds me of the hell i came from. Grabbing my fruity shampoo and conditioner. Sqwirting what was left of the shampoo onto my hair and rubbing it into my head, lost in thought as i sang along to the songs playing from my phone.

I got out after 20 minutes and towel dried my hair then wrapped the same towel around me. I walked through the room on my way to the closet and saw Canelo still laying asleep on his bed. I stopped next to him and crouched down to wake him up.

"Canelito, baby levanté papito ya es hora." I shook him awake. He yawned, saw me and started wagging his tail while shaking his body.

I walked into my small closet with Canelo following in. I grabed my underwear from their cabinet, a matched pair of black cotton undies and a black bra. I started looking through the closet. Pulling out a long sleved red shirt and showed it to my waiting stylist. "What do you think?" He barked and wagged his tail. I laughed and hung the shirt on the doorknob for later. I kept checking the closet for some bottoms. Taking out jewn after jean, each being set aside with a disproving jester from my picky assistant. "Ya decide algo." I said to both me and my dog.

It might seem ierd but i always ask for Canelos approval, maked me feel better about myself. He also has a better sence of fashion than me.

From the very back of my closet i pulled out a black skirt. I slowly turned around and showed the skirt to Canelo. He barked and jumped up and down, going crazy. I grabbed both the shirt and skirt then headed and started to put them on. I slipped the shirt on and buttoned it up, then i stepped into the skirt.

I looked at myself in the body length mirror. Whoever wad infront if the thing was not me, no way. I loked completely different, the shirt was fitted yet loose. The skirt reached just above my knees and stook to my legs giving them a nice shape. "Wow." I gasped out. I turned around to face Canelo but he wasn't there. I looke around for him only to find him sitting next to a pair of black heels.

I shuttered. I don't hate heels, I actually like them, but I prefer using less hazardous shoes. Every time I walke in them I fall atleast ones. I thought of the person I saw in the mirror. This outfit deserves heels. I slipped into the the beutiful torture devices and walked back to the mirror. I grew 3 inches taller and my legs looked like they stretched for miles. I looked up into the ceiling, "Ay diosito porfabor que no me vaya a dar en la madre con estas chingaderas porfas." I prayed to God mientras me pesinaba. I comped a brush through my now dry hair.

Hearing a knick coming from thre front door I headed towards it knowing that it was going to be Kalimba. "Hey." I greeted as the dor opened. "Hi, you better not have wo-" he cut himself off mud sentence. He looked over me and smiled when he reached my shoes. "Dang, you dress to impress." He smirked. I grabed my backpack from the floor, pushed him out of the way and walked towards the car. "Shut up before i go back in and get pant and my converse." "I swear your on you period or somethin. People should come to you for classes on how to get pissed." I turned around, stuck my toung out at him, got into the car, and slamed the door shut.


We walked into the building. I oogled it again, it still looked as impressive as it did yesterday. "Hey, i need to do something else you cool with going up yourself?" I nodded absent mindedly, slowly heading to the elevator. I pressed the top floor and plugged in my headphones that wear still in my hand. The elevator opened up on the second floor and in walked the bitchtress from yesterday. Chingao. She started opening her mouth, i just raised the volume of my headphones. Before i knew it the elevator had arrived at the top floor and the lady was still here. We both walked.

As I headed towards Mr. Romanos office the wicked witch of the west stuck her foot out and tripped me. I stook my hands our, preapearing for impact. However, the impact never came, only a pair of big hands that grabed me at my waist and upper back and a warm minty fresh breath that hit my neck causing goose bumps to run up my back and a deep pull to appear in my stomach.



I know that the chapters are really short and the writings kinda boring but bear with me. (Ser what I did their, bear, oh fudgw stick I sound like a teacher)

Please stick around i will make the chapters longer and will try to make the book less cringy. We getting to the good parts now.

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