Wrong Side Of The System

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First Day Incidents


I jad walked into the office early this morning in hope of being the first to see Ana. It was too early though, i had arrived at 7 completly forgeting i had told her work started at 8. I stuck to doing some paperwork.

Getting bored of the office setting i got up and headed towards the lounge for a coffe. As I was passing by the elevator I heard a slight ping and saw the person I so desperately wanted to see today.

She knocked the breath out of me but before I could analyze her how I wanted she let out a small yelp, heading head first into the floor.

I snapped out of my trans and ran towards her. I reached out for her just instantes before she touched the floor bringing her body against mine. Having her so close felt so good at so many levels. So euphoric, in fact, that it send all my common sense out the window. The only thing on my mind was how bad I wanted to kiss her since the time I kayed eyes on her. I stared into her angelic face that looked a bit flushed. Her eyes where closed, giving me a good close up of her face for the first time.

Her lips looked even more sweet and biteable up close. Her long eyelashes and naturally shaped eyebrows made her look sofisticated, but pared with her round nose she looked a bit child like and cute. He checks had a natural pink hue to them. She had a scar at the side of her left eye that made me wonder what happend to her. Just like the other times I saw her there was no visible make up.

I looked into her closed eyes and smiled as she tentatively opend one. She looked at me with one eye open as confusion, suprise, and embarrassment passed by her face. She slowly opened the other eye, blushed and jumped out of my arms. This sudden action made me feel cold and hurt.

She pulled herself up straight and further away from my arms. She looked behind me, smoothing down her attire and removed a pair of earbuds from her ears. The girl next to her, she was the finance directors secretary. She 'subconsciously' pushed her chest together and moved a leg infront making he already short skirt hike up. Angel scoffed and look away, never once looking down.


"Good morning Mr. Romano." The secretary purred out. "Ladies," I looked at Ana, "Good morning Ms Hernandez." "Sir." She saluted with 2 fingers to her four head, just like she did yesterday. "Follow me." I turned around and had her follow me towards my office.

I opened the door and headed towards my desk. Leaning on the front of it as she closed the office door. "I would like to be the first to welcome you to the company." She nodded. "Lets begin with the tasks you are to accomplish and what is expected of you."

I sat on my chair as she pulled out a black pleder notebook and starting writing as I voiced out my demands. After a while of this she placed her pencil inside the notebook and placed it on the desktop as she walked to the door. Someone had been knocking for a while, somehow I hadn't noticed the noise behind the sound of her cute confused voice asking me questions.

"Sir!" Leo walked in barely paying attention to Ana. "The designs the interior designer provided are the complet opposite of what you asked!" He dumped a stack of binders, folder and loose paper on the desk. I looked through all the files as he paused the room. Without my knowledge Ana walked in behind me and pointed at something on the paper over my shoulder. I looked up at her. "If you don't mind." She grabbed the paper and fliped it upside-down. "The interior designer already got the supplies for this so to save money, reuse and rearrange."

She grabbed a red sharpie from a box inside her pack pack and started drawing lines and circle on the paper. She showed it up to me and Leo. "What are you doing?" She sighed, flipped the page around, grabbed the pencil from the journal and started furiously scribbling on the paper. "Ven a ver," she motioned to Leo.

At first he looked confuse, then his face lit up and started pointing at things. "This could work!" He grabbed the paper and showed it to me. "Explain it." Ana walked over to my side of the desk and leaned over my arm to point at things.

"If the front desk it going to be ovaled then instead of adding this panting her rearrange it to where it's behind the counter. It is famous around the area and it being one of the first noticeable things shows cultural knowledge and understanding. The vases that where placed here," she flipped the paper over to show me what she is talking about.


"A lighter color scheme would work best with the already bought items and giving the carpeting and flooring a more cultural hand made look would be better and accurate to the surrounding nature." She concluded as she described the entrance layout. "Wow, you have and eye for these things." "Living day to day in a neighborhood where everyone steals makes you be creative." She shrug.

Right, she's a gangster. She almost fooled me for a second with her smarts. It doesn't matter how perfect she acts, shes trouble and will bring me down if I let her. "Ok well then problem solved."

I glanced at Ana from the corner of my eye. She had a beaming smile from ear to ear at a job well done. "Sir since your probably busy mind if I show her around?" I frowned at his question. I wanted to show her around, spend more time with her and see her reaction to the building and what I do. Being near her isn't a smart move and I do have work though.

I guess Leo took my lack of response as a yes because next thing I know he chirped out a 'great' and started leading Ana out. "So you in a gang or something?" My ears perked up at her laugh. "No never, haven't even had a single drop of alcohol in my system." "You don't drink?" I glanced up to see her shake her head. Growing up in a bad neighborhood you would think people would pick up bad habits.

I looked back at my work as the sound of there voices got farther away. I sighed, I was already missing her bellezza's presence.


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