Wrong Side Of The System

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Slow Day


"So, how did you know all that?" "Know what?" I shot back at Leos question while munching at my Crunch bar. I told Diego to stop by and get me coffee but he refused.

Leo gave me a suspicious look. "You know how to redecorate and all that." I thought about my answer for a bit, i can't tell him 'Oh I grew up selling things made up from trash and had to organize pretty much every event going on or I would die'. So I went for the obvious answer.

"Well me and my family weren't the best financially so we made with what we could. Also I tool a Batchelors in architecture design so I know how to maneuver my way around." He looked at me starstruck. "What? You want a bite?" I overd him my candy bar. "No, well," he took a bite from the crunch, "thinxs." He said as he enjoyed his bite.

I took another bite, "So shall we continue?" He looped his arm through mine and took a step forward, "We shall." I could tell Leo and I where going to get along perfectly as we giggled down the hallway.


We walked into what was my office, drunk with laughter. We had just witnessed what was the funniest rejection even.

Leo had taken me out to lunch and as we where coming back we saw this guy on his knees infront of a secretary in the lobby. He was begging her for another chance and how he had changed. The secretary bend down to his level and took his face, a smile cracked on the guys face, the secretary just said 'no' reached for the hand of the guy behind her and said 'come on future husband let's go.' The guy, still on kneeled on the floor, fell face first onto the floor.

He immediately shot up and held a bloody nose with both hands. He rushed out but on his way to the door he stopped by me and said a muffled 'hey.' Holding my hand out i said "Bish bye. Nobody in this building wants you." He walked out with an angry face and bloodied shirt.

"Did you see the imbeciles face!" I said between laughs. "Oh yeah." Leo said as he lunged at my chair. "Hey!" Just as I was about to protest further my office phone rang.

"Mr. Romanos personal assistant, how may I help you?" A husky laughed sounded from the other side. "How long did it take you to practice that Ms. Hernandez?" I hummed a bit pretending to be thoughtful, "Hm, bout 5 seconds." He laughed again, ay que risa it sounded musical for some reason. "Come to my office." He then hung up.

"Sir." I said as I knocked on the slightly opened door. "Yes, come in." I walked in and closed the door behind me. Mr. Romano looked up from his computer and jestered for me to take a seat. "Hi." I said lowly. He laughed again, "Hi to you too Ms. Hernandez."

He looked into my eyes, kinda creepy if you ask me, why would my boss look into my eyes for so long? "I called you in hear to ask how you day when," I gave him a confused look, "also, I have been planing a trip to Wyoming for a while now and would like to take you with me. You will be traveling with me through your time here and I would like you to get a feel to it."

A la madre, chingado, Canelo. I can leave him, Natalie can barely take care of herself and Diego is probly going to come with us anyways. "Um sir, I have something to ask." He gave me a questioning look but told me to continue.

"Well I have a dog who needs care but I don't have anyone that can watch him." "You want to bring him along?" "If its not a problem." He thought about it for a while, "Sure, why not." I shot up from my chair and did a happy dance. He laughed and came around to my side of the desk. I gave him a quick hug and left the office.

Just as soon as I stepped foot in my office the phone rang. "Mr. Romanos personal assistant, how may I help?" "I hadn't finished." "Oh." My face fell, im so fired. "Be ready Thursday morning to catch the plane, 9 o'clock."

I quickly scribbled the new info into a sticky pad. "Yes sir." "Also, next time wait till I dismiss you to leave." Then he hungged up. I face palmer myself. Welp.

I looked down at my desk. There was a laptop and phone with a sticky note on them.

'These are your work supplies. The phone and laptop are already logged into your new work email.
-Damien Romano'

I opened the phone to find some apps that I guessed where worked related. In the contact section there was already 3 contacts. Diego, Mr. Romano, and one labeled as Romanod driver. I decided I also wanted Leo's number, I would ask him for it later. I opened up the computer and saw that it was opened up to my work email, with an already sent email from Mr. Romano.

I opened the email and read through it. It explained once again what was expected of me and what I would be doing. At the end of the email I was told to look in one of the cabinets was a tablet with the same apps as in the phone, it also had a calender where all his meeting where written down.

Since I had nothing else to do I looked over the schedule. Dang, este dude is busy for the next three months! Since most of the 3 months were already filled, I decided to print them out since I had nothing to do and just in case.

I grabbed the tablet, my notebook, a pencil, my phone, and headphones and headed over the printer room that Leo showed me earlier. I plugged my headphones in and played shuffle on Pandora. I connected the tablet to the bluetooth printer and printed out Mr. Romanos calendar.

The first song that came up was one of my favorites, 'No Me Acuerdo.' I bopped to the music as I took my notebook and started sketching and singing under my breath while I waited.

"Pero no me acuerdo, no me acurdo." I tapped my pencil against my book twice,"y si no me acuerdo no paaaasoo, eso no paaasssooo."

I was getting into my second song when i heard a deep raspy laugh. "What are you doing?"



So the song actually does have meaning. Me and my dad always sing it when we want to get out of doing something. We're always like "No ms acuerdo y?" "Y SI NO ME ACURDO NO PASOOOO ESO NO PAAAAASSSOOOO!!!"

Seeing my momd angry face wjile she chases after us with a chancla makes it worth it every time!🤣🤣🤣

Anywho, hope you likes this chapter and as always dont forget to like, and comment!!!!


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