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A Good Dream


I twirled around in my office chair. I just finished signing some papers for the new hotel. Looking over at the plans Ana drew. They reminded me of her and made me want to see her.

I looked over at the window-wall that separated our offices. The curtains were open so I could somewhat see inside her office. I noticed she wasn't inside so I got up and decided to look for her. I walked around the right section of the floor, which was reserved for specific people only. I kept walking when I heard a beautiful, familiar voice.

I picked up my pace and came to the printer doorway. There she was with her earbuds in. "Cosí bello" I wispered under my breath. I saw as the light haired beauty moved her hips seductively to the music coming from her earbuds.

She went still for a moment and I saw my opportunity to approach. "What are you doing?"

She jumped up a bit startled and turned around to face me. A light blushed grazed her face as a shy smile creeper onto her lips. "Sorry sir, I was a bit bored and decided to print out your schedule."

"You know you shouldn't say your bored to your boss right?" I chuckled softly. She blushed harder. "Its alright," glancing at my watch i realized it was already 5, "you can leave now. Don't forget to start getting ready for Thursday." She nodded and left the room towards her office.


It was now 4 in the morning. I hadn't sleep all night thinking of today. Its Thursday and for the first time ever I'm nervous about a buisness trip. I was going to spend a week living with her and it was going to be the best and worst week of my life.

Trying to get a few more hours in I forced myself to sleep.


"Well aren't you up early." I looked at the beauty that stood at the kitchen doorway. "I just needed some coffee." "So do i" she said walking towards me sensually. She stoped right infront of me. "Ana..." "What, i just wanted a little pick me up." She grabbed the cup i was holding and walked to the counter, bending over it. She flanted her ass that was barely being covered by my white shirt.

She looked over her sholder at me, "Whats wrong boss?" She shook her behind a bit. I growled and stalked towards her as she sipped on my coffee mug. I pressed my body flat against hers as I flipped her and picked her up placing her on the counter. "I dont appreciate my coffee being stolen." She sipped the mug once again and grabbed my blue button up shirt. "Im a guest, you need to treat guest kindly. Did your mom not teach you any manners?" I smirked, "I treated you kindly enough last night."

She tilted her head in a pesnative way, "Hm, that was very generous of you, but" she reached her hand down to palm my cock "why don't you remind me how kind you are." "My pleasure il mia bambina." She pured as I buried my head in her chest. "I love when you talk Italian, I don't understand shit though." I laugh into her boobs. "La mia piccola palla di fuoco. Cosi audance." "Mmmm." She moaned lowly. "So sexy."

I bit her right breast though the shirt. She buried her hands in my hair, I love when she did that. I reached under the shirt. Tracing my fingers along the inside of her underwear lining. I loved how she wore cotton underwear, it turned me on more than any set of lingeries could.

"Stop teasing big boy. I just want your huge cock in me. Forcefully entering me over and over again, making me faint with escasy." I blushed at her words, how she said things so straight forward always made me shy. I pulled the shirt open, not caring as the buttons scattered around the kitchen.

She gasped as the cold air hit her body. I groaned at the newly exposed skin. Pushing her back onto the counter, I trapped her with my hands and kissed every exposed inch of skin. Feeling something warm touch my hand, I realized I spulled the coffee.

I heard a small hiss from bellow me "Fuck, that drink was hot." Picking her up imediatly, "Are you ok?" "Im fine big boy, but you might want to kiss the burn to make it better." Smiling, I leaned down to lick the burn. "Ah, a bit lower." I lowered my head a bit getting nearer to her cunt. "Lower" I smirked against her skin knowing what she was doing.

Spreading her legs wider, I bend my head over her pussy. Turning to the side, I sucked her thigh leaving a medium sized bruise. I turned to the other side and did the same. I kissed up both thighs while staring into her eyes. Impatiently she shoved my head at her cunt. Runing my nose up in down on her slit I slipped 2 fingers past her labia. She wimpered as the 2 fingers penetrated her.

"You like that?" I murmured while sucking her clitoris. "Yes" she said breathlessly. I moved my fingers in and out, slowly at first then faster and faster as she withered underneath me. "Damien." She half yelled as she shook. I sucked and bit on her clit, raming 3 finger nuckle deep into her. She became a moaning mess by the fourth finger.

Giving mercy to her swollen clit I got up and captured her lips. She moaned my name into my mouth as I explored hers with my tounge, she tasted of coffee. I released her lips and layered kiss after kiss to her throat as she fought to breath. I kissed up to her ear. "Cum per me." I whispered raming my fingers into her as her legs shook violently. "Damien!" I road out her orgasm, my cock pushing against my zipper in agony.

"Damien," she whispered grabbing my face with her hands and making me look her in the eyes, "fuck me." I shoved my fingers in her mouth making her taste herself as her hands wondered to my pants and took my dick out from its confinements. She pumped it a few times and rubes it against her vagina, coating it in her moisture.

"Condom" "I'll pull out." She groaned as she aligned my cock to her opening. Just as I was about to push in my phone rang. "The phone." "Ignore it." "Damien its your phone." I growled at her, pushing my cock in. She screamed and tightened around me. "Oh, Damien!" The phone rang again. "Answer it." "No." "Damien it could be and emergency." I pushed deeper into her. The phone rang.


"Damien Romano." I spoke into he phone grogily. "Damien you know what time it is!" I looked at my alarm clock, "8:30." "Exactly!"




"Shit." I sat up noticing the big tent in the sheets. That dream was so real. "I was leaving my house to go pick up Ana when your driver called me that you wouldn't answer your phone." "Sorry Diego I overslept." "Must have been a good dream."

"You have no idea."


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