Wrong Side Of The System

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Unexpected Spotting


I was a bit late to pick up Ana. My mind was full of thought of what could be going on with Damien. He has always been very responsible and always early to everything. Hell, he wakes up hours earlier just to go to the office and double check everything before every trip. Good thing his driver called me when he hadn't come down, I imideatly went myself to check and then called him. I'm going to have to ask him about this.

I drove infront of Ana's house. She was already standing outside, a sleeping Canelo in her arms, 2 backpacks and a suitcase next to her. She was talking to Tio Max. I parked infront of her house and got off.

"Hey Tio." "Que Honda mi muchacho!" Tio Max slapped me twice in the back. "Ana was telling me bout the buisness trip," she looked up and nodded at me as she rocked Canelo in her arms lightly. "Take care of them." "Will do sir." We both salutes Tio Max and sped off after putting Anas things in the trunk.

"Hey can we stop by the store? I brought my cooler and wanted to get a few reservas, also a pick me up from the conjunct coffee shop." "Sure, but no dogs allowed remember." She nodded "I think the coffe shop allows them though, he could stay with you. He's asleep so he won't make a pedo when he's inside his backpack." I nodded turning a corner to the store. Its 8:35, Damien is going to be a bit late so we have time.


'Hey!' I heard Nat's cheerful voice from the other side of the line. "Hi baby. Guess what?" 'What?' I looked ahead of me in the line of the coffe shop, 5 people infront of me. "I thinks the plant is working." 'What! Really? Don't play with me Diego Perez!'

I laughed, "No baby I'm not kidding. I don't know for sure yet but I think it is." 'Oh my god! Really!' I looked ahead, 3 more people.

I talked to Natalie for a while as I headed deeper into the store to look for Ana. I found her talking to a guy.

"Hey baby ill call you back ok." 'What, what happened?' "Our plan may be compromised." I hung up on her and walked towards the pair.

"Hey! You where taking too long." Ana turned to look at me. "Sorry I was talking to Skylar, remember him?" I looked up to look at the guy.

He looked just as I remembered him. Silvery gray hair from dying it too much. Long straight jaw and kind wild eyes. Fuck, this will compromise the mission.

"Ofcoures I do, hard to forget your boyfriend. How's art school man?" I reached out for a hug. Compromised mission or not Skylar was a good person and a good friend. I still remember how Ana, Max, and I convinced him to go to school at 24 after he had given up.

Ana gave me a sappe, "He wasn't my boyfriend, we where friends." "Ya aha, hey we gotta go." She slapped her forehead, "Right work! Hey Sky why don't I give you my phone and we'll meet up when I come back?" "Yeah!"

They exchanged numbers then we left to pay. This is so going to compromise the mission.


We where bopping our heads a jamming out to the radio as we pulled up into a private boarding space in the airport. I turned the car off and got off. Canelo woke up a while ago so Ana attached his leash to his collar so he wouldn't run off.

Damien was already waiting by the plane looking a bit nervous. We walked toward him with our things. "Sorry we're a bit late sir, we stopped by to get a little pick me up." His eyes went wide when Ana showed him the tray and bag that held our breakfast.

"Are you ok Damien?" He pulled at his collar and stuttered, "Me? I'm good, I'm perfectly fine. I-I'm anazing." Ana and I shot him a wierd look. "Lets just go into the plane."

We walked into the plane, Ana, then Damien, and lastly me.

As we walked in, we all sat in separate seats. I sat towards the back so I could analyze Damien without getting caught. He was off, sort of jittery and nervous.

He was never either of those things.

Imediatly Ana placed Canelo on the floor and off his leash and started to work, slipping on headphones to block out the world. I waited a while for her to get engrossed in her work before calling for Famiens attention.

He looked up from his phone, "Huh?" I signaled him with my hand. He got up and followed me into the back room.

I talk to him imediatly after shutting the door. "Ok whats up?" He scratched his beard lightly, "Whats up what?" "Im not stupid. Why where you late?" Damien shrugged his sholders, "I already told you., i overslept." I smirked, "Yeah a dream, but what kind of dream?"

I stared at him as he slowly gulped.



Hm, i wonder what dream kept him in late? 😏 things are going down. What are Nat and Diego planing?

I'll write faster, just have so much work all the time. Plus, im a huge procrastinator.

Have a good day yall. Dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe! (Oh wait, this is a story not a YouTube channe)

Love yall!
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