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Destino O Casualidad


I mumbled the lyrics to the songs I was hearing under my breath. Hamilton was one of my favorite musicals of all times and I knew the lyrics of all the songs by heart. The musicals that made me fall in love with their songs where Hamilton and Six, I adored both but Hamilton will always be the one that made me fall in love.

I mumbled softy and type away in my laptop. I was looking over the presentation Mr. Romano had me do as a first assignment throughout the week. He provided most of the information from a file he had about the remodels he planned on adding to the resort. There wkas going to be a gala thrown that weekend, some rich couple throwing a Christmas themed wedding anniversary. I dont know why if it was early November, Christmas was still weeks away.

I looked at the royal blue and gold presentation. It had that perfect look of messy but professional. I wanted it to look warmer and more comforting than Mr. Roman's usual presentations. His where covered in tints of grey and black with splotches of white. It looked like he referenced all the grey and black paint samples Home Depot had. For black not being a color, it sure seemed like his favorite.

"Immigrants, we get the job done." I mumbled the words lightly. Finishing over analyzing the presentation, I closed the laptop. Looking up, or rather down, I found Canelo was no longer asleep by my feet and now scratching and barking at the door by the back of the plane.

"Canelo!" I started to stand from my seat when the door opened. Kalimba walked stuck his head out and picked up the dog. "No te preocupes, I got him." Going back in the room, my fur baby in hand, he closed the door. Letting out a loud sigh, I layed across three seats and took a small nap.


"Hey, chaparra, wake up."

I felt gently shoves as someone tried to wake me up, more than likely Diego but I was too lazy to open my eyes and find out. "Dejame en paz."

The shoves continued until finally I shot up annoyed. Damien sat on the row infront of mine, had the seats always been facing each other? I can't remember. My baby boy barked at me from the ground. I looked around to see a flight attendant holding three plates and drinks on a tray.

"Food!" I clapped my hands together. The lady smiled and placed a burger infront of me with a juice. I dug in as soon as the plate reached my hands.

The plane was filled with awkward silence on my part. The boys fell into conftarble conversation while I just enjoyed my burger. "Ten Canelito," I slipped him a chunk of my burger. He was asleep this morning so he didn't get much eat. Usually I feed him in the afternoon before going to El Secreto. Him being the smart boy he is, rations out his food. I don't know how he has the self control, but he does.

"How much longer till we land?" "Two and a half hours." I nodded and layed back in my seat. I was going to be a while.


*2 And A Half Hours Later*

"Ah, fresh air!" I twirled around in the landing pad for the jet. We where waiting for the rental car so we could head to the resort. Slight snow covered the ground. It was colder than Chicago.

A black car pulled up and a man stepped out of it. Holding the drivers door open. Diego hopped in, Mr. Romano in the passenger side. "Wait, what about the stuff?" The guy that got off from the car came to me a d took the suitcase from my hands, "I got this beautiful." He winked at me and opened the backseat door. Talking my backpack and dog, I climed in.

"That guy is weird." Diego just laughed. "Lets go," sat in the center and buckled my seat belt as he pulled off. We entered the main road and Diego started talking, "Ok, so there's a few things you need to know about living with Ana," no, he wouldn't.

Would he?

He glanced at me throught the review mirror. "You need to be careful with the H's." "Heather Chandler, Heather Duke, and Heather McNamara?" I interrupted. He laughed, "Their H's but not the right ones. The H's are her three main moods?" "He three main moods?" I heard the question in Mr. Romano's voice. "Happy, hungry, and h-" "NO!"


He smirked, "You just had to didn't you." "Obviously." "It wasn't a question." I heard small, gruff laughs. "Glad yall can laugh at my embarrassment." I huffed and crossed my hands.

"Come on. Why don't you DJ, the resorts a while away." "Yay!" I snached the aux cord and immediately played music. The first song I put on was one of my all time favorites, Destino o Casualidad.

I stuck my head in over the center console, "You ready to find out why I call him Kalimba? Sing it D-dog!" Diego groaned. He loved music but singing never was his forte, surprisingly singing was what earned him his nickname.

I started off as always.

"Ella iba caminando sola por la calle. Pensando; dios, qué complicado es esto del amor! Se preguntó a sí misma cuál habrá sido el detalle que seguro cupido malinterpretó."

He continued where I left off.

"Él daba como cada noche vueltas en la cama, sonó de pronto una canción romántica en la radio. Quizá fue Michael Bolton quien metió el dedo en la llaga, y como le faltaba el sueño, fue a buscarlo."

We joined our voice in beautiful symphony.

"Los dos estaban caminando en el mismo sentido, y no hablo de la dirección errante de sus pasos. Él la miró, ella contestó con un suspiro. Y el Universo conspiró para abrazarlos."

I smiled talking a small breath.

"Dos extraños bailando bajo la Luna, se convierten en amantes al compás. De esta extraña melodía que algunos llaman destino, y otros prefieren llamar casualidad."

I smiled as I swayed back and forth to the rythem. I loved and missed singing with Diego. Its one of those things that you can't get enough of.



Sorry, I got a bit of writers block for this chapter. I love the song thought and it pulled me out of this writers block, but I do have some ideas for the next chapter or so. If only I could remember them.

Anywho, please comment and show your support.

Have a wonderful day!
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