Wrong Side Of The System

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How Personal?


"No te has ido de mi vida, vida mía, pero ya te extraño. Quien diría, nadie lo creía, y ya vamos pa un año."

Ana leaned over the center console from the backseat. I felt every word slip from her lips and straight into my ears, as if she was singing just for me.

"Cunado nos falle la memoria y solo queden las fotografías. Que se me olvide todo, menos que tu eres mia!"

She sang beautifully, like an angel sent straight from heaven.

"Cuando los años nos pesen y las piernas no caminen. Los ojos se nos cierren y la piel ya nos estire. Cuando lo único que pese sea lo que hicimos en vida."

Every breath, every word, tickled my neck and the back of my ear. I felt as the small puffs of warm air reached me, every word whisking me away. I looked back at her through the review mirror.

She flowed to the music while holding her dogs front paws up in a dancing motion.

"To los planes cambiaron, era perro y me amarraron. El corazón me robaron, justo y necesario. Me hace sentir millonario."

The small dog barked along. The laughs rained free from both Diego and her. Her smiled lit the car just how it lit up the stage the first time I witnessed her singing.

Words from the chat i had with Diego on the plane bounced in my head

"Go for it"

No. I can't. We can't.

"Don't rebel. She's more than you think ."

Thats not true. He's trying to get in my head but its not going to work.

"Hey, you cool man?" "What?" Diego glanced at me from the corner of his eye. "You where so distracted we almost missed the exit." I simply nodded.

Looking at the review i found that Ana was still humming along to a new song. The only difference was that she was leaned against the back at her seat and smiling at her phone. A floaty giggle escaped from between her lips. She rapidly started typing and a few moments later a small ding sounded from it. She giggled while typing again.

"What you doing chaparra?" I guess Diego noticed too. His eyebrows scrunched up in confusion or anger, maybe a bit of both?

She looked up from her phone screen. "Im texting Sky."



"Yeah. Check this out! Remember the solar baldío next to Jorge's?" Diego nodded. "Someone spray painted this, Imma send it to you."

I hated not knowing what they where talking about. It made me feel excluded. And who the hell is Sky?

I folded my hand over my chest the rest of the way, glancing at Ana every once in a while. She kept singing, but every once in a while a small giggle erupted from her mouth.


"WOW!" I walked into the lobby and straight to the front desk. "Top floor." The lady behind the desk nodded. I leaned against the desk and looked at Ana as she took in the space.

She stood in the middle turning slowly, he head looking up at the roof and around the reception. A small smile graced my face. She had done the same thing at the airport, taking it the jet and kicking around the snow.

She ran over to the reception and ran her hand along the wood counter top. Squatting down, she looked at the sparking gold plate that read "Winter Resort", with "The Romano Palace" under it in small letters as per our brand.

"You can sure as hell bet we didn't have these down at out stores." I heard her whisper. Pride swelled in my chest. It made me proud that she approved of how the resort looked. She straightened up again. The lady behind the counter gave her a disaproving stare. Color tainted her checks and forehead a light shade of red. Slowly, she shuffled backwards.

Staff started wheeling carts of decorations from the back room to the main ball room. Walking to Diego who has been sitting on a chair while on the phone. She placed her things next to him.

She walked to the staff "Yall need help?" She got behind a bigger cart that was being guided by a staff member and help him push it. She disappeared behind a door and came back carying a clear boc filled to the brim with blue while talking to another staff member with a similar box. They placed the boxes on a different cart and the staff wheeled off with the cart.

I stared a while longer as she helped unload a a different cart with beutoful red, white, and gold center pieces before my phone rang.

"Damien Romano." A loud voice sounded from the other side, 'Seriously brother.' "What do you want Stella?" I heard a hard punch, 'Papá is mad' I walked to a corner of the lobby. "Why? Is everything ok?" Another punch and a deep groan sounded from the other side. 'Mamma been on him about you coming home. He also thinks you're not moving fast enough for the new hotel casino. Construction has been going on for 4 and a half years. According to him, it should have been done by now.'

I groaned. The only thing left is if she said Mamma was planing my wedding. 'Oh, and Mamma met zia Paulina's grand baby, she has baby fever. Watch out for her calls' another punch and a much louder groan. "What are you doing Stella?" 'I have a fight in Florida next week, I'm practicing.' I looked around the room again, and the sight that graced my eyes made me boil.

Ana was on the other side of the room talking and laughing with a man. The man kept making movement with his hands as she kept laughing. Then turned his face. He wasn't just any man, he was Leonardo.

"I need to go." It took a lot to not crush my phone. 'Whats up?' "Nothing." Quickly, I hung up on Stella and walked across the room.


Leo turned his body and looked at me. "Cugino! How are you?" "Fine." I stared at him as he moved to Ana's side. "Have you met this wonderful lady. She's been helping out the staff." I grunted lightly, "Yes, she my assistant." I looked into her eyes. I think Leo said something else but I was too lost in the beautiful jewls that adorned her face to notice.

"Ms. Hernandez, we need to work." She nodded rapidly and fast walked towards Diego to get her things. I followed her with my eyes and turned when she reached him.

"You," I turned back to Leo, "Stay away from my employees, cugino." He smiled, "She's very beautiful, I don't know if I can." I clenched my teeth and tensed my jaw. "Stay away Leo, especially from my personal assistant." I turned to walk away but his words caught me.

"Personal assistant. Hm, how personal? Cugino."



I dont know why but I ain't liking Leo. He seems.....sketchy, and not the beautiful kind you see on art Instagram.

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