Wrong Side Of The System

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"WOW! This room is huge!" Diego laughed as he pulled his and Mr. Romano's suitcases into the room. "You think this is big, wait till you see the rooms. They are giant compared to the rooms back at home." I ran to the first room I saw, opening the door, my jaw dropped.

The room was gigantic, draped in neutral colors. I walked in slowly, my jaw still on the floor. There was a huge window covered in heavy chocolaty draped with a vanilla undertone. A huge, round, white carpet dominated most of the floor but still made the dark wood floors look majestic. The bed was dressed in white and beige bedding and pillow covers. It looked warm, a good contrast to the cold snow outside.

Someone cleared their voice behind me. Turning slowly I came face to face with harsh brown eyes. Their color was as deep as the curtains that adorned the room. How had I never noticed them? "This is my room."

I nodded. He looked mean, really mean. They looked like the eyes I came face to face with the dya we met noticed the ones that looked at me with wonder the day he caught me singing by the printer.

I felt shivers go down my spine as he stared at me. "Toy pendeja pero no tanto, se donde no me quieren." I mumbled lowly and slipped out of the room.

I walked by the next to doors. I was about to step into one when Diego ran past me screaming "MY ROOM!" Parece niño chiquito. Next to that one was one more room. "My room."

I walked inside the room. It looked similar to the other room but a bit smaller. The rug on the floor was now a deep brown instead of white. The curtains where still brown and a deep plum color instead the creamy vanilla color. There was two door. I followed the nude colored door to a big bathroom. The counter was made of marble with a huge mirror. There was a tub-shower in a corner. Walking back out, i opened the other door to a huge closet.

"No mames..." this place was amazing. I ran to the bed and threw myself on it face first. I layed their for a while before a small scream came from what I guess is the living room.

"DAMIEN!" I ran out of the room. In the living room was my boss being embraced by a short girl brown haired girl. My dog started to run towards them "No cariñito, perro malo" I went after them and grabbed him just in time. He gave me his sad puppy eyes as I hild him in my arm. Looking at Mr. Romano and the girl one more time i saw they were now looking at me.

"Hi" I waved, Canelo barked and wagged his tail in my arms. The small girl squealed. Me rompio el timpano. "A GIRL!!" She ran to me and hugged me too. She was a few inches shorter than me, about 5 flat. "Damien, you never told me there was a girl here." She let me go and smiled at me. She was wearing a pink jumper that fit a bit big on her. She looked very pretty.

"Hi, im Ana" she smiled more "Soy Valeria, im sorry i gor over excited but I haven't seen many girls lately. My husband hasn't let almost anybody that isn't family around me for the last month of my pregnancy."

Wow, "That sounds crazy" "I know right!" She sounded amazed. "When did you give birth?" She took my arm in hers and brought me to the couch, "A few weeks ago. La baby hasn't let me sleep." "Wow, you look so good."

"Hey," Mr. Romano came to stand in front of both of us sitting on the couch. "Dont sit down with my employees, she need to work. We have a meeting before the gala." "Oh," she put a hand to her chest looking offended, "I didn't know I couldn't chat with friends now." I saw as he raise and eyebrow disaprovingly, "You just met her." "And she is an amazing person, so nice and actually has people skills, unlike someone else" Valeria rolled her eyes.

I laughed silently, I really liked her and know she will be a real good friend. "Ana, give me your number, you will be here all week and I really want to meet for coffe." "For sure, i would love to meet up with you on my free time" when someone's not breathing down my neck. She smiled, catching my drift, "I like you already!"


"... hence, it would be a wise to invest into converting the resort from just ski resort to a place with a greater range of activities like the onces shown in the presentation." I sat in the back of the room, seeing as all the men in the room nodded in agreement.

"Who made the presentation Damien?" A big guy asked. "Hm?" The guy turned in his chair, "You expect me to believe such a colorful presentation was made by you?" The man chuckled deeply. "You expect me to believe you made something with so much color?" The man laughed heavily, "You're just like your papá, neither of you know what the definition of color is!"

I giggle silently, not silent enough because my boss gave me a dirty look. The man turned to me and gave a toothy smile. "So this is the one..." before the man could continue Mr. Romano interrupted. "You need to go ready for your anniversary gala."

My eyes lit up, "It your anniversary gala tonight? I was helping with some heavy lifting earlier and the center pieces are very beautiful!" He beamed "Its all my wife's doing, she has a really good eye for these things." I smiled bigger at the look of love in his eyes.

"Isn't it a bit early for Christmas themed parties though?" He let out another deep, gruff laugh "Pau, my wife, loves Christmas. I told her she was crazy for planing a Christmas party so early in November, let's just say I bonded with the cats that week." We both laughed along with each other, Mr. Romano didn't find this funny.

"Let go Ms. Hernandez." Que enojon. I gathered my thing, said a quick bye to the man, I still don't know his name, and walked out after my boss.

He was real hot-n-cold. When we meet he was an ass, when he gave me the job he was kinda ok, when I asked about Canelito he was nice. This morning I think I saw him smile. Now he's acting like an ass again.

You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.



Welp, here's another chapter. Yep, nother one for the collection.

Anywho, I just got my second dose for the Covid vaccine today and my arm hurts like hell🥲. If your wondering, today is June 2.

Hope yall are having a better time than me.

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