Wrong Side Of The System

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Whatever pays the bills?


I stood infront of the body size mirror in my underwear analyzing myself. I looked down at my belly 'Well as long as your the only thing thats not fat we good' I thought. Yes I'm overweight for a normal girl.

I'm 195 pounds and stand at 5'5. Although you wouldn't be able to tell I'm overweight by looking at me. My tummys flat, thats probably cause of work and when I sometimes exercise. Its pretty clear that most of the tacos whent to my ass, thighs, and boobs, if thats even possible. Welp, thanks for not looking fat tummy, either way appearances aren't my main concern.

Time to find a way to pay the bills. I put on some shorts, a tank top, my hoodie, and toped it with a black hat that Tio Max gave me with his garage logo. I grabed my phone, keys and headphones of the table and walked out the door.

It was 7 am so it wasn't surprising to see Tio Max outside his house getting ready to leave. What was surprising was to hear him yelling into his phone.

"Why didn't you tell me this yesterday pendejo! No you need to lower that voice! You knew we had the new cars coming in y todavia quisiste faltar! You kniw what well talk about this tommorow." He said as he hung up.

"Yo Tio Max como estas?" I waved at him as I walked towards him on the sidewalk. "Hey mija, nomas aqui, you know this is as good as it gets." He said sarcastically as i laughed.

The truth is that he doesn't have to live in this hazard of a neighborhood but he chooses to. If he's not here most of the families would be in trouble. He's the one that keeps everyone out of trouble, both with the cops and the local gang.

"So what bronca do you have?" He huffed as i lughed t his reaction. "Noms el pendejo de Julian who said he "couldn't make it" because he was sick." He made exasperated air quotes, "Le dije that their was work today, but the idiota went out and now he has a cruda." "Well what you gotta do? I might not know much mechanics but I know my tools."

"No work today?" I shook my head, "haven't found anything yet." He nodded in understanding.

Honestly everyone here would pick up any job they could to pay the bills. Chicago is an expensive life, and being a waiter doesn't really cut it. Being fresh out college at the age of 20 with no experience in my field doesn't really give me much opportunity. The bills don't wait though so picking up jobs bajo el agua get me passed the week.

"Well I could get the mechanics done but imma need to get them cleaned after. You willing to do it?" He asked me knowing full well my answer. "Hell yeah, anything to pay the bills. Let's go!" I said excitedly. Hey a jobs a job, even if it mean I have to wash cars out in the open with a bikini top.


"Damn its getting a bit chilly aint it?" I said shivering. "Yup" said Max while wiping his hand on the dirty towel he had, although the only thing it did was dirty them more with how full of muck it was. He leaned against the car he was working on "You've been at those cars for hours why don't yu take your lunch." I opened my mouth to protest but he shushed my and pushed me toward the street.

Reluctant I gave in, "Fine, but I need my pullover lemme just go g-" I was stoped mid sentence by the exact same jacket hitting me in the face. "You have 1 hour!" He screamed after me. With a smile on my face I started wlking uptown towards a decent taco place Kalimba took me to once.


'Hablando del rey de roma' "Ey Kalimb!" I screamed out as I neared the taco place. "Yo wasup takito." I finally got to him and emideatly jumped him. He wrapped his arms around my waist to make sure I didn't fall. "Te extrañe mano! Por que no me hablaste pendejo!" I screamed in his ear as I pulled on it. He howled put in pain.

"What are you talking about loca? We say each other 2 days ago!" He said while dropping me on my feet and nursing his ear. "Exactly!" I said throwing my arm in the air. "We say each other 2 day ago!" I pointed an acusing finger at hi chest, "but since im such a loving friend I'll forgive you si me invitas unos tacos." "Fine." He grumbled still rubbing his ears. I laughed at his pained face as we walked into the restaurant.

We sat at a table and flagged down the waiter. A blond girl came to our table with a notepad and started talking to us without even looking at us "What do you want?" Uhm rude much, "Excuse me," I looked up at her from my seat to see if that caught her attention, nope still ignoring us. "Excuse me" I raied my vice a bit thins time. I noticed she rolled her eyes and finally looked up. "Just tell me what the hel-" she stopped the moment her eyes landed on Diego. She leaned into him and srarted being "nice". "Hi their handsome. Wht would you like to order? Our special is taqus with a side of my phone number." 'Ok that it, this bitch is trying to steal my comadres man and I ain't standing for it'.

I got up from my chair and stood in between la perra and a disgusted looking Diego. "Look prosti, hes taken and practically married at this point." I was shorter that her by at least a foot so it made sense when she looked down at me but for some reason it just made me blow a fuse. "By who, you? I'm clearly a better option." She smirked down at me. "No bitch, by my sister! So fuck off before I nock that smirk along with all those yellow teeth out of your-hm mhm hm!" I couldn't finish my treath before Diego covered my mouth and started talking himself. "Look miss, I don't mean to be rude but I would really appreciate if you would leave us alone and get us another waiter." He started placing me back in my seat like the baby I am as hw continued. "I feel uncomfortable with your advances because as my companion said, I already have a partner who I soon plan to make my wife." "Ugh!" She huffed away, mumbling something about how the sexy ones are always taken.

I just sat there with my arma crossed waiting for Kalimba to sit back down. "So you wanna pop the question to Nat?" I said with a smirk while raising my eyebrow. He blushe and looked down. "I was going to visit you this afternoon to ask you if you could go ring shopping with me and help me plan how im going to propose."

A smile spread on my face so bright it rivaled the sun and even beat it at its own job.


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