Wrong Side Of The System

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Mr. Pipiris Nice


"Perfect! She going to love it!" Diego laughed at my excitement. "Lets just hope she says yes." I leaned into the table in excitement and said "She has to! She loves you so much already, you could throw one of those machinitas ring at her and she would still say yes." He laughed some more

He opened his mouth to say something else when his phone rang. "Hello," he paused and listen to whoever was on the other side. "Ok boss," he paused again "I'll call and inform them." The call ended.

"My boss called, looks like lunch is over." I sight out, darn it I wanted a pice of chocolate cake, yummy. "You wanted cake didn't you?" My eyes widened "Howed you know?" I asked. "You where rubing you belly and kicking your lips." He said in between chuckles. "If I pout will you get me some to go?" "No." I pouted, hey a girls gotta try.

He looked at me and laughed. I pouted some more, "Pweas, pweas, pweeeeeeeeeaasss!" I said in a baby voice, holding my hand to him as if I was praying. "Fine." He winned out, "but choose fast I need to leave."


We walk out of the taco place with a plate full of cake and 2 spoons. "Best. Decisión. Ever." He said betwen bites. I nodded and happily munched on my cake, who Kalimba here decide to steel of even after I told him to get his own piece.

We walked across the trees to this fancy café with black and gold colorings. It was so nice basta con decirte that it had a hostess at the front of the glass doors who was lettig people in with reservations only.

"Dang bro, this is nice. Who yo boss?" He laughed at my wording. "Damien Romano." "You mean Mr. Bachelor of the year! Da fu man that dude look cold!" I practically screamed out, which got me an ugly look from the hostess.

"Yeah him, he's actually not bad, very nice, I've learned to be his friends." I looked ar him, "Mtahhhh," I let out, kinda like Fluffy during that one show making Diego laugh. "I bet he's not as high on the bestie chart as me." I said flicking off imaginary dirt from my shoulders.

"You no nobody can beat my living, walking tornado." I beamed with a a smile from hear to hear, my little pupil has grown so big, I thought. "But you better clean it up and keep the getto in when you meet him." I almost chocked on my last spoonful of cake, "wait whaaaaaa? You want me," i pointed at myself, "to meet him?" I pointed at the restaurant. He just nodded.

"Bish your a crazy little pende-" i got cut off by a deep sexy voice. "Good afternoon." Slowly I turned around to look at the owner of the voice. Holy fudge sticks. "Mr. Romno I would like you to meet my best friend Anasiabel Hernandez Marquez. Ana, my boss and other best friend, Damien Romano. Dont act getto or i swear to god.." he wispered the last part.

I turned back around and looked at him with a serious face. Looking into his eyes I could see all the venom in them, I just couldn't help it. "I have no idea what your talking about your the one that almost got into a gang, im just a sweet educated angel." I turned back around with a smile.

I stook my hand out to Mr. Romano, "Nice to meet you Mr. Romano, I'm Ana." While I had a genuine smile on my face, he had a genuine scowl. He completely ignored my outstretched hand and side stepped me, who does this little dougebag think he is? Just cause he was born being part of la high and acts all pipiris nice doesn't me that im bellow him. I work just as hard and even harder to try and survive.

"Hey, hey tornado, you there?" "Huh, oh yeah," I had zoned out thinking about all the thing I wanted to say to this jerk. Suddenly a light bulb turned on above my head, if this dude thinks he's above all why not give him a tiny reality check. A creepy grinch type smile appeared on my face.

"I know what you're thinking, no he's my boss and my best friend. No lo vas a hacèr pequeño demonio." "What are you talking bout, I wasnt going to go anything," he gave me a look, "Fine, but its not my fault Mr. Pipiris Nice thinks hes all high and mig-" "What did she call me?"

One thing ran through my mind at that exact moment. Oh shit, if he get fired, Kalimbas gonna kill me.


Hey dudes and dudets! Wassup!

So I'm telling you all now, if you dont get the fluffy reference we can't be friends. Just kidding, but really Gabriel Iglesias is my comedy ideal.

Anywho, on other things this is my 3 official chapter of this story, what do you all think?

As always dont forget to comment, like, and leave a review! Talk to me guys, knowing you all makes my day.

Thanks for your time love you all and thank you for reading!

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