Wrong Side Of The System

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Who Is She?


I had excused myself to call Diego and tell him that the meeting was reaching its end so he can finish up his lunch. I was engaged in a but of small talk with Mr. Rodriquez while keeping an eye at the window making sure Diego got here. I soon saw him reach the edge of the shop with a beutiful looking girl.

She looked breathtaking. With wavy blond hair, a black hoodie which fit her big, yet still shaped her breasts giving her an exotic look, making me imagine what else was under that jacket. Some cutoff shorts that made her legs look never ending despite her short stature. I roamed back up her legs, and looked at her big heart shaped behind, which i could now see perfectly because she was turned around facing Diego. She turned back around with a victorious smile. I saw her bring a spoon up to her lips, her lips looked so full and sweet, so kissable, which made me wonder if they would taste as sweet as they looked. I looked higher up and saw some big, beutiful emerald green eyes that looked like they had a hint if brown. She had a hat i hadn't noticed on backwards making her look a bit like a tomboy, givinh her a 'Dont mess with me or else look'.

I keep staring at her until Mr. Rodriquez called my name out. "Damien, I think your bodyguard just arived." He said politely, righ Diego. Fuck diego! What if that was his girlfriend! The one he never shuts up about and always brags about her being perfect, and her i am fantasizing about her. Even knowing there might be a possibility that she might be his girlfriend i can't stop thinking about her.

"Damien." "Ah, yes, sorry, i was just noticing that you do seem to be right, Diego is here." I stood up from my chair with him following sute right behind me. I kind un for a hug, "It was good to see you padrino." He chuckled, "You too figlioccio, tell that vecchio amaro of your i said hi and that if your mom is still giving him permission to go out tomorrow." I laughed "I will parino, tell my madrina hello for me too, and tell the little bambina I said hi too" "Claro que si hijo."

Mateo, my godfather, is from Spain, he whent abroad to Italy to study. That's were met my dad, they became friends since they where studying the same career. When my dad decided to expand the family buisness to the U.S my padrino decided to come with him. He met his wife here and decided to stay for good. He was actually the one who taught me Spanish, which is kind of confusing becaus I speak spanish form Spain which many people don't know here.

I walked out and saw the girl talking to Diego. It looked like they where having a fight of some sort. Wanting to spare Diego for a bit i decided to interrupt. "Good Afternoon." I said in a calm colelct voice, although to be honest my heart wanted to jump put of my chest the moment I realize I would be seing her uo close.

As she slowly turned around i felt my heart jump out of my chest and straight into her hands. She was even more beutiful than when I was analyzing her from inside the cafey. "Bellissima" I wispered under my breath, at least I hope I did. "Mr. Romno I would like you to meet my best friend Anasiabel Hernandez Marquez" Diego introduced. He said something else but I didn't hear it because I was too busy jumping up and down inside my head at the new knowledge of them not dating.

I was brought back into the universe at the beutiful sound of her voice.
"I have no idea what your talking about," i looked up to the realization that she was now facing Diego, shielding my eyes form her gorgeous eyes. "Your the one that almost got into a gang, im just a sweet educated angel." Wait what? A gang? Is this angel infront of me a gangster? No, I doesn't matter how attractive she is or how her voice lurres me in like a siren's, I will not ruin my family name by being involved woth a gangster.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Romano, I'm Ana." She said with a smile holding an outstretched hand. I was dying to touch her soft looking skin and hold her hand in mine, but I knew if I got anywhere near her I would go back on the promise I made to myself. Instead i masked my excitement with a scowl and side steped her instead, directing my attention on Diego. "Lets go, I need to be back at the office to finish thw intreviews." He nodded then looked down at Ana.

"I know what you're thinking, no he's my boss and my best friend. No lo vas a hacèr pequeño demonio." Wait why is he calling her a demon? "What are you talking bout, I wasnt going to go anything," What was she supposedly going to go? She sighted in defeat, "Fine, but its not my fault Mr. Pipiris Nice thinks hes all high and mig-" "What did she call me?"

She let out a nervous laugh, "Well look at the time, I gotta go before Max gets mad and makes me knee ontop of tapones de cocas. Bye!" She screamed out as she retreated and ran the other way.

"Diego what does pipiris nice mean." I stated more than asked. He scratched the back of his neck, which i came to learn was sort of a nervous habit of his. "Well, it kinda mexican slang that means your a show off and think too highly of your." "Why would she think that about me?" I was truly confused at this point. "I don't know, let's go." He said shrugging as he headed to the car. I looked back in the direction she ran off to. Anasiabel. A rare name, just like her. I'm driving!" Diego screamed back at me making me chuckle at his exitment.


We where currently on the road, makingour way back to the company. 'So a gang, hu?" "Dang it," he muttered, "so you heard?" I nodded.

He told me how he almost got involved with a gang and how he met Ana. Apparently she was, and is, one tough girl.

"So she saved you?" He nodded his head "She taught me everything I know, so let me warn you now." He parked the car in the garage for the Romano headquarters, "Don't mess with her because she will not hesitate to floor you withing seconds." After he got out of the car and stared up at the building.

"Do you really want to go back to those intreviews?" He said without acknowledging me as i stepped in next to him. I sighed in defeat, "No, not really." He turned his head my way. A smile spread across his face, "Well then your in luck because I have the perfect person for the job."


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