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How I Met La Reyna

Hey quick aurthors note! Bare with me guys I know im boring and cringy but its just a heads up.

Because most of the story will be in the past it will be italicized whenever its not italicized is because they are talking or thinking something in current time.

Also Trigger Warning ⚠️ ⚠️ this chapter may contain a bit of abuse so if you don't want to read it its fine. Its just a chapter giving a bit more of background story to the characters.

Got it, we cool? Noice let's continue.



you heard?" Damien nodded. "Mind sharing?" I was a bit hesitant at first because I had never told him much about my past before, afraid he would pull away. I guess it's time though, what is that dicho Ana always says about lies, 'Hay tress cosas que no se pueden ocultar por muncho tiempo, el sol, la luna, y la verdad.' Ay que enfrentar la cansion.

"Yeah, when my mom and I had moved in to the valley from Chile..."

"Mom why do we have to stay here." I complained while putting a box on the floor of what would be my new home. "Ay guagua, you know we couldn't stay in Chile or in Mexico with your dads family because of your tios crooked buisness." It isn't really our dream home, but it's better that the streets.

"It was the only thing we could afford at the time. As for the town.."

"Oof" i cried out. I held my head and slit out the bit of blood that had accumulated in my mouth. "Look at this little perra! He can't even defend himself!" I heard some guys say as he and his group snickered, although I didn't know who.

They started kicking me and punching me. "This is what happens when pendejos step into our terff!"

They kicked me some more. All I could do was shield my head and ribs with my hands and legs. Hoping that would give me some type of protection from their powerful blows. They didn't stop. This torture went on for hours. Atleast that what I think, i blacked out after the fist one.

"They beat you up" he asked astonished. I placed a side smile on my face. "Every day, and I was useless. I couldn't even defend myself." "What did you mom say?" "Nothing. I would alway envent a new story to tell her."

"What happened to you guagua?" She asked. I couldn't bring myself to tell her I was weak. That I couldn't defend myself. That I was useless. So I told her what I would tell her what I said every other time. "Nah ma, I got hit in the face with a basketball in school." And she would respond the same way every time, "Mhm, and im the presidente of the U.S."

"When I started going to school it got worse. I wouldn't give up though."

"Miren a esta perra." They said as they surrounded me in the halway. The leader threw me against the locker, fuck that gonna leave a mark, "Did that hurt?" He would said, then laughed along with his zombies. "Not as much as when you sister squeezes around my cock." I smile while looking at his shocked face. "Vas a pagar!"

He punched me in the stomach making me hunchfoward. He repeated the movement over and over. "Have you have enough." I spit blood at his shoes and looked up at him. They always hit me, but that challenging look never left my eyes. Their was always a fire in me. The all just laughed, "Good thing you haven't met Reyna. You looke at her like that y te atancara los huevo." They qalked away laughing, thinking they where so funny. Who's Reyna?

"So who was Reyna?" "I later knew that she beat up a grown adult for hurting her brother. No guy dared look her way cause she was sought after by the local gang leader." "Danm she must've been a bad ass." "Still is" he looked at me again, "So how did you meet her?" "Ana, thats actually involved with the gang thing."

For the past week I've been hearing bout this Reyna. Reyna this, Reyna that, who even is she? "Hey watch it!"

I was pulled from my own head by a small voice. I looked down and saw a girl picking up her books. "Sorry." I bend down to help her pick up the books she dropped. We both got back up at the same time.

She looked me in the eyes, "You're new no?" "Uh, yeah." I said timidly. She didn't know me, she probably didn't recognize me and is just going to make fun of me like all the other girls.

The next thing i know she's judging me and looking up into my eyes. "You remind me of my pendejos of a brother. Stick with me ill make sure you never get that bruce around you eye again." Wait what? I looke down at her eyes, they looked so honest and kind. "How can.." "No escondas tu cicatrices, son lo que te forman."

"I was so scared for me and my mom I almost joined a gang for the protection. Luckily that day I met Ana, her promise of protection made me think twice." "But did she?"

Next thing I know and it's a week later. I finally got my new schedule, thanks to a bit of convincing from Ana, and we had all classes together.

She would drag me everywhere. "On my way coming through." "What are ypu doing with him?" The voice I never wished yo hear again said. "None of your fucking buisness, now move bitch or we're gonna be late." He sigh, "Reyna you can do much better that this weakling." "Wait Reyna! Like the most featured person in town!" "The one and only carnal, and hes under my protection. If anybody with bad intentions get near him their gonna have a fist full of me in their face." She said loudly.

"So she was Reyna?" I nodded. "She saved you?" I nodded my head again. "She taught me everything I know, so let me warn you now." I parked the car in the garage for the Romano headquarters, "Don't mess with her because she will not hesitate to floor you withing seconds."



So this chapter might be a bit confusing and not very descriptive but thats a bit of backstory as to why they are how they are.

Don't judge the characters for doing some pendejada cause they come from a tough spot.

In general don't judge people. You might see a rich boy on the outside but at home they might just be an abused child. Maybe it's a poor kid, but has all the love in the world.

Remember kids commen and like!!! Also don't judge, your not Judge Judy it ain't yo job!

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