Wrong Side Of The System

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Welcome to El Secreto


I walked into El Secreto and was immediately bombarded by all the girls. They kept talking over each other saying a cores of Gracias a dio and Ana along with other words i didnt catch.

"Ok, ok ya!" I said loudly. They all backed off anf looked at me. "Que paso muchahchas?" I looked them all on their worried eyes when suddenly
Alejandro came running from his office.

"Ana, que bueno que llego vos!" He came running towards me frantically. "Whats wrong Ale?" I asked worried. "Ay no, no, no, vos tiene que venir a ver!" He grabbed my hand and dragged me inside the locker where we changed into our uniform.

Their i saw Aalisa sprawled on the couch screaming in pain. "What happened I asked Lisa, who was tending to her ankle. "She tripped over a table when she ran in, i think she broke her ankle." She said.

Ale directed his attention at me again. "I know its not your day pero porfavor, vos me puede acer el pare?" "What! No I'm the singer its my day!" "Si pero vos no puedo estar cante y cante como pajaro en el ecenario con el hueso de fuera!" "Ok lo voy hacer." He let out a sigh of relief.


'So you can come tonight, yay! Well be waiting. No te tardes." I was currently outside and had just gotten of the phone with Diego. He was alway here on the days I sign.

I turned to face the front of El Secreto. I remember the day I got the job.

I had been job hunting all day and was tired and disappointed at not even getting considered for anything. I was down in the dumps when I saw this girl, who i later knew as Lisa, get cornered by some men. I knew it wasn't right so I got up and kicked their asses.

She bought me inside as a thank you and told Alejandro what I did. He asked me what I was doing outside the club. I told him I was looking for a job and next thing I know I'm a waiter at El Secreto.

When I asked why it was named that he said that everything is a secreat thats waiting to ve uncovered. I didnt know at the time but what he ment by that is that many músicos have debuted in here, just like me.

After my first week I met the local sensation. He had been sick so the live spanish music was just a bunch if people doing karaoke. He cam back and started singing a song I loved, naturally I joined in. Apparently I had a killer voice cause next thing I know the dudes showing a mic in my face. Scince then I get paid to sing evey weekend and sometimes during the week if something were to happen.

"Hey you ok baby?" I got pulled out of my daydream by Nat. "Hola mami, no im fine." "You called Diego right?" "Yup, on his way. Why you miss him?" I asked teasingly, she blushed. "Que payasa, let's go, you need to get ready."


"Uh, yeah, no." I said the moment I saw the sparkling rag in front of me. Im calling it a rag cause that's what it is, a rag. I didn't cover the back, half of my ass and boob would be out, and pa acavarla de it was 2 sizes too small for any desent adult to wear. I faced Nat, "Que estaba pensando la guerra wanna be cuando escojio esta chingadera?" We both had a scared and confused look on our faces. She sight out, "No se mamita, no se." "You know what, let's fix this shiz." 30 minutes late, our masterpiece was finished.

I grabed the attire and headed into one of the changing. I put on the fitted black skiny jeans and sparkling red top.

I headed put of the changing room and headed to the full length mirror on the outside. I had put on some skinny black jeans woth no rips. Not having rips might be normal to you but not here, we barely have pants to begin with so one without rips is is like gold. The tight red sparkling "dress" was turned into a flowy sleeveless top. We added some black elbow lenght fingerless gloves to the mix.

I did a little twill infront of te he mirror. "Dang, i look bad ass." I turned to Nat for approval with a smile. That smile soon disappeared though when I saw her hold up a pair of black 5 inch pumps. "Oh hell nah bitch, im already wearing glitter!" I screamed backing away from the maniac infront of me. "Oh come on, its not that bad." She said. "Bruh, I don't care! I'm wearing my converse, im not going to fall of stage with those monsters."

I feel bad for Ale because moments late he came back to find me barefoot, ontop of the vanity like a cat and Natalie holding up the shoes in hand and a maniatic look in her eyes. "NO! OH HELL NAH! I AINT USING THOSE TORTURE DEVISES!" "Oh come on! Its not that bad Ana, no seas papelera!"

"Whats going on here!" We both looked at Alejandro who currently stood by the door. "She wants to make me wear those torture decises!" I told him while pointing at Natalie. "She w ant to where her old Converse!" She retourted. "She can weare her Converse." "See!" I stuck my tounge out at her like the baby I am, she stuck hers back at me.

Alex just shook his head. "Apurale and put your shoes on! You need to be outside now." I jumped of the counter and started putting my socks on. "Is Rafa going to sing with me?"

Rafael is the only male singer. He's actually the guy who was singing the song I loved when I got discovered.

"I don't know, hes not here yet and he hasn't called in." Said Ale while pulling at his hair. I finished tying my laces and jumped up. "No te estreses parcero. I got you." Alejandro we as half Spanish hañf Columbian so he always found it mice and relaxing when we called him parcero, which is friend in Colombia, if im not mistaken.


I ran up on stage with my mic. "Como esta la raza!" I yelled into the microphone, getting a positive response from the crowd. "What do we all feel like hearing today?" Some girl in the crowd screamed out 'Tu No Eres Para Mi' by Fanny Lu. Love that song.

"He want to come back hu? They always do, don't they ladys?" I got an uproar from the crowed before I broke out into song.


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The song Ana sang in this chapter is called "Tu no eres para mi." This song is actually one of my favorite songs so I would really recommend hearing it. Its in spanish though so if you dont know the language you might not understand the lyrics. The beat is bomb though!!

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