Wrong Side Of The System

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I was sitting on my desk pretending to do some paperwork from the upcoming hotel we will be building in Spain. I say pretending because, if I'm honest, the only thing I'm doing it thinking about what Diego told me.

"Do you really want to go back to those intreviews?" He said without acknowledging me as i stepped in next to him. I sighed in defeat, "No, not really." He turned his head my way. A smile spread across his face, "Well then your in luck because I have the perfect person for the job." I looked at him laughing, "Really? Well why didn't you tell me about this person when we started?" I said skeptically. He turned towards me , "I'm not joking she has a masters in buisness, graduated early from college and is really good at communicating with people. Plus I doubt she'll trow this offer away, she's been jobs hunting for something like this scince she moved." I straighten my tie and look at him seriously, "Eho do you have in mind." He looked me dead in the eyes and said the name I least expected "Anaisabel."

She has envaded a permanent place in my mind from the moment I laid eyes on her. They way her hair flowed and how it bounce when she jumped up and down from exitment. How the jacket she wore accented her chest giving it a bit of a pop but not reveling much of her figure. The shorts she wore made thing to my body, and her legs looked never ending making me wake up. Her sweet and soft looking lips, I would give anything for just one taste of them. Her eye ttake it all away though, one look in them and I knew I would sell my soul just to get the opportunity of those eyes being the first and last thing i see every day.

I kept daydreaming about her, completely forgetting about the paperwork I was supposedly doing. The thing that pulled me out of my daydream was a nock on the door.

"Come in." I called out. Diego picked his head in from behind the door, "Hey boss can I go out early?" "Early? You never ask for and early leave." He scratched the back of his neck. "I know Damien, it just that Ana is signing today and I never miss her stage day." Singing? She sings? I bet she has the coice of an angel. "Damien, can I?"

I got up and took my suit coat from behind my chair and headed toward the door. "I'll go with you. I need a break anyways." Honestly I just wanted to confirm my theory, see if the angel had a voice to match. Wait no, I can't get involved with gangster, I just need a drink.


We stopped at a well lit place. It looked like it didn't belong compared to all the other dark spaces around. "Whats this?" I asked Diego while still trying to take in the well lit place. "This my dear friend," he started walking towards the entrance, "is where the real estrellas are born."

As we walked in we got greeted very warmly by all the staff. There as many different type of people here. I saw tran-dressors, tomboy girls, short servers, buff men, their was a mix population but one thing was clear, this was a hot spot for latinx people.

Diego made a bee line to the bar with me hot on his heel. "Hey Jessi, ma man!" He did some sort of handshake with the bartender. "The usual?" Asked the bartender, Diego couldn't respond because he was takled by a blond haired short girl.

"They make the perfect couple no?" He asked while whipping the counter. "Thats his girlfriend?" Despite knowing everything about their relationship, Diego never stopped talking about her, i never got to meet the infamous Natalie.

"Whiskey on the rocks?" I turned my attention back to the bartender who had already served 2 glasses of the drink, "D-dogs usual." He responded after seing the confusion on my face.

"So, um, what with the stage and all the tables around the edges?" I asked. He just laughed and put down the cup he was cleaning, "You'll see."

Suddenly from out of nowhere their came a beutiful voice that commanded the attention in the room. "Im going to sing one that brings back memories. The one that actually got me on this stage in the first place." A nice bwat started playing, it sounded like some sort of babachata, I recognized because Diego loves fighting for the radio.

"She already started?" Diego asked his girlfriend, she nodded. I was even more confused, "who started what?" "You'll see." They answered in unishion.

I started hearing the most beautiful and crowd commanding voice coming from up stage. Lod and behold their she stood, all 5 foot of beauty in a sparkling red off shoulder shirt, blck jeans, and converse. She had a microphone in hand and was singing into it.

"Cupido, no te entiendo, alardeas de ejemplo. De juntar corazones, un experto en conexión. Te fallaron las flechas, y de tantas violetas. Que por ti he regalado, en mi jardín no hay ni una flor."

"Pues dile al amor que no toque mi puerta. Que yo no estoy en casa, que no vuelva mañana. A mi corazón ya le ha fallado en ocasiones. Me fui de vacaciones, lejos de los amores. Dile al amor que no es grato en mi vida. Dale mi despedida, cuéntale las razones."

A male voice from in between the crowd sang out. A spotlight shined on him as he sang.

"Cupido, no entiendo, si la suerte me odia. Y me ha dado de herencia la fortuna del desamor. Y te pido disculpas, pero no aciertas una. Mis febreros son largos aunque no sea tu intención."

As he reached the stage he got pulled up by Ana. He hugged her snd gave her a little twirl. For some reason I didn't like how close and in sync they where. I grabed my lonely drink and downed the watered down licor in one gulp. "Another one." I demanded.

"Pues dile al amor que no toque mi puerta. Que yo no estoy en casa, que no vuelva mañana. A mi corazón ya le ha fallado en ocasiones. Me fui de vacaciones, lejos de los amores. Dile al amor que no es grato en mi vida. Dale mi despedida, cuéntale las razones."

They where so close to each other as they sang that lyric, if the mic wasn't between them it would have been a kiss. I downed my second dronk and slammed the glass so hard on the counter im surprised it didn't break.

They continued the rest of the song like this. I couldn't even concentrate on the song anymore, my senses where too clouded with anger to comprehend anything else. The anger of seeing them so close together, knowing they did this on a weekly basis, angry that it was him and not me. Whats wrong with me, I don't act like this, this was a bad idea.

The song ended and she ran offstage leaving the boy to sing a song on his own. I saw here weave to the crowd, trying to get to us as fast as possible. My heart skipped a beat thinking maybe she s trying to get here for me. My heart ws proven wrong the moment she threw her arms around Diego.

"You made it!" You could tell she was relieved and exited to see him. "I brought someone else too," they both flanced at me, "its rude not to say hi chappara." She did some sort of jester then walked over too me. "Hlad you could take some time out of you extremely busy skedule to come and see little ol me." She said in a sickly sweet voice, which im positive was ment to annoy or anger me but somehow didn't.

"Welp glad you came but I need to go. El dinero no crece en arboles!" She ran off and disappeared in the crowd only to reaper moments later on the stage.

The night continued the same. Sometimes they would sing solo, other times I would practically break the glass I was holding from the jealousy of the boy getting near her, no not jealousy just annoyance, y e ah a but of annoyance. She would come and visit us ones in a while, my heart always accelerated at seeing her up close every time.

It was about 12, almost one, when we left the place. I was drunk out of my mind after kicking back drink after drink after drink from anger. Diego carried me out and placed me in the car while he said bye to the girls so he could take me home.

"She hut shhhhhh don't tall her." I slured out. "Whos hot?" Diego asked "Shiii is." I said. "Who?" "Aaahhn..."


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What you all think, I introduced Natalie a bit more. Sorry if it's a bit bland but guys cut me some slack, it's midnight.

The song here is called "Dile al amor" go check it out.

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